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10.0 Earthquake (2014)

10.0 Earthquake (2014)

Henry Ian CusickJeffrey JonesCameron RichardsonChasty Ballesteros
David Gidali


10.0 Earthquake (2014) is a English movie. David Gidali has directed this movie. Henry Ian Cusick,Jeffrey Jones,Cameron Richardson,Chasty Ballesteros are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. 10.0 Earthquake (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

An endless string of minor tremors near the already unstable San Andreas Fault threatens to set in motion an unprecedented swarm of earthquakes in bustling Los Angeles when a greedy oil company uses the controversial fracking technique. With his teenage daughter heading straight into the epicentre of the problem, the engineer and fracking operation supervisor, Jack, along with the discredited geologist, Gladstone, and the young USGS scientist, Emily, must come up with an effective countermeasure before a super-earthquake--the dreaded Big One--obliterates the entire city. Can they avert the ultimate geological Armageddon?


10.0 Earthquake (2014) Reviews

  • The faults of our fracking


    Its one of these Syfy channel productions with a cheesy comedy disaster scenario and equally cheesy special effects. There are a series of small earthquakes tearing apart Los Angeles. Two scientists believe that it is all building to a super-quake that will drop the entire city into a lava filled basin. They show this by hitting a hammer on a car windscreen and still having to rely on bad CGI effects for this demonstration to work. An Engineer whose company is responsible for the quakes due to their fracking activities helps the scientists with a bizarre plan to somehow divert the epic enter to a less populated area of LA and save millions of lives. The film starts of slowly enough as the fissures lead to people disappearing in various scenarios although we get an eyeful of some lovely ladies in bikinis. There is some nice location shots of various parts of LA as the film tries to set the scene. However we just wait and wait for the 10.0 Earthquake and get teased with some fault lines here, the Capitol Building being wrecked there but its really a poorly written film with cheap effects and a crummy plot.

  • Definitely not worth it


    When it comes to movies, there are certain grades I put things under. There's "Must see in Theaters," "Can wait for streaming," and "Possibly will play on a certain station soon." This one ranked below all of them. Sure, it could be argued that it was about the perceived dangers of fracking, but the writers clearly did no research about it, except, maybe, to look it up on Wikipedia. Sure, if there are "statements" made in movies, I can usually watch with mild interest and try and figure out what they're saying, but this was just ridiculous. We kept waiting for the big, promised finale, but it failed on this and many other levels. DNW. Do NOT Watch.

  • Dude...Dude?


    I love disaster flicks often I work from home and just put them on my streaming playlist to fill the silent void as I work. I have discovered a few hidden gems using this practice, however this is not a gem, dude its a dud. David Chokachi is a decent actor wasted in this below average snooze fest. I've become accustomed to the works of the Asylum,UFO Films ,and Cinetel,enter now Marisa Films, what are these Tax Shelters? Remember back in the day low budget movies that actually tried to live up to the big guys, not anymore cheap special FX no attempt to make a quality production just sell it to one of the hundreds of worldwide TV channels and break even. Your not missing anything by not swing this movie.

  • So bad it was fun


    Hilariously badly made movie that I discovered today on Netflix. Low budget, cliché ridden melodrama that had me crying with laughter at the end with all the dreadful acting, poor dialogue and cheesy tropes, naff earthquake CGI and predictable plot. What finished me off was the scene with the heroes waiting to take off in the helicopter just so that the cute dog could be rescued on time. Did I also mishear or did someone really say "You bet your sweet bippy"? If so, I haven't heard that line since Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In in the 1960s. So bad that I actually found it entertaining, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

  • An instant classic bad movie!


    Anyone who takes this movie seriously needs a head doctor...! Urgent! I was truly entertained by this. Of course its not as bad as classics like Troll 2, Samurai Cop, but it has it all: Bad acting, horrible scripting, bad effects, stupid one liners... I don't know if it's done purposely or not, don't care really, it just takes the disaster movie gender (which is famous for being bad and not even being aware of it) to a whole new level of shlock,taking a giant crap on it! Definitely a must see if you're into that sort of movie, I guarantee you're going to laugh the entire piece!


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