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The Unfolding (2016)

Robert DawsNick JulianLisa KerrKitty McGeever
Eugene McGing


The Unfolding (2016) is a English movie. Eugene McGing has directed this movie. Robert Daws,Nick Julian,Lisa Kerr,Kitty McGeever are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The Unfolding (2016) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

An exciting and relevant new take on the Haunted House story. The Fall of 2016. A fearful world stands on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. A young researcher in psychical events, together with his girlfriend, travel to the legendary wilds of Dartmoor, England, to investigate a rambling, centuries old building - here they find themselves drawn into a murder mystery from the past, a mortal confrontation with pure evil, and a fight for their very survival.

The Unfolding (2016) Reviews

  • Lots of FAKE reviews here


    All of these favorable reviews were posted within days of the films release (March 14th 2016) and many claim to be from England (filming location of movie) Many of these reviewers have ONLY reviewed ONE FILM! (This one) All of these reviewers gave this film AT LEAST 8 stars. If anyone involved in the film (aka the fake reviewers) is reading this, please take note: YOU ARE RUINING IMDb! It has become a biased, fictitious ratings-land where the average consume cannot get an objective review of a film. My suggestion: move along to a film that stands on its own merit and doesn't need to trick you into viewing.

  • Fair dose of creepy.


    Another low-budget found-footage haunted-house movie of the familiar type, with shades of understated British quirkiness that recall some of the Brit horror films of the '80s. A student of paranormal research and his girlfriend are on a road trip to find a haunted house for him to study. Well, this is Britain and Dartmoor to boot, so it's no surprise that they come upon a choice example. But when the weird-o-meter starts rising into the red zone, they call in a professor and a medium for damage control help, and all playing out against the backdrop of an "unfolding" world nuclear crisis. What's the point of the nuclear crisis when a spirit or spirits are on the prowl? Here is the '80s throwback concept: More of scary! Just add nuclear crisis to any situation for instant tension! My wife and I have watched probably a couple of thousand horror flicks between us since the '60s, and we've seen far worse films, many of them made by more famous names on much bigger budgets. Despite the rants of the ever-increasing "It-sux-dude" tribe in these parts lately, we give it a pair of likes.

  • If you thought Paranormal Activity was bad, you're really gonna hate this one.


    The description says "An exciting and relevant new take on the Haunted House story." This could not be further from the truth, in fact it's the exact opposite. The Unfolding is yet another found footage film in the style of Paranormal Activity. It is bland and uninspired in every way. There is not one creative idea in this movie and even the uncreative ideas are executed poorly. -The story is painfully ordinary: A couple investigates a haunted house. They set up cameras but everything happens off camera anyway. The 2 scenes where the entity actually appears are distorted by interference and so shaky that you won't be able to see anything. The actors often say stuff like "I saw/ I heard / I feel something" but it isn't relevant to the story anyway. It's just ghosts messing with furniture for no reason. Oh, there is also some sort of cold war going on, nothing more about that conflict is revealed or shown in this film. The couple then calls some professor and a medium who serve as means to deliver exposition. Yes this movie couldn't be any more cliché if it tried. Now that the medium has confirmed evil presence the plot meanders around for a while before some people die off screen. The others try to run away but it doesn't matter anyway. We hear sirens and see multiple nukes exploding. Everyone dies. I am not kidding, that is the twist. The ending makes the entire movie utterly pointless. Some other Cons (there are no Pros): -The acting (and dialogue) was laughable. -The camera-work is terrible. It switches between hand-held shaky-cam and fixed cameras placed around the house. Of course the cameras never record anything interesting (except for a shadow or self-opening doors). -Video quality is average at best. It has almost no saturation, everything looks gray. It's a cheap way to give the movie an ominous atmosphere. -Audio quality is switching between mediocre and horrible. It's the worst when showing footage from the fixed cameras, because it is simulating (or actually using) the camera's integrated microphone. -Audiomastering is bad, or rather nonexistent. E.g. some dialogue was hard to understand because it was drowned out by ambient noises. -Cheap jump scares. -This movie has no redeeming qualities, no creativity, not a shred of dignity. There is no suspense, no horror and no mystery. Watch this if you absolutely cannot get enough of paranormal activity style films, otherwise stay the hell away!

  • This film has the feel of a C+ High School project, but the acting is worse!


    This sucked so loud that it was deafening! The filming was a cross between "Blair Witch Project 2" and a high school a/v class project. I doubt that their budget was over $1000. Just because it is a low budget amateurish film, doesn't mean that it had to be so bad. Cliché plot and substandard acting (if you can call it that). It starts off slow with poor attempt at character building, then gets even slower. It does have a couple of 'that might be scary in real life, but not on a screen'moments. The end was predicable and disappointing. If I had of paid to see it, I would have asked for my money back within the first 15 minutes. Don't waste your time on this. Even if you download it, it wouldn't be worth your bandwidth. The worst horror film that I've ever seen.

  • Remember Most Haunted with Derek Acorah and Yvette Fielding


    I watched this on NETFLIX last night and watched it to the end. Starts a bit like Wolf Creek with a gentle opener of a couple on Dartmoor having fun and stroking the wild ponies. In the background there is constant radio news about an impending nuclear war, a bit like 'Killing Them Softly' with Brad Pitt has President Bush talking about the 'financial crisis'. This adds to the sense of fear. I found the nuclear bombers most disturbing. It follows in the path of Paranormal Activity One. Gradually ramping up the suspense slowly, adding in new characters, terrifying sound effects and i was unable to have a drink for fear of chipping my teeth on the glass due to the unpredictable sudden 'jump' events. It kept reminding me of Most Haunted with the dust flying by the cameras. At one point early in the film it copies the sound effect from paranormal activity that i found so frightening. That deep base type growl when the demon was visiting. The old house was a character in the film. I loved the bit in the kitchen when Rose hears the ghost whispering in her ear and the unexplained frozen pipes and temperature changes. For me the acting had some flaws in that you never felt they were legitimately scared. I would have run out of the house screaming if i heard someone whisper in my ear! I hope there is more to come from the group who made this film.

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