Rent-an-Elf (2018)

Kim ShawSean Patrick ThomasNicholle TomDebbi Morgan
Nick Lyon


Rent-an-Elf (2018) is a English movie. Nick Lyon has directed this movie. Kim Shaw,Sean Patrick Thomas,Nicholle Tom,Debbi Morgan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Rent-an-Elf (2018) is considered one of the best Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Ava, an entrepreneur, and single dad, Liam meet when he hires her holiday event planning business. She thinks there may be a future for the two of them and his young son, Nathan. That is, until Liam's ex-wife comes back hoping to reclaim her lost love.

Rent-an-Elf (2018) Reviews

  • Super Cute! Definitely worth the watch


    In an age where Hallmark seems to value quantity over quality, ION offers a refreshing take on Christmas. Most people do not lead a cookie cutter existence. Family is...well, family. Add in the holidays and... I don't want to put in any spoilers so I'll just say that if you're tired of the scenery over script holiday movies watch 2018 ION original Rent-an-Elf. It's family-friendly and doesn't need a big budget to get the job done : )

  • Bad!!


    Bad acting!! Recycled storyline & bad story!! This is what you don't do with a Christmas movie!! Example of bad acting, the guy orders a big drink for the girl & the waitress was not convincing as an actor. Then the girls friends walk in and the guy is just staring off into space when he is asked a question!! He stands silent & then remembers he has a line to say!! Plus this is a SJW, political correct movie!!! Those are not ok!!

  • Not bad. Keep politics out of holiday movies please


    I have been watching a ton of Christmas movies. This is the 2nd one this week, (the other one was on Freeform), this one is from ION. that just had to inject a dig against conservatives and politics into it. The main character has a vision board. No problem. What is a problem is it mostly featured photos of 0bama and his family! What the heck is that? This did not even fit the movie AT ALL. And they show it multiple times in the movie. It of course had the words, "compassion" over one set of 0bama photos, and then "Happy Family" and so forth. It was out of place and an obvious "statement". Hey movie makers, leave politics out of your freaking holiday movies. Take a breath and just make a story without bringing in your own political agenda. The movie was okay. Where did they film this? It looked like they filmed it in some Santa's Village somewhere. It moved along at a nice clip and I found it enjoyable. I have seen some true stinkers this year, and this is not one of them.

  • It was okay.


    For a modern christmas movie, I found the movie to be enjoyable. The emotions put in the movie was done well and proves that hallmark doesn't have to be the channel for holiday films. ION, you did a good one.

  • Best part was Santa's Village


    I would like to know why Santa's Village is not getting any credit for this filming? This place is Vintage, opened in 1958, And recently reopened in 2016; we came back the year it reopened! The history is very interesting to read, google it. SkyPark at Santa's Village is an outdoor adventure Park with year-round mountain bike trails and winter-themed amusement park in the Skyforest section of Lake Arrowhead, California. It is on 230 acres of natural forest

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