The Silencers (1996)

The Silencers (1996)

Jack ScaliaDennis ChristopherCarlos LauchuLucinda Weist
Richard Pepin


The Silencers (1996) is a English movie. Richard Pepin has directed this movie. Jack Scalia,Dennis Christopher,Carlos Lauchu,Lucinda Weist are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1996. The Silencers (1996) is considered one of the best Action,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

U.S. Senator is assassinated by Men in Black, mysterious organization which surpresses all knowledge about UFOs. Agent Rafferty from U.S. Secret Service will confront them and discover the sinister truth. The only person that can help him comes from another world.

The Silencers (1996) Reviews

  • The Silencers: 90's cheesefest


    Remember pre-1997 when the Men In Black were dark mysterious shady characters who were better suited for horror movies than anything else? The days before Will Smith quipped his way through a generic sci-fi trilogy? Well here we have said Men In Black, except these guys are the aliens and aligning with some parts of the government in scheme to bring more of their kind to earth through a portal and stuff..... So this is the very definition of 1990's b-movie cheese. Car chases, gun fights and all the usual cliches. Along for the ride we have another alien of a different species who teams with the secret service to take them down. Said alien is played by Dennis Christopher and that's just weird. For those unfamiliar with Christopher he's generally a weedy, sneaky, weak character and has been in movies such as the original It (1990) and Fade To Black (1980). He's a great actor but seeing him in such a role was odd and more than a little questionable. Not great but not entirely awful The Silencers is an interesting enough take your brain out movie, probably best you take your expectations out as well. The Good: Old school cheese The Bad: Dennis Christopher in an action role is a bizzare thing Not constructed very well Things I Learnt From This Movie: Mysterious long blonde haired guys were a big thing in the 90's

  • Insane alien invasion film is lots of fun.


    I can attest that THE SILENCERS does not have either deep insight or much depth, but this motion picture is refreshingly entertaining and sometimes hilarious thanks to some extensive action scenes and an affable performance by Dennis Christopher. The government has denied their existence...but they are here, waiting for mankind to show mercy. Intergalactic space fugitives who call themselves the "Men in Black" claim that they come in peace. However, wherever they go, death and destruction follow... These Men in Black are here to make sure mankind disavows any knowledge about a superior extra-terrestrial race. Their job though is more than coercing people to deny the existence of aliens. Rather, the primary goal of these Men in Black is to bring mankind down to their knees. In order to accomplish this, the Men in Black must work in collusion with the U.S. military. Both sides are helping to construct an "inter-dimensional portal" (or something like that) which will serve as a gateway for both worlds. What the people do not know is that these aliens have already conquered four worlds...and Planet Earth is next. Only Secret Super Agent Rafferty (Jack Scalia) has the will to stop these bizarre fiends. However, when the challenges become overwhelming, even the hero could use a little backup. That's when galactic officer Comdor (Dennis Christopher) enters the battle... UFOs, inter-dimensional portals, government conspiracies, military cover-ups, and Clarence Williams III are the main features of this contrived but gratifying sci-fi action flick. THE SILENCERS is another fun production from none other than the PM Entertainment Group, Inc. There is really nothing new here, but this film does generously offer plenary ingenious action sequences and violence. There is a lot to recommend in this surprisingly amiable action movie. One of this movie's shining moments was when a car crashed right through a helicopter. That scene rocked! Probably the most amusing scene in this movie was when model toy trains were utilized to simulate a train collision(!) Man, there is no stopping the Richard Pepin and Joseph Merhi twosome. They just keep on grinding out sensational spectacles! These guys are the harbingers of slick B-movies. What makes THE SILENCERS better than the typical sci-fi offering is this film's astute sense of humor and touches of assiduous artistry. The levitating cow in the movie's prelude is a jocular gesture of how often aliens love to study "intelligent" life forms. Also, those aliens, the Men in Black look so freakishly scary with their darkened eyes. The co-star of this movie, Dennis Christopher is smooth in this movie too. He plays an appropriately valiant hero who manages to maintain a soft side. It is humorous how Christopher, the alien warrior, speaks so eloquently about the beauties of nature and how human beings can sometimes take their lives for granted. As an added bonus, the filmmakers were conscious enough to throw in a nice message promoting a clean environment. I am also glad that there is a statement in this film about how youths should expand their minds rather than relegate themselves to playing an "action hero." Considering the low budget production values, this film still manages to retain a modicum of dignity. THE SILENCERS may be short on plot and logic, but long on action scenes so hey, this is my type of movie. It is aimed specifically for those germane, macho trigger-happy male crowds! There are no excuses to be made, just revel in the gunfire, chases, explosions, and stunts. THE SILENCERS may be generic, formulaic, and cliché, but it is still moderately sustainable. This is even enjoyable especially for genre fans. I found this film to be much better than what my original disposition has been. This movie is a good rental for a rainy day. Forget MEN IN BLACK...see this movie instead! THE SILENCERS does not rely on big bucks for fabricated special effects. This film zooms at a fast clip with eye-catching action. If you have a penchant for glass-breaking excitement, then this movie is for you. Have fun...and leave reality behind for once! RATING: **1/2 out ****.

  • not great, but certainly not bad!


    "The Silencers" is one of the most ambitious (and enjoyable) low-budget DTVs I've ever seen. Jack Scalia and Dennis Christopher are good, and the film is highlighted by a nearly-10-minute-long chase sequence involving a fuel tanker hauling mysterious cargo, numerous military and pedestrian vehicles, and a helicopter (the fate of which you will be amazed by!) The music by Louis Febre is very good as well, and while the effects of the subway collision are clearly models, the rest of that action sequence makes up for it. The funny thing is, however, for a film that has an anti-violence message, it sure does have a lot of violence. Comdor (Christopher) explains to Scalia's son that there are better things to do with one's life than desire to play the role of action hero, and that violence isn't always the solution, then the two infiltrate the villain's secret complex and have a huge gun battle. Still, a rousing adventure/sci-fi flick that was good enough for me to order a copy. THE SILENCERS: 4.5/5

  • Who knew aliens had such great hair?


    I have no joke, I just like saying "Your methods are crude. Effective, but crude." Cheesy, but decent. Car chases, train chases, gunfights, explosions, people who emit mysterious cool-looking force waves from their mouths, and of course the required anti-violence, pro-environment message. As a bonus, the aliens are total hotties. If nothing else, watch it to see Dennis Christopher communing with a potted palm.

  • Low budget Sci-Fi movie that is lots of fun.


    THE SILENCERS is a low budget action Sci-Fi thriller produced by the PM entertainment group and if you know their films you already know that almost every scene is a set up for either a major gunfight, a high speed chase or a lot of very big explosions, with that said THE SILENCERS delivers on everything. The film does have a plot of course although I'm not going sum it up because the main reason to recommend this film for is the action scenes, they are thoroughly entertaining, very well staged and they don't appear random or forced. The acting is pretty good, the best performances are given by Jack Scalia and Dennis Christopher in the lead roles and the direction by Richard Pepin is well handled. Other films from the PM entertainment group include FIREPOWER, RIOT, RECOIL, LAND OF THE FREE, T-FORCE and HOLOGRAM MAN and this is just naming a few.


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