The Legend of Robert the Doll (2018)

The Legend of Robert the Doll (2018)

Lee BaneHarriet ReesJudith HaleyEloise Juryeff
Andrew Jones


The Legend of Robert the Doll (2018) is a movie. Andrew Jones has directed this movie. Lee Bane,Harriet Rees,Judith Haley,Eloise Juryeff are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Legend of Robert the Doll (2018) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

In Nazi Germany, a Toymaker takes possession of a mystical book which gives life to the inanimate. After evading the SS, who are under orders from Hitler to retrieve the book, the Toymaker boards a train in an attempt to flee the country. Thinking he's in the clear, the Toymaker soon discovers that a group of high ranking Nazi officers are also on board. Eventually his secret is revealed and the Nazis close in. But the Toymaker has already used the magical tome to bring a vintage doll called Robert to life - and Robert will stop at nothing to protect his master. So begins a blood soaked battle aboard the train as the Toymaker and the killer doll take on the Nazis. It's a fight to the death and only the victor will get off at the next stop.


The Legend of Robert the Doll (2018) Reviews

  • The Legend of Robert the Doll: 4th part is not the charm


    Robert (2015) was a really quite terrible effort at a killer doll horror movie which somehow someway has had a sequel every year since. So here we are on part 4 and unsurprisingly I wasn't excited to see it. The first 3 movies amassed nine out of a potential 30 points from me here on IMDB, the best by far being the third. Here we see the Toymaker on the run from german forces, all eager to get hold of his book and the secrets it contains. If you're watching for killer doll action then you're not going to be happy, the dolls probably make up around 2 minutes of the film total. This is not a film about Robert at all. Once again it has strong vibes of the Puppet Master (1989) franchise, but fails to live up to even their lackluster quality. With shoddy effects, ridiculous prosthetics and a generic script this is another dud for the series. The Good: Well scored Archive footage The Bad: Most pathetic German accents I've ever heard Weak sfx Badly false advertised Things I Learnt From This Movie: Somewhere along the way the creators thought people would be happy with a killer doll movie with no actual killer doll action

  • Very very bad


    I feel obligated to write this review because the only thing horror here is acting. Make German movie but please do not do this ridiculous accent thing. I mean Germans do have and accent but this way too much acting. It is so bad, like telenovela bad, facial expressions are so extreme it is almost a parody. The story is even worse. If there is a slightest thing I like, costumes are good and photography is not that bad. The 4 stars rating this movie has is way too much than it deserves. I will assume this would be kinda interesting if I was 10 or 7 maybe. In my humble opinion do not waste your time.

  • Possibly the worst film I have ever seen.


    Everything about this film franchise is baffling from start to finish. I only watch them for their comedy value (and believe me, they are so bad that they are genuinely hilarious). 1) Why the 40 minute digression in the beginning, setting up the characters of the abusive husband and the runaway wife? They were completely irrelevant to everything! 2) Why not just cast a real old man for the role of the Toymaker?? Why the extremely rubbish and unconvincing make up job on Lee Bane, who is a much younger man?? 3) In the original Robert film we were told that the doll became possessed after the boy who originally owned it was murdered. Now in the sequels we're supposed to suddenly swallow all this magic book and marauding Nazis crap. Which brings me onto... 4) What exactly is the filmmakers obsession with Nazis? Did he just buy a bunch of expensive Nazi costumes and want to get his money's worth out of them? 5) How on earth is the Toymaker, who already looked about 150 in 1940-whatever, still alive in 2012?? 6) Why is his sister also still alive and only about 70 years old too? And why is he German and she not? 7) Why, why, why??? If you're looking for a well made, scary horror movie, this ain't it. If you're looking for a good laugh, watch it by all means.

  • Rock bottom... almost!


    This is the 4th & possibly final time we'll see Robert the doll as per the ending seems to be a prequel starting off from where the first partially began from the weak & watery franchise! The films picks up from the 3rd film to which the Toy Maker attempts to flee the country. Nazi German SAS Agents are trying to intercept him, while a man & his wife are in possession of the spell book to make dolls come back to life! So while the old man tries to flee on the train with Robert & the 2 other dolls, the wife steels the spell book & goes on a rampage! She comes across a bad man ( I say bad man, because I have no idea what this plum had to do with the story or it's plot let alone overall theme of the film & what relevance he had for being in this film to start with, other than to be a filler character to drag out an already boring tired out story-line!). But any he gets killed along with the fleeing wife by an agent of the German SAS, another twist & then the husband of the wife also gets killed by another German SAS Agent & then the film finally gets back on track to the Toy Maker & there by another bloody massacre between him & the agents ensures! The film seems to be, like the previous, too over padded & dragged out for it to be a about a killer doll, the focus was neglecting what it was to suppose to be focusing on in the first place! Even the deaths & effects seemed pretty sh!te! The characters were thin & boring & well seemed to be there only for holding the plot up, which even then was way over done & trying to be some else it wasn't, while missing the point of the main focus & theme! As usual, the deaths were tame & uncreative! There was little to no point in this film other than to make another sequel, then the end came & I knew, this was a prequel of sort for definite, though the previous film demonstrated that too. Overall a low point sequel with a over padded plot & weak & watery effects, characters & action sequences! The film seemed to be worse than the first 2 in other ways... & that's speaking volumes there!Rock bottom... almost

  • Don't waste your time


    I rarely give bad reviews, because I find it hard to, but this time I find it hard *not* to, almost impossible. It's like they made a bad horror movie and said "It's too badly done, nobody will watch it! Oh! I know! Let's add some clips of a random doll, and call it Robert. Oh look! Now everybody will watch this movie." I said about halfway through that I want to give up on the movie and just go back to doing my own thing, but I was too optimistic saying that I should try harder and harder to watch this, and the thing that seriously killed it for me was the end. That argument between the guy possessing the book and his sister was sooooooo fake. I wish that argument had been about 10 minutes in, because I would've turned the movie off right there and watched something else.


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