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This Is Happening (2015)

This Is Happening (2015)

James WolkMickey SumnerRene AuberjonoisJudd Nelson
Ryan Jaffe


This Is Happening (2015) is a English movie. Ryan Jaffe has directed this movie. James Wolk,Mickey Sumner,Rene Auberjonois,Judd Nelson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. This Is Happening (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

THIS IS HAPPENING tells the story of an estranged brother and sister (played by James Wolk and Mickey Sumner) forced to go on the road together to track down their fugitive grandmother (Cloris Leachman). What begins as a comedic tale of a broken family forced to come together under the pressures of an absentee father (Judd Nelson) evolves into a journey about learning to find your family in order to find yourself.


This Is Happening (2015) Reviews

  • Guys guys! Cloris Leachman is amazing!


    OMFG I love love love this film. What a hidden gem. I was so blown away by the performances. Cloris Leachman still has it and is still one of the funniest people on the planet! The supporting casts keeps up with her, which is no small feat. Hats off to the whole cast. The writing and directing are spot on with great comedic timing. Hope to see more from everyone involved with this charming and hilarious film.

  • Missed the mark....


    Eh...Not very well acted besides Cloris Leachman. Once the movie ends you can tell what the writer of the story was hoping to accomplish with this film..That old "family trying to rediscover and get over the death that tore them apart" deal but it was a bit of a mess that wasn't helped by the weakness of the actors playing the roles. Again, Cloris Leachman was good, she's a pro,

  • Acting fine, script and everything else awful


    *** (SMALL) SPOILER ALERT*** I think there is a reason why so few people have seen/rated this film. The dialogue is awful (and rarely funny when it aims to be), the character motivations are confusing, the relationships between characters (and other stuff) is very unbelievable. Cloris Leachman is good, Judd Nelson is basically a no-show. Sister Megan is extremely annoying...her brother is slightly easier to take. The worst part of the film is the sheer incompetence. One example only: Philip and Megan's mother is dead. Megan blames herself for it, while Philip tells her that no one blames her for it. We learn very little about the mother, but we find out (in a short scene) that she died of an aneurysm while she and Megan were playing tennis. That's it. WHY WHY WHY would Megan blame herself? And Philip's response to her should be "that doesn't make sense - it had zero to do with you". I think you're supposed to assume that part of the reason that Megan is such a mess is due to her guilt! It's utterly ridiculous.

  • THIS IS HAPPENING is a well acted and charming little film with stellar performances!


    THIS IS HAPPENING is a well acted and charming little film with stellar performances! Another reviewer mentioned Thelma and Louise and I agree with that reference, but I'd like to also add Grumpy Old Men into that mix! Seriously, Cloris Leachman is so great in this film.I mean she elevates everything she's in, but in this film, she is truly amazing! And this is not to say the other performances aren't great too, the rest of the cast does a fantastic job, the photography is also top-notch, production design is great, and there are some surprising unexpected twists that make this a great quirky film with some real heart which is rare! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Brilliant Movie


    I stumbled across this movie and watched it without any expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. Philip, the downtrodden good son (James Wolk) is given the responsibility by his father (Judd Nelson) of placing his opinionated grandmother Estelle (Cloris Leachman) in a retirement home. He reluctantly agrees, only to find that his wayward sister Megan (Mickey Summer) decides to tag along for reasons known only to her, resulting in a feel good road trip movie complete with a stash of pot of good measure. Cloris Leachman truly shines as the cantankerous grandmother with a heart, and there are some laugh out loud moments too. The entire cast are perfectly placed in their parts and add richness to an otherwise standard road movie. This really deserves more credit than it's given imo, but hey, check it out for yourself, you might like it


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