The Marine (2006)

The Marine (2006)

John CenaKelly CarlsonRobert PatrickAnthony Ray Parker
John Bonito


The Marine (2006) is a English,Arabic movie. John Bonito has directed this movie. John Cena,Kelly Carlson,Robert Patrick,Anthony Ray Parker are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. The Marine (2006) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

John Triton is a heroic Marine who returns home after being discharged--against his will--from the Iraq War. Stateside, he finds himself back in action, when a group of murderous diamond thieves on the run led by a merciless criminal named Rome has kidnapped his wife and John goes on a chase through the South Carolinian wilderness to retrieve her. With everything on the line, the Marine will stop at nothing to carry out his toughest and most important mission.


The Marine (2006) Reviews

  • Thank you Kelly Carlson


    I saw this movie on TV and it left me in a state of confusion. I simply could not understand why the people making this movie, made so many misstakes. And what was up with those opening scenes? I got Rambo flashbacks during that. I consider myself to be within the target audience, boys who like action movies with guns, babes, car chases, fights and so on. The problem with this movie IMO is that it underestimates its audience. Just because we like action movies, does not mean we like movies with just action scenes. Nor does it mean that you do not have to make any sense. 10 years ago i would have thought that this movie was tha bombe. I would have thought that it was cool. However this is not 1999, it's 2009 (yes, i know the movie is from 2006). After all the things that have happened in the last couple of years, you simply can not show such unbelievable stuff as getting shot at a 120 times from 3-10 meters away during a car chase and not get hit once (outside the Matrix of course). This movie made me doubt myself. Have i learned so much about combat tactics, guns and ammo, warfare, law enforcement, crime and human frailty (from watching Discovery Channel and National Geographic) that i am simply incapable of enjoying a simple action movie? After thinking a lot about that i concluded that the answer is yes. Yes, i know to much to enjoy a simple action movie. And The Marine is about as simple as it gets. A bit more work on the script to make it more logical and coherent and this movie would have scored at least 1 more point (probably 2). I know the marines are tough guys, but i also know marines are not dumb. Stubborn yes, but not dumb. The marine in The Marine is tough and dumb. The Marine is fun to watch, but only when you have nothing else to do. If you need to kill some time, then The Marine will kill it. And you will watch it all the way to the end because of Kelly Carlson. If you are a man you want her to be your lover or hostage. If you are a strait woman or gay man, Kelly Carlson's hair will make you go "oh wow, look at that, that is hot". But remember, if you want to enjoy it for more than Kelly Carlson, dumb yourself down a bit. I gave this movie 5 stars. 1 for Kelly Carlson and her hair, 1 for Robert Patrick and his lines, 1 for the guns, fights and explosions, 1 for the cat-fight and 1 for giving me hope that one day someone will give me a multimillion dollar budget to make my own action movie.

