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The Rambler (2013)

Dermot MulroneyLindsay PulsipherNatasha LyonneJames Cady
Calvin Reeder


The Rambler (2013) is a English movie. Calvin Reeder has directed this movie. Dermot Mulroney,Lindsay Pulsipher,Natasha Lyonne,James Cady are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. The Rambler (2013) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Horror,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

A quiet drifter leaves prison, finds home on the road.

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The Rambler (2013) Reviews

  • A Surreal, Polarizing Experience


    It has been a few weeks since I viewed this film at its Sundance Premiere. Even now, I am still unsure about how to feel towards it. The plot consists of a man traveling along a desert highway, and the misadventures and people he encounters along the way. There are moments of brilliance, when the dialogue and scenes are laced with dark humor, that make for quite entertaining viewing. The hilarious early scenes with the Rambler and the Scientist who picks him up are among the best in the film. However, there are also moments that feel out of place, and just plain bizarre. The tone is shifty, and it's when the mood changes from a trippy, darkly funny road movie to full-on horror that the film loses some of its momentum. After the screening, there was a brief Q & A with the writer/director. I found it funny that when asked if there was a deeper meaning behind some of the events in the film, he said no, it is what it is. I guess what matters is the journey, not the destination. And what a mind-boggling, surreal journey it is. Above all, this film is surreal, and it is sure to polarize viewers. This film is not for everyone, but if you are a fan of dark humor, horror, surrealism, and the bizarre, you are in for a treat. A great midnight movie. 7/10

  • A Mixed Bag Where the Bad Ruins the Good


    Who is the rambler (Dermot Mulroney)? All we know is that he has been released from prison and is on his way to his brother's farm. But this is not important -- what matters are all the misadventures he has between point A and point B. I really wanted to like this movie. The characters are interesting, some of the story is incredibly funny, and it is all-around entertaining. But, unfortunately, the film is completely disjointed. For every good segment, there is a bad segment, and unfortunately the better ones are in the beginning so as the film goes on the viewer becomes less entertained. Editing might have solved some of the problems, but as a whole I think there is only so much that could be done here... the film comes across as a series of short films or television episodes. And in those formats it might have a strong following. As a feature film, it tends to fail because of the lack of central narrative.

  • "What's the buy-in?"


    It is for those who think that David Lynch makes far too few Movies, or for those that haunt Film Festivals and Midnight Movie Screenings, or the Counter-Culture Hordes who abhor anything from Mainstream Hollywood. That is to say this is one of the Weird Ones. It is incomprehensible and defies Classification. It is Bizarre and proud of it. Disturbing imagery abound and Ugly People populate this Misanthropic Movie and it has no pretensions other than to make you squirm and squabble about its Meaning (it has none other than what you provide). Definitely worth a watch for those interested in Underground Cinema and Films that inhabit the edge of the Universe defiling anyone who dares venture into proximity. It cannot be explained and doesn't attempt to offer any coherent Story. This is an exercise in Art and is filled with nothing more than Imagery and Sound to elicit a response. The Dialog is so strange that it really has nothing to do with anything. There is one exchange between a Cab Driver and The Rambler that is directed at those who will hate this Movie. Cabbie: "Have you seen the Movie Frankenstein?" Rambler: "No." Cabbie: "I Love that Movie, but I would have made it in Color".

  • Have a nice trip.....


    First of all let me say this" this film is a trip" . I wont say if it was a good trip,but i will say that you don't see stuff like this a lot.If you enjoy films like "The Deadly Drifter " ,or "The Big Empty", you,ll be right at home.Fellini-type images,flashing between dreams ,and nightmares,light ,and dark.Dis-jointed,non-liner , and just plain weird.I like these type of movies,and love abstract things,in art ,and film.If this sounds like something up your alley ,go for it. If not,move on to the next ,trendy ,garden path plot movie,at the nearest 10 plex,and have no worries.I myself like a challenge,and a film NOT set up like a paint-by-number art set.Its up to new story-tellers to give us something new, like this.If you like stuff thats NOT mainstream,this is for you.

  • Lynch-esque oddness.


    Lets get one thing clear, this film doesn't reach new heights in cinematic excellence, far from it but it is interesting. If you liked Eraserhead & Blue Velvet then you'll find some enjoyment in this offering, if you didn't like them then this will stink. At the very least this film will have you talking about it the following day, i've lost count of the films i've watched and instantly forgotten. Its flawed, its disjointed and often ludicrous but still offers something. Don't be too critical and it won't disappoint, expect ground breaking cinema and it will. The IMDb score is probably a touch harsh considering it isn't your run of the mill B movie. Films like this should be applauded for taking a less well trodden path.

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