WWE Elimination Chamber (2018)

Joe Anoa'iAdam ScherrJohn CenaColby Lopez
Kevin Dunn


WWE Elimination Chamber (2018) is a English movie. Kevin Dunn has directed this movie. Joe Anoa'i,Adam Scherr,John Cena,Colby Lopez are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. WWE Elimination Chamber (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Sport movie in India and around the world.

The superstars of RAW fight for the right to main event, Wrestlemania, within the Elimination Chamber match.

WWE Elimination Chamber (2018) Reviews

  • WWE Elimination Chamber: Average ppv with near 100% predictibility


    WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 is yet another unremarkable RAW pay per view. Here is the breakdown. Balor Club vs Miztourage was pointless filler, a mediocre match where the outcome wasn't even remotely in question. The womens elimination chamber was hardly a breakthrough, the match was played safe with few memorable moments and an entirely predictible finale. Titus World Wide vs The Bar was another example of why the tag team division is so lackluster at this time. I did question the outcome due to it being black history month, I figured WWE might tap into that as they often do. The match itself was play by numbers. Hardy vs Bray was a mess, it's not the match was bad it was just daft. "Woken" Matt is clearly not working in the WWE and poor Bray has gone from main eventer to novelty act. Asuka/Nia was another match where the outcome was never in question, the two put on a passable but far too short match that did nothing for either of them. The much anticipated Rousey contract signing didn't go the way I expected but did exceed my expectations. Ronda was still awkward and her mic skills will need work but what happened here was quite enjoyable. Sadly it's building up to a predictible match that I really have no interest in seeing. And the main event. It's been a year since the main event for the next Wrestlemania was decided so the outcome of this match was predetermined (Even more than usual) Everyone knew who was going to win, but it was still frustrating when proven right. Elimination Chamber wasn't as bad as many recent pay per views but it was instantly forgettable and did very little for anybody's career in the longrun. The Good: Alexa Bliss's promo Rousey segment Strowman/Miz on the pod segment The Bad: Main event did nothing to make Elias looked like he belonged The new soft play area chamber How predictible it all was Roman Reigns Things I Learnt From This PPV: Bo Dallas ate the pies They still haven't decided whether it's a womans evolution or revolution

  • Had its good moments (discussed) like always!


    Writing a review gives me a platform to write about, discuss things I like. The topic of discussion here is WWE event of elimination chamber year 2018. When there is a match between two contenders. It is normal to support someone who looks weaker and more than that who stands closer to ones origins. During last major event (Royal Rumble) Nia Jax was eliminated. It was a sad scene for me. Here she again got chance against Asuka, but these time my favorites altered simply due to the given reason (she appearing weaker and belonging to Asian origin) as mentioned. It was a well earned victory against powerful machine. It was the best match on that given night. The other match I would like to discuss is about is men's elimination chamber. It was so that Braun Strowman dominated throughout. The only sad scene was he got no victory.

  • Talk About Predictable!


    Between Royal Rumble and WrestleMania are two single-branded ppvs around just to kill time. Well, this has some merit, but very little. The pre-show was WWE's Bullet Club beating the Miztourage in a dull bout. The Club are awesome. Now being reduced to pre-show stuff, I can see why they didn't try. 5.5/10 The Raw tag team title match saw the Bar retain against Apollo and Titus. These teams simply don't work well together. I can see they tried, so I'll give them that. 6.5/10 Nia Jax saw to put an end to Asuka's monumental undefeated streak. They have gone at it before in better bouts. But I did like this. 7/10 Woken Matt against Bray Wyatt wasn't a bad match. But these disrespectful fans chanting for the superstars eventually turned to a chant for a beach ball. There's no winning with these fans. I want both men to move past this. There's too much gothic weirdness. But Matt won. 6.5/10 Rhonda Roussey made her contract debut with Triple H, Stephanie and Kurt. I hate Triple H and Steph together, but this was actually a good segment. Her theme music being Joan Jett was awesome. Rhonda putting Trips through the table was sweet. 7.5/10 Backtracking a bit, the first match on the card was the first ever women's elimination chamber. I like women doing more matches the men do. I'm all for women's hell in a cell. I'm all for women's Money in the Bank. I'm all for women's royal rumble. But women's elimination chamber? Count me out! I like the girls involved, but this is too extreme and hellacious of a match for women to compete in. WWE made padding outside the ring and plastic glass. They totally took away the essence of this brutal structure. The match itself wasn't bad. It was obvious a betrayal with either Sasha or Bayley would happen and it did with Sasha. Alexa retained. She is not a good wrestler, but her promo skills are awesome. The betrayal saved this. 7/10 Last was the main event: the biggest chamber match in history to be the number one contender for Brock's title at Mania. Brock really needed to drop the title much sooner. A one-trick pony that shows up once every 6 months. It would have been so much better if the title was on the line. In the match, three men started off with the other four in the pods. Braun Strowman eliminated more people in a chamber match than anyone else. Trying to eliminate Braun and Braun doing the eliminating was sweet. The match may not have had the essence that made the match what it was, but talented people made the match good. Obviously, Roman won. Ever since Brock won the Universal title at last year's Mania, there was non-stop speculation of Roman facing him at the next Mania. WWE actually went with it. With ver a year of this, why didn't WWE try a swerve or pull the rug from underneath? What the fun in knowing something a year before it happens. Brock does not deserve the honour of holding the title for a year and Roman is NOT THE GUY!! He has improved, but people hate him too much and he's simply not the best man for the job! I was really hoping Braun won, but you guessed it. Oddly enough, Roman winning didn't bother me as much as it thought because the match was very good. 8/10 The elimination chamber should not be every year. It should be in its original state and happens once every few years. The magic would be reignited. Overall, this was one of the most predictable shows WWE has ever done. Some good matches saved it, turning it from being a bad show to just forgettable. Whole show: 6.5/10 (And I'm easy to please)

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