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Star Leaf (2015)

Star Leaf (2015)

Richard CranorJulian GavilanesRussell HodgkinsonKevin Jolly
Richard Cranor


Star Leaf (2015) is a English movie. Richard Cranor has directed this movie. Richard Cranor,Julian Gavilanes,Russell Hodgkinson,Kevin Jolly are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Star Leaf (2015) is considered one of the best Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Some Highs Are Out of this World. Star Leaf is a sci-fi thriller about an extra-terrestrial form of marijuana discovered in the Olympic forests. The main character is a veteran of the Afghanistan war, and the film has PTSD and its treatment with cannabis as an underlying theme. Shot entirely on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, the movie stars Julian Gavilanes and Russell Hodgkinson of Sy-Fy's Z-Nation.


Star Leaf (2015) Reviews

  • No horror. Life time lesson.


    The movie is as bad as the plot sounds. Aliens growing weed for some special people, testing them out, bla bla. I'm going to go into very few words here, it has no horror elements, tries to induce some tension, some mystery, fails each time, ends predictably. Luckily for me, it has only 75 minutes, so there is an upside to it. The movie itself is avoidable! Only if you're into weed movies, could this pass as a junky cheesy fun! I'm also quite done with stereotypes, all of them present here, the smoker, running away from responsibility, the girl, always trashy and the war "veteran", still facing his inner demons. Can't we do something betters, I mean it is 2016 almost, how many such copy cat movies are we supposed to endure? Cheers!

  • Low budget, terrible movie


    At the start of any B-grade movie review I like to make it clear that I generally love B-grade horror/thriller/action movies. However, this was terrible. Bad acting, bad script, bad editing (at one point you see the actor's mouth move but no audible voice). The horror element is not developed very well, the action is cheap and horrible. The characters are not likable. There were some laughs to be had at how bad it was but mostly it was just bad and cringe-worthy. There is really very little to recommend about this movie. Save your time/money and watch something else. You have been warned. Do not watch this movie unless you have absolutely nothing better to watch or do.

  • Probably shot when everyone was actually high


    Random people going into secluded place is the benchmark of horror genre. Star Leaf, to its credit, decides the motive should be finding weeds. This is not so much a horror rather than a parody of one, it's utterly bizarre and often doesn't make much sense. Characters are partially product of satire, and it's confusingly insipid since it opens up with heavy theme of homicide and kidnapping. The best it could come up with is a few giggles due to its extreme oddity. Three people go into a forest to find a mysterious sage who can lead them to a promised place of rare medication plant. Bizarre as it may sound the following is even crazier with trippy creature or haunting dream. This may very well meant to be representation of being high, nearly everything is pointless gibberish. Fortunately, the runtime is rather short, so it's equivalent of a weird dream. Characters would appear out of nowhere, then disappear in five minutes as there's no consistent plot here. One can actually randomly skip a scene or reverse them and it would be the same incoherent story. Characters themselves are not likable, they are created for such intended effect with hippie gibberish and blatant reference to pop culture. The most sensible of them is surprisingly the jock stereotype, and even he seems woozy at times. Star Leaf's best chance at entertainment is if audience is lenience and laugh at its silly antics. For anything resembling horror, thriller, or any coherent narrative, don't expect much from this delirious mess.

  • Didn't expect much ...


    Soldier with combat stress is led by his stoner friends into a forest to partake of a legendary drug, and weird dangers emerge from the undergrowth. Surprising low budget sci-fi hallucinatory type of thing with a message about coming to terms. It doesn't look great, but it's not tediously trippy and the modest effects deliver the menace pretty well. The acting is decent, and while the characters aren't deep there is some nice idiosyncrasy. And the pace is good. The only thing I didn't like was the music - sounded like an '80s TV show. Overall good entertainment and good natured.

  • A Bong-full of Awfulness


    Like, far out man. Duuude, that was, like, totally mind blowing. This movie was like totally gnarly. I'm, like, totally down for some munchies and cheese. Man, like, this movie just totally was like so awesome in its awesomeness. That star leaf weed was like totally awesome, man. I gotta go out and find me some of that and watch this movie again,so I can, like, ya know, really wrap my mind around the exponentially large ideas being thrown at you. OK, so, I tried my best to write like I was a stoner. And now I feel both embarrassed and dirty. The stupidity of this movie has been imprinted on my DNA and will be passed down from generation to generation and any children, grandchildren, etc., I may have will, in fact, be stupider for my mistake of having watched Star Leaf. What to say about it? Script - sophomoric. Acting - terrible. Editing - even worse. Incidental Music - all I can say is WTF??? To be quite honest, I fell asleep on my couch and missed the last 10 minutes, I believe. On the other hand, maybe I toked up a bit too much star leaf myself and can't remember how it ended. Anyhow, you're better off getting high or drunk yourself and passing out instead of watching this.


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