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Trailer Park Jesus (2012)

Garrett SmithBrent Phillip HenryMichael DardantDanie Coleman
Sean Gerowin


Trailer Park Jesus (2012) is a English movie. Sean Gerowin has directed this movie. Garrett Smith,Brent Phillip Henry,Michael Dardant,Danie Coleman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Trailer Park Jesus (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Jessie deals with a bad breakup, by purchasing a sheet of acid to share with his friends back home in Missouri. He hopes this will erase the bad memory of his college girlfriend, delivering the heartbreaking news to him, during sex. Departing New Orleans, Jessie detours onto Route 61, seeking a change of routine from the monotony of the Interstate. Unexpectedly, his engine fails at a forgotten trailer park in Cleveland, Mississippi. Fearful he's about to be harmed by bikers, Jessie exchanges hits of L.S.D. for safe passage home. During the ebb and flow of the day, Jessie experiences the extraordinary in the pedestrian, whilst resurrecting the lives of many. Inspired by a true misadventure.

Trailer Park Jesus (2012) Reviews

  • Great Comedy/Characters and Fun


    Fun upbeat comedy with quirky characters, trippy visuals and a delicious plot will delight your senses. High production value, superb direction and pain staking attention to detail make this feel like a true major/independent film and not an ultra-low budget movie which was shot for pennies. Comedy is a tough thing to pull off. The actors do a good job of developing archetypal characters without going over the top--avoiding a real danger--destroying the believability of the narrative. I laughed out loud several times and was invested in finding out what would become of each character. Give this movie a chance to you into a fan--you won't be disappointed.

  • Private Screening


    I had the pleasure of seeing this film at a private screening and enjoyed it immensely. Those who know, know that they know and will be kept on the edge of one's seat with anticipation of the proceeding antics. The characters are just that (characters), and the music throughout the film takes you along for a fun trip. The writers and director took a face first approach starting off with a blissful scene that leaves you feeling deeply for the lead character. Anyone, who as a youth, has taken a road trip should know how quickly it can turn into an adventure. I think the subject matter and theme presented is often avoided as it's not easy to portray such that the viewer might connect to that type of experience. As such, the film will potentially give you a flash back...if you "know" what I mean.

  • Trailer Park Jesus by Sean Gerowin


    Trailer Park Jesus by Sean Gerowin (Let's Rob the Cheese Shop) is an 80-minute light-hearted romantic comedy set in present-day rural Mississippi, although at times you feel as though you've been transported back 20 years. When New Orleans college student Jessie (Garrett Smith) makes an unexpected detour on his way home to Missouri he becomes immersed in a culture that must have been as alien to him as the transition from the Show-Me State to the Big Easy. These serendipitous encounters prove to reinforce his belief in love while serving as a conduit of enlightenment for the park residents. The screenplay was inspired by true events and is believable without much willing suspension of disbelief. The menagerie of characters epitomize quirk and camaraderie, with Mary (Shanna Forrestall) seeming to have the most sense of the motley cast, as well as the most experience as an actor. What's most impressive is the ease of storyline flow, enabling the viewer to effortlessly enter the lives of lovable misfits who soon experiences their own epiphanies. Also praiseworthy is the cinematography and location selection. And while the audio is not the strongest technical aspect of the film, the computer graphics frolic gracefully while the few and selective jump cuts, sparse but appropriate aged filter hues, and artfully racked focus is reminiscent of works by Terry Gilliam (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and David Lynch (Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks). A bit more time could have been spent on editing consistency, but the overall feelings evoked were hit home by the solid directing of such an ensemble of character studies.

  • Thoroughly entertaining, hilarious, and even a bit profound


    From the outset, this indie film captures the viewer's attention, and doesn't let it go until the credits roll. Full of quirky twists and turns, the plot is compelling and original. Even the special effects, though obviously working within a limited budget, are well done and add a lot to the "trippy" feel of the flick. Though there is definitely some "porn-quality" acting every once in awhile, as a whole the acting is mature, believable, and interesting. The occasional flat, uninspired delivery is more than made up for by the strong performance of the leads,and is certainly forgivable, understandable, and not without precedent(think of Kevin Smith's early films). Tipping its hat to "Easy Rider"explicitly several times in the dialogue, the film also does so thematically, playing with the creative and sometimes dangerous clash that happens when one segment of society comes into contact with another. Though the film is a comedy (and a funny one), there is also a not-so-funny visual treatment of life in poverty-stricken rural America, and one walks away from the film with a better understanding of what it might be like to grow up in an American subculture where watching dogs hump is the only entertainment available, and where violence and lack of education are the norm. Having a good time playing with stereotypes, the film also helps the viewer move beyond them, making sympathetic characters out of individuals who started out as one-dimensional and easy to dismiss. Well worth the 90 minutes!

  • True to life


    I thought this movie was hilarious, due to the fact that it IS so true to life. I have been around each and every one of these characters, in my own life time at some point or another, living in Reseda, California:) Hell, when Jerry Garcia was alive, this WAS the scene at every Grateful Dead show across the USA! Ahhh I miss those days and this film brought me back. I also love ice cream, a little more than I did before seeing it:) I cant wait to see the unseen bloopers. Well done cast and writers:) Faye Graham New Orleans La

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