Rangreza (2017)

Rangreza (2017)

Ghana AliBilal AshrafUrwa HocaneVillayat Hussain
Amir Mohiuddin


Rangreza (2017) is a Urdu movie. Amir Mohiuddin has directed this movie. Ghana Ali,Bilal Ashraf,Urwa Hocane,Villayat Hussain are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Rangreza (2017) is considered one of the best Music,Romance movie in India and around the world.

The story revolves around Reshmi, who belongs to a traditional Qawwal family and has been engaged since childhood to her cousin, Waseem. Conflict arises when Ali, a famous pop star falls in love with Reshmi.

Rangreza (2017) Reviews

  • That Movie could have been more better


    Good points of movie is Music and Cinematography, these are best things movie can offer to hold you up for watching that movie Biggest Blunder of the Movie is that Dialogues are not well written and were very short, editing was not up-to mark too, and Songs were very good, but again due to not good in editing, they waste the song where it should not be placed, and also eliminating the best parts of the music from the movie was not good idea at all While Actors are quite good (if we consider their previous performances) but it was not well rehearsed, movie story was not new story at all but it could be better if Dialogues were better. for next time they should consider these thing, overall Movie was not that bad



    FIRST THE POSITIVES: Urwa Hocane and Bilal Ashraf and their supporting cast. The negatives are poorly written screenplay, bad dialogue, no real stage performance done by the Rock Star, poor direction and editing. What a waste of talent. Good for one watch.

  • Romantic plot was rushed.


    It's a decent film. With a issue that the romance plot was rushed. Although great characters, well done continuity and a very moving story. It's a romantic genre and they ruined it by rushing it.

  • Don't waste your time


    I dont understand why will someone waste their own money to waste something on making such movie. Hero and heroine of the movie were really weak in acting but the villain and his father were good but there was no story in the movie and it looks like someone has tried to make a movie out of a drama series and the result was really bad. The maker should have look for a better story and better actors before he start making movie and he or she should have watch some movies so they dont try to make a movie out of a drama serial.

  • Worst Movie


    Such a poor acting by each and everyone character in the movies. Songs are bad, poor story and poor acting makes this the worst movie ever. Bad direction as well. A flop movie!

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