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Sauvage (2018)

Félix MaritaudEric BernardNicolas DiblaPhilippe Ohrel
Camille Vidal-Naquet


Sauvage (2018) is a French movie. Camille Vidal-Naquet has directed this movie. Félix Maritaud,Eric Bernard,Nicolas Dibla,Philippe Ohrel are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Sauvage (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Leo is 22 and sells his body on the street for a bit of cash. The men come and go, and he stays right here - longing for love. He doesn't know what the future will bring. He hits the road. His heart is pounding.

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Sauvage (2018) Reviews

  • Wonderful drama


    A cruel, brutal and honest depiction of life as a young male prostitute in Paris. Leo lives in a very destructive existence. The movie takes us straight into life and does not hold back for how tough this life is. Felix Maritaud is fantastic in the role of Leo, and is able to express the despair he often experiences. But he also produces a protagonist who may not be able to change his existence (for reasons we do not know). Although the film is both brutal and intense, it also has warmth and shows friendship in a credible way. I also want to draw the effort to Eric Bernad in the role of Ahd. The relationship between him and Leo is one of the film's best scenes, but also the most demanding to be able to relate to. Frankly, I think the movie shows a harsh reality, perhaps in a closed world for most of us. The director will be praised for making a film that really manages to depict a human being in a merciless world. But the movie is also about that despite a tough situation, it's always the choice we take that has consequences. That way, the film does not produce these people as victims, but as living individuals who choose to live their lives, different from most of us. A strong movie, on many levels. Highly recommended.

  • One of the best French films in a long while.


    In another of my reviews I rated 'Theo and Hugo' as a gay film that was as close to perfection as possible. 'Sauvage' is as good, and objectively perhaps better. It also falls into the gay category. Or does it? As a gay man myself, I hate to say that this is a more widely themed film, but homophobia, which still exists as a curse within our society, will limit its appeal by putting it into what is offensively categorised as the 'gay' niche. This is a masculine film and it depicts a group of male prostitutes who do not (want to) fall into the gay category. They may protect each other and form fierce ties, but their actual identities are as fluid as water. Leo, our main protagonist is basically gay, and when he loses the love of his life, who is a partner in prostitution, his precarious life unravels towards tragedy. He is romantic and can be gentle, but he is a broken person in a broken society. He did not choose to be broken, but his very nature, faced with the brutality that surrounds him, crushes his health and his inner resources. The ending has overwhelming power, as portrayed by Robert Bresson in 'Mouchette' and 'Au Hasard Balthazar'. This is not about choice, but the inevitability of the pain that society inflicts upon the more sensitive and gentle in our world. Leo's face at the end should move everyone to anger and tears. The compassionate and also the more tortured aspects of the sexual world he is in are shown explicitly. Some were sickening and Leo was sickened by them. But, elderly gays are portrayed with more tenderness than younger gays, which is an about turn from other gay films, and for the better! I was reminded also of Bunuel and the opening of 'L'Age d'Or'. The scorpions fight in this masculine environment, and the torturer in the car and the young couple with the monstrous sex toy are a disgrace even to the scorpions. Last but not least, the film depicts homelessness and the human shame of a society that stands by, watches, and intervenes only when prodded. But like Bresson's gentle donkey Leo lays down his head to (perhaps) finally rest and I repeat, we see one of the most sublime scenes in cinema.

  • A masterpiece


    From the opening scenes you get a sense that this is not going to be comfortable viewing.. But who came here for a comfortable time ? The film is crafted with care, love, attention and most importantly respect. The themes are intense, chaotic and thought provoking giving us a real insight into the life of a gay sex worker. Through out the film there are tender even intimate moments admist the depravity we witness, this is due to the brilliant talent Maritaud who plays Leo, he plays Leo with so much empathy, honour and understanding.

  • Haunting film


    Really believable characters and behaviour. The way men connect abuse and live each other is beautifully explored within this film. Beautiful acting and shocking at times. The smell and energy almost wafts from the screen. The ending which if course I can't discuss here has left us with a huge debate about why and what and alternative endings. This film is different from what I've seen before. Takes me into a World I've visited and left. Will tell a story some will know well and others not at all. It's a violent beautiful erotic film. Haunting and quite special.

  • world without stability


    Watched the movie here in Germany yesterday. This is a disturbing and raw piece of cinema. In the world shown here is no love for anyone or at least not from the right person or for the right person. Some very few moments of tenderness and warmth hit you in the heart and you want them to last, to be able to hold on to them, but they are extinguished immediately. With the protagonist we stumble through the world without support, but with boundless freedom, which has its price and is also not romanticized here. The camera really does not shy away from ANYTHING! I say this as a warning. I often felt like a voyeur (in a bad sense) and there were some scenes I could hardly watch. Even for me as a gay man with some experience. But they are also absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, I say that this movie is absolutely worth seeing. Those who can handle it will be moved. The main actor Félix Maritaud is simply unbelievable and doesn´t get out of my mind. Here's proof once again that the most daring LGBTQ films are coming from France. I don't see anything comparable in Germany far and beyond.

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