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Zeroes (2018)

Zeroes (2018)

Jacklyn AdeleneSteve AnnanKayla AnthonyAshley Blankenship
Charles Smith


Zeroes (2018) is a English movie. Charles Smith has directed this movie. Jacklyn Adelene,Steve Annan,Kayla Anthony,Ashley Blankenship are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Zeroes (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Long time roommates Ray (John McKeever) and Kenneth (Ryan Farrell) are going nowhere in life. When he is not slacking off at a local sporting goods store, Ray, a perpetual slob and likely internet troll, debates with no one the merits of superhero origin stories. While Kenneth isn't pining for local news anchor Kate (Katrina Law), he spends his days counting the dough, literally, at a Philadelphia pretzel factory while dreaming of living alone. But, after leaving a Halloween party dressed as ninjas, the two drunkenly thwart a robbery and their heroics go viral. No litterer or public urinator is safe until an actual serial killer begins to ravage the Riverwards. The duo, with the help of the enigmatic and insanely wealthy Gary (Eli Henry), must catch the killer before Kenneth's crush Kate becomes the next target. That is, if they can get their lives together first. Featuring a slew of scenes at local Philly landmarks, an outrageous script, and over-the-top performances, ZEROES is a ...


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