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The Christmas Contract (2018)

The Christmas Contract (2018)

Hilarie BurtonRobert BuckleyDanneel AcklesAntwon Tanner
Monika Mitchell


The Christmas Contract (2018) is a English,French movie. Monika Mitchell has directed this movie. Hilarie Burton,Robert Buckley,Danneel Ackles,Antwon Tanner are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Christmas Contract (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Jolie Guidry, who works for a web design company, moved back to New York City six months ago following her high school sweetheart, Foster Broussard, breaking up with her. It's the Christmas season, and Jolie is dreading heading home to Lafayette, Louisiana for the holidays as she knows she will run into Foster who will be with his new girlfriend Amy. The Guidry/Broussard ties are more than just between Jolie and Foster as her father, Tim Guidry, and his father, Rocky Broussard, organized the first and what has become the annual Lafayette Christmas Market thirty years ago, the two who will be honored in a civic ceremony. In Jolie not wanting to face the drama of encountering Foster as a still single woman, her best friend, Naomi, a lawyer, suggests she bring a "fake" boyfriend back to Lafayette with her for the holidays to balance the playing field. Of all the men they know, Naomi comes up with her older brother, writer Jack Friedman - most of his work ghost writing novels - as the ...


The Christmas Contract (2018) Reviews

  • A great family Christmas movie.


    We're not professional movie critics. We don't watch much television and, as far as I know, this is the first time I've ever watched anything on Lifetime. However, we do have a special perspective to share about The Christmas Contract. This was a movie about family and Christmas...and they nailed it. My wife and I watched the movie with our daughters and their families. We all watched each scene in breathless anticipation. With every chair and sofa spot occupied, the little ones were spread out on the floor with blankets and pillows. We paused, replayed and paused again to point out specific details; even the 6-year olds were focused and engaged. This unusual behavior is explained by the fact that we were watching the movie in the same living room where Jolie showed Jack the Christmas tree ornaments. As our youngest granddaughter (whose middle name is Jolie) cried out when Tim, Jolie, and Jack first drove up to the Guidry family home, "That's Nana and Poppy's house!" Like most people, we had never anticipated anything like this. Our home was taken over by strangers, lots of them. We were simultaneously excited and dreadful; we built this home with meticulous attention to detail, and now someone was rearranging furniture and taking pictures off the walls. We weren't as much concerned about physical damage as we were about how our home was to be portrayed and the quality of the movie in which it was to be featured. The outcome could not be more pleasant. Monika Mitchell (director) did a fantastic job molding the actors and the settings to represent a credible reality. We could see ourselves in every situation including playing games on the back porch, making breakfast for visitors, and sharing meals with extended family and friends at the dining room table. Seeing Cheryl Ladd and Bruce Boxleitner with their movie family in our home seemed perfectly natural. The actors were all amazingly approachable and engaging. Hilarie Burton is as genuine as you might hope, and as far as I could tell, there was no difference between the character and the person. Our only regret is that, as hosts, we weren't able to visit and get to know all of them properly. As natives to Lafayette and the surrounding area, we're also wary of fake accents and hokey stereotypes. Nothing was exaggerated. Downtown Lafayette has quiet streets, cafés, a cathedral, and a courthouse. Joel Robideaux is really the mayor and his accent is 100% Lafayette. Acadian Village is a real treat and we encourage all of our visiting friends to check it out. Rocky's accent was a little heavy, but I know lots of guys with the same. And to address a prior reviewer's comment; yes, the cicadas are really that loud and this isn't "the South", it's Lafayette. Biased as it may be, our opinion is that the movie is a home run. This is a Christmas event our family will share for years to come and we sincerely hope you will too. Roy and Vickie Couvillion P.S. Sincere thanks to the producer, Daniel Lewis, for the opportunity to share our home with the Lifetime audience, and to the crew members and staff for their professionalism, their respect and their camaraderie.

  • A plot we all know with a special touch from real life friends.


    Jolie (Hilarie Burton) is going home for the holidays and she finds out that her ex-boyfriend, who she has a long history with, is taking home his new girlfriend. So her best friend Naomi (Danneel Ackles) suggest taking her brother Jack (Robert Buckley) with her back to Louisiana to pretend they have a relationship. I love One Tree Hill so I was looking forward to this. 5 people from the cast coming together for a Lifetime movie was everything (one was a surprise to me, even if he was only a couple of minutes). The movie was good. The secondary characters were amazing. The chemistry was off the charts (of course, they are friends off screen). The plot was nothing special: we have seen this thousands of times. But Hilarie and Robert (Tyler, Danneel and Antwon) made it special for me. My only complain was the loud music during certain scenes and the lack of scenes with Danneel and Antwon. I'm pretty sure any Hallmark/Lifetime fan will enjoy it. But One Tree Hills fans will love it. (now give us a Joy and James movie please!)

  • No sparks, no magic.


    This movie finds Hilarie Burton down south again, like Christmas on the Bayou. Unlike that movie, this one kind of mopes along limpidly. Cheryl Ladd and Bruce Boxleitner try their best, but don't add much. The music and cricket sounds frequently drowns out the dialogue.

  • OTH


    I love now this is like a OTH reunion. Even could see some of there characters come out in this movie. New favorite Christmas movie that we will watch every year.

  • Someone forgot to write a plot


    For a movie about a writer getting inspiration for a book, this movie really failed the basic challenge of having something happen. The basic story is a familiar one, great girl is single for the holidays but is in need of a "boyfriend" for the family. So she gets a fake one. In this case her best friends brother. A writer who is also looking to write a story during the trip. To avoid weirdness they put it all into a contract and she agrees to build him a website for his services. Off to the family mansion the go but that is where this movie spins its heels. The lead actors have an easy chemistry and you can see how comfortable they are with each other but showing the audience what exactly would make these two fall in love... just isn't there. Also, there are problems with the supporting characters. The "ex" just doesn't come across as someone pine worthy so it is hard to really get invested in the main character's dealings with him. Also the family takes up just too much time. I see that they hired some big actors for the roles (the spectacularly botoxed Cheryl and Jordan Ladd) but I don't care about the family. I am here for the romance - a romance they didn't really write.


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