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Puppy Love (2012)

Puppy Love (2012)

Candace Cameron BureVictor WebsterKatie L. HawkinsJamison Jones
Harvey Frost


Puppy Love (2012) is a English movie. Harvey Frost has directed this movie. Candace Cameron Bure,Victor Webster,Katie L. Hawkins,Jamison Jones are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Puppy Love (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

When single mom Megan Nolan moves to a new town, she feels guilty for uprooting her ten-year-old daughter Caitlin. Seeing that the little girl's only friend is a neighbor's dog, Megan decides to adopt a shelter pet for Caitlin. She immediately regrets her decision when Caitlin gravitates to the biggest, sloppiest dog in the pound, Jake. Megan's beautiful new home is now in shambles and, as Megan considers returning Jake to the shelter, handsome ballplayer Ben shows up claiming Jake is his dog, the regrettable outcome of his roommate leaving a gate open. Megan and Ben butt heads. Ben wants to take his dog and leave, until he sees that Caitlin loves Jake as much as he ever could. Now it is clear: the pound puppy everyone loves deserves no less than joint custody.


Puppy Love (2012) Reviews

  • Cute and Likable


    Single mom (Candace Cameron Bure) gets her lonely daughter (Katie L. Hawkins) a shelter dog. The little girl and the pooch become fast friends. But -- uh oh -- turns out the dog already has an owner (Victor Webster). He shows up wanting his dog back. Of course he can't bring himself to tear the dog away from the little girl, so he agrees to "share custody" with her. Gradually he and the pretty mom get close and, wouldn't you know it, fall in love. Candace Cameron Bure, the reigning queen of made-for-TV movies, is likable and lovely as ever in this (despite an unfortunate haircut). Her chemistry with costar Victor Webster is nice. For his part, Webster is charming and handsome. All too often these made-for-TV flicks fail because the male lead is dull as ditchwater. Katie L. Hawkins is adorable and easy to sympathize with. I see no credit on IMDb listing his real name but the dog did a great job. Hallmark movies don't strain your brain but that's what we love about them. This is a simple love story with a little drama that you know ahead of time will be very predictable. But movies like this are for people who like happy endings and don't want to take chances on whatever messed-up stuff Hollywood calls romance these days.

  • Love it, love it, hurrah for Puppy Love!


    Megan (Candace Cameron Bure) is moving cross country with her very reluctant daughter Caitlin (Katie Hawkins). Having received a great job offer as a professor at a small college in California, Megan is excited but Caitlin already misses her former friends. It is the beginning of summer and Megan hopes the three months will help get Cait settled. Yet, the young girl is sad. To cheer her up, Megan takes her to a dog shelter, with the hopes that adopting a small, well-behaved dog will help ease the pain. Ho ho, Caitlin falls immediately for a rambunctious sheepdog who has just come into the place. There is no use arguing her case, Megan realizes, this is the dog for her offspring. Alas, trouble comes at once. Not only is Prince a chewer, but, worse, he really belongs to a traveling minor league baseball player. This athlete, Ben (Viktor Webster) had boarded the dog with a close friend but Prince, er, Jake, was too clever for the pal and broke loose. After a fruitless, weeklong search, the two males end up at the shelter where they leave flyers about a missing dog. This prompts the shelter to call Megan and tell her what's what. As Ben comes to retrieve Jake, it suddenly becomes clear that Caitlin will be sad to lose the dog, too. And, as Ben is still roaming from place to place as his schedule demands, Caitlin is the perfect dogsitter. What could be better than sharing the dog, at least for the time being? Despite Ben's handsome face, he and Megan get off to a bad start, although sparks do seem to be whirling through the air. Will Megan fall for Ben? What happens when the season is over and Ben wants his dog back full time? This DARLING movie is yet again a bonafide winner from Hallmark. How I love that company, they make the best flicks! What could be better than fetching leading ladies and men, cute kids, adorable dogs, a great setting, and a keep-em-guessing romance? You will love Puppy Love, fans of romantic comedy, so go sniff it out!

  • Man's Best Friend


    When minor league ballplayer Victor Webster's dog runs away, he is adopted by Candace Cameron's Bure's daughter and eventually they all fall in love. Dogs have been a mainstay of movies since 1905's RESCUED BY ROVER and the large Heinz 57 that plays Jake the dog in this movie is a charmer. His on screen poor training provides most of jokes and tensions in this movie. In the midst of the amiably plotted story, we are offered some useful lessons on how to train a dog. Since some of the other reviews of Hallmark Channel movies indicate it is watched by older people with their children and grandchildren and each commercial break offers a message urging people to adopt a homeless pet.... well, let's hope that they do.

  • Inaccuracies drove me nuts


    First of all, this is pretty standard Hallmark fare. You can see the entire plot unfolding in the first 15 minutes and there is nothing new here. Man meets woman, man and woman hate each other, man and woman feud, man and woman compromise, man and woman fall in love. Adorable child and dog added to the mix for good measure (and the dog IS adorable). But what drove me nuts was the totally incorrect presentation of clicker or positive reinforcement training. Couldn't they have had at least one dog training adviser on the set? It bugged me so much that it distracted me no end. Of course, I didn't miss much because I knew the ending right off the bat. Same old, same old for Hallmark.

  • One of the worst


    First I have to admit to some bias. I find CCB one of the worst actresses out there. She overemotes every scene that I have a headache from rolling my eyes so much. In this film, however, she wasn't given much to work with. A terrible script, zero chemistry between the actors, going from disdain to love with zero transition of their feelings, and ugh, Webster's hair-like he took some shears and tried to give himself a faux-hawk. Just awful all around. I stayed to the end just so I could write this review with certainty of no redeeming ending. The one star is for promoting animal adoption. Total garbage movie.


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