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The Word (2013)

Kevin O'DonnellJames NaughtonMaggie LaceyKelly AuCoin
Gregory W. Friedle


The Word (2013) is a English movie. Gregory W. Friedle has directed this movie. Kevin O'Donnell,James Naughton,Maggie Lacey,Kelly AuCoin are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. The Word (2013) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

Tom Hawkins is a single father and high-powered executive who has quickly climbed the corporate ladder. On a brief weekend trip to the mall, his son is kidnapped and subsequently murdered in a ritualistic ceremony. When the authorities inform Tom that they have someone in custody who has confessed to the kidnapping, but not the murder, Tom stops at nothing to find out who is behind the killings and exact his revenge - regardless of what it means for him. Following a brutal courtroom attack on the suspect, Tom is ordered for psychological assessments and therapy. Through his counseling, his deep religious faith, and a series of twists throughout the story, Tom reconsiders whether or not his path of viciousness is the right choice - until the improbable killer is revealed. Only God can control what happens after that...

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The Word (2013) Reviews

  • I Felt The Father's Anger


    Tom Hawkins' son was kidnapped then murdered as a sacrifice. His rage and grief was great... he has to make a choice: stay true to his religious beliefs and let the law handle it OR to seek revenge. Great performances, I could feel the pain and anger that Hawkins was feeling for the loss of his child as well as wanting "true justice" for the crime committed. My heart went out to him. I won't give anything away but I wondered if FBI Mike Sheehy (James Naughton) was one of the "snakes in the grass" until the very end of the film. Mysterious character to me. CONFESSION TIME: I thought James Naughton was Tommy Lee Jones in this particular film... I'm sorry but I did. I thought it was Jones "fixed-up". My apologies. I never looked to see who was in the film - just picked it out to watch because it sounded good. Anyway, great film!! I really enjoyed this dramatic mystery-thriller - it's worth watching! 8.5/10

  • Excellent film. Well acted.


    The plot is very well done and suspense takes you through to the end. Acting was excellent and especially enjoyed Kevin O'Donnell. His portrayal of a father driven by grief is subtle and riveting at the same time. James Naughton is the perfect police detective trying to solve a tough case with volatile emotions running high. I will not give up the ending but suffice it to say that things are not all that they seem.

  • Top Notch Thriller


    This movie has stuck with me for days. I saw that the budget was $200,000. You can see that they put every penny on the screen. The acting was very believable and you're wanting to see justice be done throughout the film. If you support indie films, give this one a shot.

  • As a parent THE WORD is a powerfully resonating thriller!


    As a parent THE WORD is a powerfully resonating thriller! If you're looking for an entertaining, well made indie thriller that keeps you on your toes, with dramatic, emotional performances, The Word is for you. As another reviewer wrote, this is not a Hollywood film, but the production value is really good and it feels realistically scary and has real stakes. I also really liked how the film dealt with religion, not really taking a side, but showing all sides and how they're inter-linked which gave it more depth than your usual indie thriller. The ending was also super-satisfying!

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