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Take It with You (2012)

Take It with You (2012)

Alyssa LemonBryce J. Lemon
Bryce J. Lemon


Take It with You (2012) is a English movie. Bryce J. Lemon has directed this movie. Alyssa Lemon,Bryce J. Lemon are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Take It with You (2012) is considered one of the best Documentary,Adventure,Biography movie in India and around the world.

In April 2009, Bryce Lemon and his sister Alyssa departed on what they hoped would be a spiritual journey around the world. But what they found was more human and real. From the Maleku Indians and Ancient Egyptians to the modern world, they discovered that the search for happiness is what unites us. Beautifully shot in 28 countries over a ten month shoot, from Machu Picchu to Siam, Take it with You shows that the most important thing for us all, is finding the beauty within.


Take It with You (2012) Reviews

  • NOT a Travelogue; Profound introspective view of a strong, emergent young man


    I really loved Take It With You, because to my surprise, it escapes the monotonous, emotionless tone of most documentaries in favor of a more character-driven first-person narrative. I went into the film assuming that it would be just another account of another dude's travels to another few countries, captured on film. Much to my delight, however, that was not the case. History and culture are not the focus of this documentary - if that's what you're looking for, this isn't it. Instead, cultural and historical influences are accessory - they seem to be used more as tools to help frame and develop the story, which is one of a conflicted man in search of meaning. Mr. Lemon's story is a familiar one to many: forced by life's circumstances to make changes in his life, he embarks on a journey through himself in search of peace and happiness. His physical journey around the world is not the subject, but an allegory, of what he seeks to find in his own soul. I found the score to be very well adapted to the story, helping to draw out raw excitement, despair and hope in the viewer at all the right moments. The wide panoramic nature shots as segment breaks were also powerful in this regard. Without giving anything away, I can say that the ending moved me nearly to tears, a testament to how personal the story had become to me throughout the hour-long screening. I had come to be informed and maybe a little entertained, but I left having been mentally stimulated and emotionally fulfilled. For me, it was a long-overdue trip into my own feelings - and sometimes a slightly uncomfortable one - but worth it in every regard. Pros: Cinematography, compelling story, photography, music, emotional connection, editing. Looks and sounds crisp and cohesive, rare for festival flicks. Cons: Less emphasis on history/culture than some viewers might like, only an hour long. Overall: Highly recommended and very worthwhile. Watch it with someone you hope to reconnect with. It's sure to instigate quite a deep, philosophical conversation. :)

  • awesome!


    I had the pleasure of viewing Take it with You in a private screener. It was a wonderful film, and really made me think about the conclusions I've drawn about my own life and the world around me. I hope they submit to a festival near me because it will get in and I would love to see it on the big screen! I got hooked up with these guys through their facebook. Search for the film Take it with You on there and check them out! Overall the film shows the world through the eyes of the film maker. It was interesting and intriguing to be able to experience his world, and also to see some of the most amazing sites our earth has to offer from the perspective of another person. I don't know if there's a better way to do that than through a film of this kind. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to know what there is out there, and anyone who wants to learn more about what they have inside.

  • Waste of time


    "Take It with You" is the most mediocre movie I've ever seen. A man who has no basic common culture is trying to explain something that excites all the philosophers. Weak movie. Poor directing. There is no idea and meaning. Watching this movie is a real waste of time. Here are examples: "We're in France and we have nothing to say." Really? Spain is shown in less than one minute. Looks like France and Spain are not sufficiently interesting to the great author. He emphasized the Auschwitz camp without even saying anything to the state in which the death camp. Shortly thereafter, the author explains the mathematical formulas for the pyramids and how they relate to architecture in Italy. While watching footage of Mosque as background music sounds the seventh symphony of Beethoven. Expression is only one - lack of taste.


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