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Vierges (2018)

Vierges (2018)

Joy RiegerMichael AloniManuel ElkaslassyEvgenia Dodina
Keren Ben Rafael


Vierges (2018) is a Hebrew movie. Keren Ben Rafael has directed this movie. Joy Rieger,Michael Aloni,Manuel Elkaslassy,Evgenia Dodina are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Vierges (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

In Kiryat Yam, small town on the north coast of Israel, everything seems to have stopped. Lana, a rebellious teenager, vowed to fight against resignation and immobilism. She couldn't imagine that the rumor of a mermaid off the coast would wake up her town from its torpidity and give her the possibility to finally live.

Vierges (2018) Reviews

  • A forgotten city, a young beautiful girl who wants out and the people in her life


    This wasn't a bad movie. The acting was good, the lead actress very convincing as young and naive, but also dangerous and seductive. If anything the character (and actor) of the reporter made me too aware of the fact the movie was Israeli, his attitude both arrogant and pathetic, like so many male models in their films. But the biggest flaw of the story was that it goes nowhere: it presents the characters, it sets up the stage, it teases something magical (at least in the abstract sense), then it just ends. Bottom line: if you want a movie about silly people stuck in their heads and living their small town dramas, you might enjoy this. It's done well enough. I just felt it said nothing of relevance.


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