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Song of Back and Neck (2018)

Song of Back and Neck (2018)

Paul LiebersteinPaul FeigSam AndersonClark Duke
Paul Lieberstein


Song of Back and Neck (2018) is a English movie. Paul Lieberstein has directed this movie. Paul Lieberstein,Paul Feig,Sam Anderson,Clark Duke are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Song of Back and Neck (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Fred rarely gets through the day without falling to the ground with crippling pain. After meeting Regan and visiting an acupuncturist, he finally begins to find relief for both his chronic pain and his persistent loneliness.

Song of Back and Neck (2018) Reviews

  • nice debut from Lieberstein


    Greetings again from the darkness. Paul Lieberstein is best known and easily recognizable as Toby, Michael Scott's HR nemesis on "The Office". Mr. Lieberstein also wrote and directed many episodes of that popular TV show, and now he turns his talents to the big screen: donning all 4 hats as writer-director-producer-actor in his feature film debut as a filmmaker. It's a romantic-comedy of pain, and the featured pain comes in both varieties: physical and emotional. Fred (Lieberstein) is a long-term paralegal at the law firm his dad co-founded. He's a frumpy every-man suffering in silence with loneliness and back pain so debilitating that his morning ritual is often performed by sliding prone on the floor through his house. A long-awaited appointment with a back specialist (played by BRIDESMAIDS director and "The Office" producer Paul Feig) is comprised of numerous smart-ass one-liners from the doctor that result in no help for the patient and the dreaded diagnosis of "the trifecta of back and neck pain". In addition to this physical pain, Fred is miserable at work as he's forced to take direction from a cocky millennial lawyer (Clark Duke), who is the firm's new partner now that Fred's protective dad is retiring. He's also miserable in his personal life due to loneliness. While we see that all this pain is interconnected, it takes a fortuitous encounter with Regan (Rosemary DeWitt), who is in need of a divorce attorney, to start Fred on the path of discovery and recovery. Regan refers Fred to her acupuncturist Dr. Kuhang (Raymond Ma), who is astounded at the musical tones the injected needles produce along Fred's spine. The leads to one of the film's more outlandish recurring gags in the movie - a quite unique and humorous situation involving a cello. Other supporting work is provided by screen veterans Sam Anderson, Robert Pine (Chris Pine's dad) and Brian d'Arcy James as Regan's husband. Ike Barinholtz also provides a brief comedic cameo as an orderly, and Scott Hutchison delivers a welcome musical interlude. Mr. Hutchison, founder of Frightened Rabbit, sadly passed away earlier this year. This is a nice little low budget indie that shows how even a temporary interpersonal connection can provide a spark of hope and remind us of how important fulfillment in life can be towards our physical and emotional health. Since the film is based on Mr. Lieberstein's own back pain, he provides a special thanks to John E Sarno, MD, author of "Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection". The film is wry and sad, while at the same time somewhat illuminating and hopeful. It's a pleasant debut from filmmaker Lieberstein.

  • Mixed Bag Here


    I didn't know what to expect from this indie with the strange title, which I found at my local library. There's a mixed bag here, as I see it, with some of the dark absurd humor working effectively while more often than not it's too awkward, even annoying at times, and falls quite flat. Paul Lieberstein, who has extensive TV credentials such as The Office, stars here and makes his big screen debut as writer and director as well. I thought the best parts of this movie were his interplay with the fine actress Rosemarie DeWitt. Overall. there were some things to like here but not enough to sustain an enjoyable film, but I would be interested to see what else Lieberstein brings to the screen. To note: there were no subtitles on my DVD copy but I was able to access them through the closed caption option on my remote.

  • Nice gentle film


    This is one of those films that it is more about the people and writing than the plot. The plot is about Fred, the son of a lawyer, who seems to be not taken seriously. He has crippling back pain. He starts dating a client looking to divorce. He also starts getting acupuncture to help his back. The needles play a tune while they are in his back which has an amusing sub-plot ending in his back playing in a five piece band. Overall I really enjoyed this film. Its a nice gentle comedy drama. Paul Lieberstein (who plays Fred and also played Toby in The Office) really is an underestimated actor. You really do feel his pain and frustration.

  • Great performance by Paul Lieberstein!


    I wanted to watch a movie starring Paul Lieberstein solely because I was so tired of watching his character beeing bullied by Michael in The Office and wanted to finally see something good happen to this man. All creds to Paul for his work both on The Office and this movie!

  • What an excellent movie


    I stumbled upon Song of Back and Neck while randomly searching the interwebs for something to watch while killing 90 minutes or so. I had no particular reason to choose this movie. I hadn't heard of it and never really got into the office so I didn't know anything of Paul Lieberstein. I ended up watching this based on the only two reviews of this movie in IMDB, and because...why not? Lucky me. I absolutely loved this movie. Every character felt real...fully fleshed out. The dialogue fit the characters. The plot was just quirky enough to keep it interesting without taking me out of the experience. It was utterly charming...and that's a good thing.


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