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We Are Boats (2018)

Uzo AdubaLuke HemsworthAngela SarafyanAmanda Plummer
James Bird


We Are Boats (2018) is a movie. James Bird has directed this movie. Uzo Aduba,Luke Hemsworth,Angela Sarafyan,Amanda Plummer are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. We Are Boats (2018) is considered one of the best Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

Lives intertwine and connect when Francesca navigates through the living world by encountering strangers at the exact moment she needs to, sending their lives on either a better course towards happiness or setting the wheels in motion towards a tragic end- All while she secretly searches for a loved one that she never had the chance to say goodbye to.

We Are Boats (2018) Reviews

  • Actual reviews pan this terrible film, yet the "critical reviews" section is all unkown reviwers who give everything a ten for clicks


    Seriously, read the LA times review. I agree, it is a muddled mess. It is Lifetime ,movie level attempt at metaphysics, and frankly, lead by actors/actresses who can't act. As Variety mentions the press notes for this film don't lead with the setting, plot notes, etc, but led with the following: *"first completely vegan set." * The cast is 50% female and 41% people of color, with a 45% women crew. Oh wow, virtual signaling is bad enough but that is really really pitiful. No wonder all the major outlets did not pick this up and it ended up free on Vimeo. It is idi otic. simple minded, has laughable cringe worth script and delivery, and beyond tedious.

  • its so indefinite


    This is a long long boring journey towards, well honestly i dont know, and i couldnt find the meaning of this expressionistic piece of movie art, with dull actors, dull story, bad camerawork and so on.and an essence that are so obscured that you may start to think are they stupid or is it just me.... the grumpy old man gives 1, not recommended

  • Amazing storyline and cast


    Where to start? The movie starts off already grasping my interest with asking the W's. It leads in to different characters going through their own difficult situations yet somehow they all connect. This film has a little bit of everything between family, friends, death, romance, etc and left me with puffy eyes from ugly crying. An absolute must watch!!!

  • Good moving movie


    I really liked this. I'm a bit confused " spoiler" there's a part were she asks sior whatever her name why wasn't I saved? So I assumed from the begining she died doing escort work and then became what she was. It makes no sense that she says she was on the job when she wasn't " saved". Other than that I liked it. Kind of like other movies before she is finishing things on earth I guess atoning until they feel she's done enough? Idk. I guess I'm over thinking. I did cry at the part were the father ended up being the bartenders and some other parts . When it was over I had a weird feeling and said " I need to watch something more uplifting". definitely stirred emotions. I thought it was a good well done, thought provoking film.

  • Brilliant adaptation from the true story


    We are Boats - based on the Autosub named by the internet, played by Angela Sarafyan as Boaty McBoatface. Riveting story about how deep down inside we are all just boats. Sometimes we float, sometimes we sink but at the end of the day we're mostly just bits of metal, wood and floating around aimlessly in the water until eventually a typhoon sends us crashing into the rocks and we die. 9/10 recommend it highly.

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