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Serialized (2016)

Vanessa RayAdam KorsonTara Spencer-NairnTyler Hynes
Michel Poulette


Serialized (2016) is a English,French movie. Michel Poulette has directed this movie. Vanessa Ray,Adam Korson,Tara Spencer-Nairn,Tyler Hynes are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Serialized (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After getting dropped by her publisher, celebrated novelist Hannah Ryan uses the negative forces in her life to inspire the creation of a pulp crime serial that posts new chapters to subscriber's devices every week. The initial release is a modest success but the work becomes a massive hit after a real life murder takes place that bears a striking similarity to Hannah's story. Is it really just a coincidence or is it possible that a copycat serial killer is acting out the fictitious murders in real life? And is he going to strike again once Hannah releases her next chapter?

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Serialized (2016) Reviews

  • Hallmark but Wors√łe!


    The movie remindes me of a badly made Hallmark movie. The plot is from the get go the most obvious i have seen in a long time. I would not recommend this movie!

  • Surprisingly entertaining


    I read about this movie on IMBd when it appeared in our TV listings and subsequently recorded it. Kathryn, my wife, and I watched it this evening. It turned out to be a compelling who-dun-it that not only kept us guessing but, though each of us had picked a different killer, we were both wrong! We watch a lot of mysteries and I can frequently figure out the killer quite early on. Is that because I am great detective? Hardly. It is because I have caught on to the often formulaic writing even in the best of TV series and movies; thus when I say that neither of us twigged to the killer in Best-Selling Murder (aka Serialized) it is high praise indeed. The only problem I had with this imaginative show was the resemblance of the star to the star of Supergirl. Well worth a viewing.

  • lesser Lifetime


    Novelist Hannah Ryan (Vanessa Ray) is struggling after getting dumped by her husband for her friend and getting dropped by her publisher. She decides to change course and write a pulp crime serial for internet subscribers. Her first chapter has her character kill her publisher. When her real world former publisher gets killed in the same manner, Hannah initially becomes a suspect and her serial starts to gain success. This Lifetime TV movie is rather bland. I like Vanessa Ray on Blue Bloods. I don't mind the premise which has some potential. The directing contributes nothing. There is little tension and the intensity flatlines. The danger doesn't seem to be directed at Hannah and she quickly stops being a suspect. There is nothing elevating the drama. It's a nice mystery but the killer makes little sense unless she's a complete non-sense psycho. That lack of logic is really unsatisfying. It skips over a much better logical suspect. This could be good in more competent hands.

  • A fun bad movie for a no brainer-night in


    If all you need is a movie that has some murders and some plot and works with popcorn ,then this is it. If you need a good movie, with a good plot, excellent dialogue and top notch acting? This movie is not for you. I enjoyed it, but that is the nicest thing I can say about it.

  • Life imitates art


    This movie speaks to me in two different levels. One one hand the main character Hannah is a writer and as an aspiring novelist myself, I'm instantly interested in her. Secondly the murders here are a case of life imitating art which I fine particularly interesting when it comes to crime stories. Hannah is striking it big with her new murder web novel serial but much controversy arises once a copycat killer appears Viewers will certainly be kept guessing trying to find the killer with all the red herrings thrown about. Admittedly the true killer didnt really get any hints and almost came from nowhere. This movie kept me fully enticed into the plot and I kinda wish it was a bit longer. The only problem had was the character of Jason . Lmn has a habit of making the male characters either controlling psychopaths or idiotic fools who only think with their penises. Jason cheated on Hannah and left her for another woman in the past and forces her to pay alimony ( I find the concept of alimony to be utterly stupid and greedy) even though she's strapped for cash . And he has the audacity to act entitled. If I was Hannah I would've wrote his death in a heart beat. It's probably me looking too deep into things but I believe a theme of best selling murder is that murder is corruptive. Hannahs publishing company threaten to sue her, her ex husband constantly demands money from her and the killers motive is influenced by money despite being pretty well off. All in all, this was a great murder mystery.

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