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The Dead and the Damned 3: Ravaged (2018)

The Dead and the Damned 3: Ravaged (2018)

Colin BryantMingyu ChuAlanna ForteRobert Koroluck
Rene Perez


The Dead and the Damned 3: Ravaged (2018) is a German movie. Rene Perez has directed this movie. Colin Bryant,Mingyu Chu,Alanna Forte,Robert Koroluck are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Dead and the Damned 3: Ravaged (2018) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

It's the return to a world of bloodthirsty zombies: Lt. Colonel Sawyer and the residents of the last survivor camp face more and more severe undead attacks.

The Dead and the Damned 3: Ravaged (2018) Reviews

  • What did I just watch?


    Cinematography 7, seems professional high budget. Plot, Story, Script Sucked. 0 Stereotype of a U.S. Southerner as a German Aryan Racist, irony this movie from Germany. 1 Acting 2, Stereotype of Women constantly running away from slow moving Zombies, and the few slow moving Zombies still catch up. Unlike The Walking Dead. Women attack slow moving Zombies and stab them in the head.

  • Total garbage.


    BORING. PREACHY. CLICHE AS IT GETS. Bad writing, bad acting. A waste of time and money to even make. Its like an infantile version of someone spouting all the leftist cliches about white men being evil and everyone else is good.

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