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Ridge Runners (2018)

Ridge Runners (2018)

Jennica SchwartzmanAustin HaleyChristopher HowellJason Thompson
Hunter West


Ridge Runners (2018) is a English movie. Hunter West has directed this movie. Jennica Schwartzman,Austin Haley,Christopher Howell,Jason Thompson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Ridge Runners (2018) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When a 12 year old girl goes missing, detective Rachel Willow discovers that human trafficking can happen anywhere, even in her small town.

Ridge Runners (2018) Reviews

  • Excellent Acting & Pacing


    This is an indie release, and with many of them--especially ones about human trafficking--the acting is fair to middling. This one features excellent actors and a director who knows how to pace a story. The criminals are given colorful personalities, which make them more realistic. No violence. No foul language. No nudity. No sexual intercourse. Yes, a suggestion of adultery. Yes, suggestive pedophilic prostitution.

  • I hate when they snot-cry.


    A 12 year old girl goes missing...well we see her in the beginning and pretty much know where she is. Rachel Willow (Jennica Schwartzman) and partner are investigating the case...yes question the mother, the neighbor, the mother's boss, the mother again, the boss again, a race car driver, the neighbor's daughter, the teacher, and the teacher again....OMG! Get on with it! Yes, the whole film is all about the investigation, an affair, and deceased father. Slow moving crime drama that might make for a Lifetime film. No swearing, sex, or nudity that I recall.


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