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Xiong Chu Mo: Kuang Ye Da Lu (2021)

Xiong Chu Mo: Kuang Ye Da Lu (2021)

Chris BoikeJoseph S. LambertNikki StinsonXiao Tan
Leon Ding


Xiong Chu Mo: Kuang Ye Da Lu (2021) is a Chinese movie. Leon Ding has directed this movie. Chris Boike,Joseph S. Lambert,Nikki Stinson,Xiao Tan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2021. Xiong Chu Mo: Kuang Ye Da Lu (2021) is considered one of the best Animation movie in India and around the world.

A new amusement park called "Wild Land" opens near Pine Tree Mountain. The park promotes itself as the ultimate experience for guests like no other. Visitors turn into animals once they put on the "transformation pin". Vick's tour business is struggling because of the new park. He spends most of his money renovating a bus to try to drum up more business but it flops. The popularity of the "Wild Land" overwhelms Vick's efforts. He's on the verge of bankruptcy after his investment.Vick sees that the park is holding a "Transformation Contest" with a large cash prize for the winner. A former classmate of his, Yuanbao, encourages Vick to enter. The two decide to enter together as a team and when they get to the park they are blown away by the scale and impressive nature of the place. Right before the contest starts, Yuanbao abandons Vick to enter the contest with Tom, the owner of the park. Abandoned by his friend, Vick is forced to enter the contest with a "mysterious man" that goes by ...


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