Rangasthalam (2018)

Rangasthalam (2018)

Ram CharanSamantha Ruth PrabhuAadhiJagapathi Babu


Rangasthalam (2018) is a Telugu movie. Sukumar has directed this movie. Ram Charan,Samantha Ruth Prabhu,Aadhi,Jagapathi Babu are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Rangasthalam (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Drama movie in India and around the world.

The film is set in 1980's rural India. Chittibabu, a pure and innocent guy with partial deafness, earns his livelihood by supplying water to agricultural lands in the fictional village of Rangasthalam. The crux of the story forms when his brother decides to contest against the President who had been ruling the village for 30 years by usurping the lands of the innocent villagers. Chittibabu, on the other hand, is only concerned for his brother's safety and will go to great lengths to safeguard his life.


Rangasthalam (2018) Reviews

  • Re inventing the Actor with an Emotional Drama......


    Rangasthalam:: i dont know how much i was waiting for this film,like waiting for exam results will talk about the result at the end What is a movie?its a visual narration of a story.and story is good,when it has good drama. When,last,we saw a good drama?? 1.the shot where,a kid will see some thing,and eyes express scare,and the poster falls down.(i dont want to detail),such a brilliance. 2.hero is deaf,and he want to hear from the gal,that she loves him.and to make him understand,she kisses him.again brilliance 3.strangers speak loud to hero.but hero says,they know me.why?they are speaking loud. again and again brilliance sukumar, just nailed to the T. take a bow sir Ramcharan: i want to write seperately.but,will say a line in telugu, manalni criticise chesina vaallani,vanda sarlu cheppu tho kottinattu samadhanam chepithey,vatchey kickku,anubhavinchali.i experienced.try it once,adddiripodddi Whatte movie,whatte experience... After long time,each and every charecter in a movie has start and end.superb writing Samantha,adi,ajay ghosh,jagapati,anasuya,mahesh,seshu,prakash raj,brahmaji,dsp,ratnavelu,naveen nooli,naresh,rohini... you guys will remember this for life time. And,ramakrishna garu and mounika garu,ah sets entandi??antha detailing ah?godala mida poster,sagam chirigipoyi,school godala mida,antinchina poster marakalu,illa godala mida erra matti rangu... Miku dandam saami!!! Life lo konni vipareetamaina anandanni isthayi.enduku ani adigithey,em cheppalemu.adi anthey. right now,am in that same. And we passed with highest rank. Didnt watch yet??still??pity you. P.s: era seekataipoyindi.... sitti babu remains in hearts forever.

  • True Telugu movie in ages


    I was awed while watching the movie, a Telugu movie in ages, made with pure heart and soul. You don't see actors on screen, only the characters with full heart and soul. Each character was potrayed beautifully with 200% effort by all the actors. I had my expectations while looking at cast but wow ever actor did more than 200% justice to their characters, which can be directly attributed to director Sukumar's effort in direction department, raw and realistic art work, beautiful cinematography, each and every other department. I was waiting for Sukumar to show his potential on such realistic movie rather than trying to make an intelligent movies which has no heart and soul. We all know what he is capable of but I am finally glad that he decided to work on such a beautiful script like Rangasthalam rather than pointless intellectual movies which I didn't like personally (this is purely because of my affection towards Sukumar, wanting him to make exceptional movies only). Coming to performances, Ramcharan was a standout as Chittibabu, I felt the character deeply realistic like many people we see in villages, innocent, pure at heart and stubborn at the same time, this is an outstanding performance by Ram Charan, I can't say anything about awards/rewards, but he won my heart with this movie. If this movie doesn't win any major Indian awards this year, we can only pray the god to give working brains to the awards committees. This is one of a kind movie came in Telugu after a long time. Beautiful story telling, outstanding performances, tons of emotions, go for it.



    One of the best watchable movies compare to recent telugu movies. this movie has created a big variety to Tollywood. starring Ramcharan. one of the best movie of him.

  • Pure cinematic experience


    This movie provides real cinematic experience -Visual feast of 80's. Everyone in the film played their role very well and never felt they/this scene could've been done better. Kudos to Ramcharan esply - he outperformed. Story screenplay held it gripping from start to finish. These days movies are being made for pure commercial purposes - some unwanted songs, jokes, fights and disconnected loves - in this era, brining out Movies like Rangasthalam is really appreciable. Anything less we talk about it, it's us then forcing to watch those stupid stuff again, so I've spent some worthy time to write review because encourage what's good.

  • After Prasthanam it is Rangasthalam a great political drama with Visual treat...!!!!


    Rangasthalam is a political and revenge drama with intense characters, where you forget all about the actors and only their performances are driven into the story. Where you forget about watching a movie an watch an intense story. After great political drama like prasthanam there comes another with political and revenge story Rangasthalam.


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