  • One of the worst action flicks I've seen in a long time


    About 2 decades ago, people witnessed the age of when the action genre in films was at its finest. The world was given some of the greatest action entertainments ever (Terminator's 1 and 2, Die Hard, Predator, Robocop etc). And all of that was shamefully thrown away for the cheap rip-off's just so Hollywood can make a profit. And here we get WWE starting to finance and distribute films in hopes of expanding their fanbase and their publicity. And they start by throwing their superstar John Cena in his horrendous, over-the-top debut. "The Marine" follows John Triton (Cena) who has been recently discharged for disobeying direct orders and he now has a lousy security job (but at the end, the problem of having a job he hates isn't even resolved, but what do we care?). Later on, a group of diamond thieves who are trying to evade the authorities after their latest heist kidnap Triton's wife. Triton decides to do the usual in a dumb action flick; he decides to go after them and take the law into his own hands. But the plot itself is too weak for us to care about what's going on. I mean the problem basically occurred by chance and coincidence when Triton and his wife just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time at the gas station. And all the plot elements don't mesh together very well. And of course its action because the WWE wrestlers just want to prove their masculinity. And overall, the action sucks. There's explosions and gunfire, lots and lots of explosions and gunfire. But the special effects team must've been on crack because the blasts look like splashes of Sunny Delight, and the gunfire looks like it was made from a home computer with just that stupid orange X and the annoying sparkles that we see. And the acting performance by Cena is atrocious and more wooden than a redwood forest. Robert Patrick as Rome is sub-par since he wasn't as threatening as he used to be in Terminator 2 and even in Die Hard 2 which he appeared in only 2 scenes. He's pretty much just spewing out dumb one-liners and acting goofy. All that, rather than the intimidating silence he's known for. And the rest is just a bunch of badly timed jokes, dialogue and scenarios. Especially the part when Morgan is telling about his experiences with his camp counselor and Rome ordering him to find the generator. That part was WAY outta place, badly acted and awkward and it felt like it was never gonna end. And towards the end when Triton surely kills Rome in the blast, then after reviving his wife, Rome suddenly rises again with severe burns and then Triton kills him for good, VERY VERY B movie, if you ask me. And the "The Marine" is chock full of moments like those. I didn't give this the lowest score because some of the fist fights here were alright and I liked some of the pop-culture references such as the ones to Terminator and Scarface here. But don't waste your time, this is for John Cena die-hards only......

  • Dios mio.


    I am a huge John Cena fan, so I'm not writing this just to pick on him. But "The Marine" is the worst film I've ever seen, and I've made a habit of seeing bad films. *May contain SPOILERS* The short version: See John shoot. Shoot, shoot, shoot. See John run. BOOM! Run, John, run. See John drive. See John swim. Swim, swim, Boom! Run, swim, hit, BOOM, hit, hit, kiss - The end. The long version: I'll skip the cheesy opening credits and the bizarre soundtrack (which at more than one point seems to be channeling Celine Dion). The movie was supposedly directed by one John Bonito; I wouldn't say that the movie was directed so much as it wandered along aimlessly, occasionally bumping into scenery. Even the scenery refused to "act" (Queensland, Australia is NOT South Carolina, Mr. Bonito). Mr. Cena ambles along through the famous jungles of "South Carolina," occasionally stopping to glance around, never conveying the slightest hint that he might actually be thinking something. Five minutes into the movie, I apologized to the friend I dragged along with me to see it. Ten minutes into it, I officially began imagining a completely different movie. By the end, I no longer cared who lived. I wouldn't have minded if the characters had simply begun shooting themselves, just so that we'd all be put out of our misery. I wanted this to be a fun movie - I like a fun, cheesy action film as much as the next person - but this movie didn't even try. I was so disappointed ... Mr. Cena, you owe me $9.50!

  • Legendary


    This film has everything! Explosions, humour, cheesy lines, hot women and an enjoyable plot. This was not intended to be a big budget box office film, it delivers what it is meant to. If you are a fan of cheesy Arnie films from the 80s then this is the film for you. You certainly learn a lot from watching The Marine;

  • Discharge the Marine


    Now, don't get the wrong idea. I am a wrestling fan. However, this is a movie review. I review a movie on how I think of this. I'll tell you why The Marine is not worth seeing. First off, the movie has a weak plot. Not exactly original. Kidnapped wife, not the best. We got a few talented people here. Kelly Carlson and Robert Patrick. However they are supports. Okay, can they save this? No. I have to say without any anti-Cena and all honesty that John Cena is one of the worst actors I have ever seen. He is more wooden than a log cabin. His tough guy facials are hilarious. How did he get this role? And how is it that an experienced actor Robert Patrick have to play second fiddle? To Cena no less? Ouch. Cena's acting made the Marine hard to watch. Also, When a movie sucks, the only resort to try and win over people is to....yep, explosions. Forget the plot, forget the story, forget the bad acting, as long as we have explosions, the movie is saved! Right? Right???? The Last Word: Utter garbage. How Cena nabbed the starring role here is going to be one of the biggest mysteries of the world. His acting is awful. The movie's script is lame, too many explosions, and did I mention Cena? I hate to say this, but Cena, don't quit your day job. Acting isn't your style.


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