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Putzel (2012)

Putzel (2012)

Jack CarpenterMelanie LynskeyJohn PankowSusie Essman
Jason Chaet


Putzel (2012) is a English movie. Jason Chaet has directed this movie. Jack Carpenter,Melanie Lynskey,John Pankow,Susie Essman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Putzel (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

For Walter Himmelstein, a young man endearingly known as Putzel, life literally doesn't go beyond his family's fish store on the upper west side of Manhattan. In this heartwarming romantic comedy about sex, love and smoked fish, Walter's aspirations of taking over his uncle's fish emporium are disrupted by the arrival of Sally, who becomes romantically involved with his about-to-retire and very-married uncle. While Walter tries to thwart their romance in order to ensure his taking over the business, he finds his circumscribed life thrown off kilter, and, after years of being undermined by his family and friends, finally starts to realize that he's more than a Putzel.


Putzel (2012) Reviews

  • A fantastically warm and relatable romantic comedy!


    Putzel is a film which demonstrates that with love and the right amount of courage, you can break free from your metaphorically familial and mental shackles to reveal the person you are truly meant to be. Through the keen directorial skill of Jason Chaet paired with Rick Moore's quirky, sensitive and a tiny bit raunchy writing, you find yourself deeply engrossed in a love story that is rarely seen nowadays. It is a tale with true heart and soul acted beautifully by the likes of Jack Carpenter, Melanie Lynskey, John Pankow and Susie Essman. And to top it all off, it is set in the historic and world renowned Upper West Side of Manhattan! What you find in the end is that there is a little bit of Putzel in all of us. We have our faults and our strengths and this film helps you decipher between the two. So get together with some friends and family, have a nosh and go see Putzel. You'll be glad you did!

  • Charming, disarming, delightful.


    At times farcical, at times whimsical, PUTZEL is always true to itself. Walter (Jack Carpenter) is a young man grappling with his future. Paralyzed by both a familial legacy and his own neurosis, he struggles to achieve security and a clear path to happiness. Sally (Melanie Lynskey) presents an attractive yet thorny alternative to those expectations - but at a cost. In the end, freedom will come if only if he is able to - forgive me for this - swim against the tide. John Pankow's performance as the uncle continues to deepen in my memory. New York's Upper West Side gives an uncredited major performance. All principles are well cast but the secondary roles - Armando Riesco, Adrian Martinez, Jarleth Conroly, Steve Park - are delightful and nearly flawless. (A hilarious scene with Fred Berman will have to be kept hidden from his family.) Hard to believe it was shot on such a low budget. Definitely worth checking out - a modest gem.

  • a fishy movie... in a wonderful way.


    if you're an upper west side jew who is afraid to go below 59th st or above 116th st, you work in your family's fish store (and you plan to work there for the next 40 years of your life), this movie is actually about your life. so you should see it. for the rest of you (and me) who don't fall into that category, here's why we should see it: 1. change is scary, but a lot of the times it's also so needed. this movie is a good reminder about that. 2. it has a lot of fish. fish can never be a bad thing. 3. also bagels. 4. you can never see too many love stories. this one will make you laugh, feel a little awkward and maybe even tear up. 5. this movie deserves to be seen more than any of the Hollywood glam movies that are out at the moment. this movie is real. 6. it gives an answer to the ultimate question that we've been asking for CENTURIES; what's a putzel? so, yeah. just watch it. watch it now.

  • Try the Fish!


    I thought Putzel was funny, sweet, edgy, and original. There were some surprisingly dark moments, that I wasn't expecting when I sat down to watch a movie about romance on the Upper West Side. I thought John Pankow really went there and gave a visceral performance that really stuck with me. I also found the fish obsessed delivery guy sub-plot to be warped and hilarious in a way that I so enjoyed. I respected the writing, and the realism and tension in the relationships portrayed. And the level of talent in the casting was really impressive, and so well utilized. I'm sure that this piece will have a lot of positive buzz on the festival circuit, and will be a treat for a wide audience when it receives distribution.

  • Wow, Just all together BAD.


    I'm somewhat shocked at all the stunningly glowing reviews for this film and how hauntingly similar they all are. I don't think the market is the only thing that smells fishy! I went to see this film because it had been pushed as a positive film for the Jewish community. If this is positive for the Jewish community, then Blacula is the ultimate African American role model. OK, I'm being harsh, but it really wasn't a very good film. The lead character, Putzel, was every bad Jewish stereotype available. But played in such an ineffective way as to not really matter. Like most of the characters in the film, you never really care about him. They all have frequent emotional outbursts, but they only seem to be because the script said emotional outburst. Melanie Lansky is a great actress wasted on this poorly written script. She is deeply distraught about something, but her dialogue doesn't give you a clue. Again, it seems to be a stage direction. I think the core of the problem was a cookie cutter script. It was like a mad-libs version of script writing. It couldn't have been more exact formula in any other way. A then B then C then D. Just like teacher said. Since this is the first and last thing the screenwriter has written, lets hope it's a high school kid following a pattern he found online. It was not bad because it tried too hard, or not hard enough, or was too anything. It was bad because it was bland, pallid, and went nowhere. Don't waste the time. If you want to visit New York, see Smoke, or 100 Cigarettes, or ANYTHING else.


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