Sin-ui hansu (2014)

Kil-kang AhnSung-Ki AhnGreg ChunMarc Diraison
Beom-gu Cho


Sin-ui hansu (2014) is a Korean,Hindi movie. Beom-gu Cho has directed this movie. Kil-kang Ahn,Sung-Ki Ahn,Greg Chun,Marc Diraison are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Sin-ui hansu (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Crime movie in India and around the world.

Professional baduk player Tae-seok loses a high-stakes game to infamous underground gambler Sal-soo, and ends up framed for the murder of his own brother and locked up in prison. He vows revenge and trains ferociously. After serving his seven-year sentence, he gets in touch with his brother's former associate "Tricks," hermit and blind master player "The Lord," and skillful junkyard owner Mok-su; together, they begin formulating a plan to get back at Sal-soo and his men. Tae-seok slowly penetrates Sal-soo's inner circle and his gambling joint, and eliminates Sal-soo's men one by one. But Sal-soo discovers Tae-seok's true identity and engages him in one final game that will seal the fates of the two men involved.

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Sin-ui hansu (2014) Reviews

  • Game of Death


    Could've been another title, though I did watch it under "Divine Move" at a Festival. While I have no clue how to play (or better the rules of) Baduk, the movie was still very appealing. It also achieves to make the game interesting many times. We have a lot of games that have to be covered over the duration of the movie and each one of them is shot differently and shown in a different light, depending on where the story and characters are at the moment. But it's not a "sports" movie about a board game. It's also an action movie and those scenes are more than well choreographed! The movie is action packed and it has moments in it, that you might not expect. Not sure how the ending will go down with some, but I like the movie for not going the easy way ...

  • Just Brillliant !


    This is a must-see movie. There's never been any other movie like this before. The main line through this movie is the board game Go (also known as igo in Japan, weiqi in China or baduk in Korea). Go is a mind game and it may come to a surprise that this movie is so violent. However that's exactly what makes this movie so brilliant. You can feel that the person who wrote the script of this movie is somebody who loves the game of Go. The movie perfectly respects the spirit of the game: the aggression, creativity, scheming, ... As for people who are not interested in the board game at all. You will not be disappointed neither. Top actors, an exciting script, humor and blood. What more could you possibly want ?

  • Okay I guess


    This movie is marketed as an action movie, but it really isn't one. It only has a couple of fight scenes, and only the final one actually lasts a while (the fights are all well coreographed though, and the final fight is awesome). It is a revenge-thriller first and foremost, but the larger part of the movie actually focuses on the board game "Go", so the movie is actually pretty slow, which got kind of boring to me. The plot itself is okay enough. Standard revenge-thriller fare. The music and the acting were both good.

  • Wanna Play?


    This film is based around the game of Go (Baduk). Go is considered to be one of, if not the hardest board game to play. It is also considered the oldest board game having originated in China approximately 2500 years ago. Go is a strategic game which requires great focus and presence of mind to capture your opponent. The game is still extremely popular and in this film it is played with high stakes. The main character is a professional player and when asked by his brother to help him win a game, things go terribly wrong, his brother is murdered and he ends up in prison. While in prison, he makes fast friends with a mob boss by winning a game against the warden in which the mob boss gets a request granted. He asked the mobster to return him the favor by having his henchmen train him to skillfully fight so that when he leaves prison he can avenge his brother's death. That is the plot of the movie. I don't really know much about the game of Go but the folks in this film have made the game a building stone of their criminal enterprise. There is a lot of money, talent and blood wrapped up in this game. Some of the characters are like or dislikeable enough but I think that the film could have benefited from more character building. The action sequences were the highlight. They were quick, well shot and fairly brutal keeping you on the edge of your seat. It is a decent film. Check it out if you are looking for a bit of action.

  • The Divine Move Review: An intelligent action entertainer!


    Movie: The Divine Move (18) Rating: 3.5/5 South Korean action films are a treat to watch. Plus, if there is an intelligent story, then it adds both to fun as well as praise. Jung Woo- sung starter action film THE DIVINE MOVE or SIN UI HANSU is a well made film which stays true to the genre and provides an interesting storyline executed in a professional manner. THE DIVINE MOVE has a great storyline, which starts picking up right from the beginning. Not a single second is wasted and the film grips you in its atmosphere quite easily. The direction is decent, as there aren't any problems I faced with it. The screenplay is quite well written, and certain sequences are praiseworthy. The action is excellent as are the VEX and cinematography. The film's dramatic tone, however may not appeal to everyone but it works big time for the film. At times, even at a decent and not-so-long running time, the film can seem a little longer, but the overall presentation as well as the climax take the cake. Jung Woo-sung is brilliant as always. His transitional performance is a delightful treat to watch. Kim In-kwon entertains with his humour and scores well in other scenes too. Ahn Sung-ki, however impresses extremely and his performance is excellent. Same for the rest of the cast, including Ahn Gil-Gang. That said, THE DIVINE MOVE is a well made action film which is a treat to watch. So go ahead, make a move and watch the film!

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