Shockwave (2017)

Stacey OristanoRib HillisEd AmatrudoBruce Thomas
Nick Lyon


Shockwave (2017) is a English movie. Nick Lyon has directed this movie. Stacey Oristano,Rib Hillis,Ed Amatrudo,Bruce Thomas are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Shockwave (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When massive volcanic storms begin to spew from the Earth, geophysicist Kate Ferris tries to convince the Department of Defense that this is no natural phenomenon. They're the result of a seismic super weapon known as the Hell Storm device; and now that it's been activated, the shockwaves it sends out will destroy major cities across the globe, killing millions. When her claims fall on deaf ears, Kate teams up with her daughter and estranged husband at the San Andreas fault line to find a way to counteract the destruction. As Kate and her family navigate the fault, they find themselves directly at the epicenter of the largest shockwave yet. Now, in a harrowing race against the clock, Kate must figure out how to stop the shockwave before its effects seal humanity's fate once and for all.

Shockwave (2017) Reviews

  • Shockwave: Not actually terrible


    Shockwave: Countdown to Disaster is another of those films that will be repeated on the Scyfy channel for years to come. It tells the story of a super weapon that has been set off and is burrowing through earth causing rampant eartquakes that are gradually tearing the world apart. It's your usual generic cliched to hell disaster movie stuff that has every trope going. A goverment who don't listen to the warnings, an estranged couple who are both experts in this particular field, the whiney kid of the estranged couple, every country getting destroyed but it being the US who save the day etc etc etc. CGI is average, performances are slightly above average and the plot is a combination of fairly good and really quite terrible. It get's weirdly dark in places, has your standard filler middle and sickly sweet finale. For what it is it's actually above par, against your average film however and it's still a mess. The Good: Has its moments One great comedic relief character The Bad: Same ol', same ol' Things I Learnt From This Movie: Once you've seen one of these movies you have literally seen them all

  • Because they deserve it


    I'm rating this one star for very obviously gaming the IMDB rating system. Anyone well-acquainted with this system can spot fake rating stats almost immediately. 800+ "high" ratings. However of those 800+ ratings we find only 3 reviews... and all of them negative. I would tend to believe those 3 reviews more than the 800 questionably high ratings. I've said it before and will say again: If you have to fake your own ratings, you've already failed... and not just in film making.

  • Not smarter than a 5th grader in SFX or screenplay.


    Nick Lyon's bio reads he's an award winning director. What award lol? Camera directing was OK, but him directing his actors was terrible, and although all C-grade actors, I blame the director for the amateur directing of his actors as seen through his camera. Even though the screenplay was atrocious by novice Blaine Chiappetta, at least the story concept from the writers was interesting, although some obvious plot issues could have been avoided. The producers should have invested in an experienced screenwriter to portray the story better. Then there's the in-your-face terrible 1980's SFX. My 12 year old can create better effects with his cell phone apps! How hard is it in this day and age to find some SFX/VFX final-year student with skills (so many out there) that would have created 10x better effects - probably for free just to have their name in the credits? They were way too obvious and took a lot away from the film. I know this was a low budget film, but any money should have been allocated in better areas and then maybe this would have been a 7 or an 8+. It's a generous 4/10 from me, as I've seen much worse.

  • Bad and they knew it.


    I get that a lot of people grew up watching scifi movies and have these big grand ideas that they think will make next great scifi movie, you can skimp on the special effects if you take that into account when planning out the film, you can skimp on the actor rates if you spend more time finding the right unknowns, but when aim high with the effects but don't have the budget, when you aim for sexy and talented actors but only have enough budget for one and you choose sexy and when you have a director that really overestimates their vision you end up with lame movies like this, you knew this film was lame and that's why you bought the 500 7,8 and 9 rating votes on here. Next time just put all your effort into making an engaging and immersive story, then find the most talented actors you can get with your budget, then and only then if you have money left do you go for the sexy and the flashy explosions. Overall I give it a 3/10, It would have been a 2 but I just feel sorry for the people involved so I added one.

  • It only can be a lost bet !


    Every physician will tell you : only a trepanation can lead to such writing, directing, acting, "specialeffecting" ... Or it is the result of a collective lost bet !! Whatever it is, don't waste your time with that ... sorry I can't find an appropriate word for that piece of s..t

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