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Un sac de billes (1975)

Richard ConstantiniPaul-Eric ShulmannJoseph GoldenbergReine Bartève
Jacques Doillon


Un sac de billes (1975) is a French movie. Jacques Doillon has directed this movie. Richard Constantini,Paul-Eric Shulmann,Joseph Goldenberg,Reine Bartève are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1975. Un sac de billes (1975) is considered one of the best Biography,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Two young French Jewish boys and their family struggle to survive in WWII during the invasion of Germans.

Un sac de billes (1975) Reviews

  • Two little boys against so many Nazis...


    This is probably Doillon's finest hour (with the exception of "la drôlesse" ).Gone are his intellectual pretensions.Instead,the viewer rejoices in the presence of two very good little actors playing two very endearing children.It is all truly wonderful stuff and the story of these Jewish brats in an occupied France during WW2 is in turn funny ,moving and suspenseful.Their resourcefulness and their brotherly love will win over the audience .Outside the vicar,the adults are generally unkind people:many French people 's principal thought is to do a bit of business at the Jews' expense.But Joseph and Maurice have more than one trick up their sleeve.

  • It's In The Bag


    I can't honestly say that I've ever been enamored of Doillon's work - nor that of his daughter, if it comes to that - but I have to confess to being entertained by this take on World War II with special attention to young Jewish children. There are obvious links with later French films circling the same subject such as Monsieur Batignole and La Maison de Nina, both of which take a humane and heart-warming view of what at the time must have been a harrowing experience for all concerned. You could argue - and no doubt someone has already done so or WILL do so - that such a subject should be treated much more dramatically and concentrate on the very real dangers/horrors with which these people lived - and all too often died - every day but I would counter that we've had our fill of downbeat, pessimistic takes on WWII and it does no harm in the least to reveal another side of the coin. The two leads in particular are excellent but all the cast deliver fine performances that make this a movie well worth watching.

  • Jacques Doillon shows how tough was life for Jewish children during Nazi invasion in France.


    Nazi invasion of France was one of the saddest moments in European history.It was a period of anger,fear and hopelessness.For Jewish people,it brought a lot of humiliation and suffering which has been nicely depicted by famous French director Jacques Doillon in his film "A bag of marbles"/Un Sac De Billes.As there is no direct hint of sentimentality,this film appears to be truly authentic.Although there are some adults in this film,its primary focus is on young children especially two young boys who make good use of various schemes and tricks to escape being caught by Nazis.French writer Joseph Joffo's memoirs "Un Sac de billes" serves as the basis of this film.The notion of "life is dear and precious to all" has been portrayed by him in order to show how these two kids renounce their Jewish faith in order to remain alive.Although it talks about a serious theme,it is the light tone of this film which makes it very interesting."Un sac de Billes" is a film for viewers who would like to see young children behave in a more mature manner.

  • Why don't people read any more?


    It was in school that I read Joseph Joffo's autobiographical novel for the first time and really loved it although I have never been very familiar with literature about WWII. A reason why I liked the book, though might be, that it was more about the experiences of the little boy Joseph than the political aspect of the topic. When I then watched the film this novel has been made into, I really asked myself why authors allow some stupid filmmakers to destroy the work they have created. Most of the scenes I found to be very important and moving in the book were transformed or left out in the film. Although I love films enormously I have to say that there is scarcely any adaption of a book I personally liked. If somebody does not know whether to spent his money on the DVD or the novel, go and buy the novel. No film can ever be as magical and great as a magical and great book, at least that is the way it has been until today.

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