10 Cent Pistol (2014)

10 Cent Pistol (2014)

Jena MaloneJT AlexanderDamon AlexanderJoe Mantegna
Michael C. Martin


10 Cent Pistol (2014) is a English movie. Michael C. Martin has directed this movie. Jena Malone,JT Alexander,Damon Alexander,Joe Mantegna are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. 10 Cent Pistol (2014) is considered one of the best Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A story about two lifelong criminals who maneuver through the shady underbelly of Los Angeles in search of wealth, love and redemption.

10 Cent Pistol (2014) Reviews

  • Not worth a cent


    10 Cent Pistol is street slang for drugs laced with poison. It is also the title of another poor attempt to be a Tarantino type film and hides its flimsy story on a scrambled narrative which just makes the film appear confusing. Two hoodlum brothers along with an aspiring actress get together and raid the mansion belonging to a gangster called Punchy (Joe Mantegna) who absconded with some government bonds and now they target his grown up son, Harris. The film opens with two cops investigating a silent alarm as a nervous Harris opens the door. We then have flashbacks as to how these people got here including violent shootouts, double crosses as well as triple crosses. The film has to rely on heavy narration to make any sense.

  • Good flick - but pay attention!


    How to describe this movie? Lots of set-ups and flash backs, a lot of characters to keep in mind, but a very focused plot. This was a fun and entertaining movie with very good performances from the cast. Frankly, I'm mystified by the negative comments and I'm wondering if they watched all the movie. Director/writer: Michael C. Martin, did a wonderful job keeping the tension and mystery consistent throughout the story. Just when I thought I knew the next 'event' to happen I was given a twist in the action and the relationship between the two main characters, Jake & Easton becomes a story in itself. Both have a reason to go after a wealthy L.A. resident, Punchy, because of a trick he played on them years earlier that put Easton in jail and made Punchy wealthier. That is the main thread in this story! How they get back at Punchy is a finely woven story with numerous characters and situations that must be carried out correctly or all will go wrong. Then there's the relationship between Jake & Easton, it hints at being more than just good friends. There's something very emotional going on between them and the viewers are left to decide for themselves what this is because in one scene there is a look of anger and jealously on Jake when Easton is doing something. (i'm not telling) And then there's Danneel! The girl between Jake & Easton. Just what is she all about? A want to be actress or a girl who happens to see a golden opportunity? Then the Russian mob in the background. To keep all this clear is part of the charm of this movie as it demands your attention and at the end the payoff is worth it.

  • Very underwhelming


    I understand this is not a high budget movie by well known producers, but it's still just sub-par. The narrative itself could've been rather interesting, but the movie changes between different events and different viewing angles of these events at least every 10 minutes. Now, this doesn't make the story incomprehensible, but it really doesn't leave much space for actual, progressing plot. It's one of those films where you're told what happens right at the beginning, and the only point of even watching the rest of it is to have the oh-so-unbelievable plot twist to be somewhat understandable. There is only somewhat decent part near the middle of the movie, but it doesn't even play a significant role in the story line. If you like to follow an interesting plot, this movie is not for you; there's nothing to follow. If you like crime-drama-mix-ups, don't. This is all drama with just a bit of gore.



    The film starts out with the police investigating an alarm that is a botched home break-in. At this point the film goes into a flashback, comes forward, and then flashes back further, turning it into a confusing mess. The flashback shows the connection of the characters, but really serves no other purpose. Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity. Jena Malone (Johanna Mason- Hunger Games") was entertaining in her performance

  • Excellent on several levels


    This movie starts with a portion of the end story, then leads the viewer through different scenes backward in time. Very well crafted plot lines with an ugly undertone of violence lurking throughout. Good acting and an unexpected climax. While I viewed this film at home, I would not have been at all disappointed to have paid for a theater ticket. A main concept consists of the conflict sex and money, greed and violence bring to friendship. How these factors interplay over time is the core interest that make this story interesting on several levels. Don't worry if you get confused during the film, it will all come together. For a first time director, any director, the composition is slick. Watch closely and you can see how the "kitchen shot" changes from expensive and modern in the future, to old and blue collar earlier in time. Well done!


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