Toof (2019)

Toof (2019)

Claire-Maria FoxClaudine-Helene AumordManny Jai MontanaClayton Frake
Louisa Warren


Toof (2019) is a English movie. Louisa Warren has directed this movie. Claire-Maria Fox,Claudine-Helene Aumord,Manny Jai Montana,Clayton Frake are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Toof (2019) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Nana starts to tell the legend of the evil tooth fairy who rips out teeth. Carla is sick of her crazy alcoholic stories and tries to leave, however a power outage suggests something is amiss, something much more sinister than Carla could imagine.

Toof (2019) Reviews

  • Hopefully its constructive criticism!


    Ok so i clicked on this because of the catchy thumbnail and the whole idea of there being an evil tooth fairy seemed kinda interesting but this is definitely not what the movie had to offer. The most obvious complaint i had was the soundtrack which had some epic infinity wars theme going on which didn't go well with the theme of the movie, like its a horror movie, set the mood and make it a little creepy. Also it was too loud and i had trouble making sense of what was actually happening in the movie. The second thing was the plot and the dialogue, the dialogue was really boring like its ok to include some drama between the characters but this shouldn't be like 90% of the script.I'm here to watch a movie about an evil tooth fairy, make her scary and have some interesting lore behind her instead of her just being some witch or the devil(which was explained in a flashback that lasted for like 2 minutes and was pretty cliche). The cinematography and lighting was good at times but a lot of shots were timed poorly and there were plenty of awkward angles and scenes like there is this guy that runs towards the stairs when he hears her daughter scream and he is holding a scented candle and the way he walks in slow motion is so cringe. The acting was pretty stiff and unnatural except for joe who was the only one who did a decent job. Last thing i would like to say is please have a script and actors that can actually act, a soundtrack that captures the theme and the atmosphere of the movie and definitely an original and interesting script. Don't make it for the money, make something you're passionate about.

  • We must tear out the wickedness.


    The film starts off with the "death" of the Tooth Fairy (Will Dodd) 30 years ago being set on fire. Of course, you just can't set T. Fairy on fire by herself, someone must be with it. And the Tooth fairy doesn't like sugar. Placing sugar at the doorway lasts forever and doesn't attract ants. Now it is 30 years later. An incident causes the escape of the Tooth Fairy who seeks revenge for going after the offspring of those that trapped her 30 years ago. The backstory is the land is cursed from the original owner. This is a British film. The Tooth fairy looked rather horrid for a shapeshifter. You would think having that ability would allow escaping. Nothing really new to the horror genre. So-so script and acting. Guide: Brief sex. No F-words or nudity.


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