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17 Miracles (2011)

17 Miracles (2011)

Jasen WadeEmily WadleyJason CelayaNatalie Blackman
T.C. Christensen


17 Miracles (2011) is a English movie. T.C. Christensen has directed this movie. Jasen Wade,Emily Wadley,Jason Celaya,Natalie Blackman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. 17 Miracles (2011) is considered one of the best Adventure,History movie in India and around the world.

The Mormon pioneers trek across the plains.

17 Miracles (2011) Reviews

  • Better bring a handkerchief or maybe even a dish towel


    17 Miracles is a summary of 17 of the documented events (miracles) of the two "Belated" handcart companies who were traveling to Utah in 1856. These were mostly poor immigrants from the British Isles and Scandinavia who arrived late in the season and had no recourse but to continue on to Utah even though there was the potential for bad weather. The movie in my opinion tries not to be over-dramatic and in some ways under-plays the suffering of the pioneers when you consider the temperature, with wind-chill factor would have approached minus 50 degrees. The acting was good, especially the roll of Levi Savage portrayed by Jason Wade. Although the movie attempts to depict the entire handcart trek it is actually 17 mostly jointed vignettes portraying events that were recorded in the journals of many of the handcart pioneers. My Great Great Grandmother was in the Willey Handcart Company; I have her journal and the movie was true to her telling.

  • A Film That Inspires!


    T.C. Christensen's "17 Miracles" is something of a miracle itself. An independent film telling the true story of one of the most amazing pioneer migrations stories ever is beautifully written, directed, acted, edited and photographed to say nothing about the excellent musical scoring. Produced for less than $1 million dollars it achieves what no amount of budget can necessarily buy: a spiritual honesty that pays tribute to the people who followed their faith using wooden handcarts to carry their meager supplies as they attempted to journey to the Salt Lake City valley. While members of the LDS faith will mostly be familiar with the Martin and Willie handcart trek, most will be overwhelmed at the number of challenges and miracles that are depicted in this film. One can not leave from viewing this film without having a greater respect for these faithful pioneers and a deeper reverence for our Father in Heaven. "17 Miracles" is my kind of motion picture -- one that is an experience and uplifting. Highly recommended. If you have the chance to see it in a theatre DO! If not the DVD and Blu-ray are now available thru Deseret Book Company. This disc is certainly a must to own! Addition: Just saw the film for a third time in the theatre and find myself even more impressed with it then upon the first viewing. While all of the acting is outstanding special mention should be made of Jason Wade who plays Levi Savage. This handsome young actor could be the new Robert Redford. He is a very sensitive actor who has great range and power.

  • Highly recommended


    Most viewers will be overwhelmed at the number of ordeals and miracles that are shown. Movies such as this instills a great respect to our pioneers depicted on this film. "17 Miracles" is really a miracle. The first few seconds are somewhat disturbing like a horror film but as the stories unfold, miracle after miracle will leave your heart with shock and awe The stories are beautifully written and they come to life in every frame. It is not wholesome for there are thematic suffering and hardships that might offend children so parental guidance is recommended. The lead actor who played Levi Savage is very good at the portrayal of his part. I Highly recommend it. We need more inspiring films like this in our homes.

  • Watchable only for those who are open or religiously minded


    beautifully shot with not bad acting. but this movie is definitely an overly religious pitching and empowered one from the very beginning, a mormon believer financed film, that treated every lucky survival as a miracle from the god almighty but never the torments and loss of lives and miseries. the first "brethren" appeared in the dialog just sounded like those movies about communists calling "comrade" to each other. this movie is for those strongly religious faithfuls, not for atheist non-believers (i, for one) who never believes god almighty was not a make-belief invention and imagination made by those self-serving and self-righteous rich and powerful persons or parties to subordinate those born poor and lowly. i fell sick by watching this constantly overly used religious thankful and self-humiliated words to some unknown imaginations. i rest my case.

  • Not a pilgrimage like it in history...


    Job well done. This is a timeless story of a truly faithful and dedicated people who believed fully in their trek to the Mormon "Zion". It doesn't matter what faith you belong to, (or don't for that matter)to appreciate the sacrifice and suffering of these people. These progenitors laid a foundation of faith for offspring that are still basking in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ due to what they endured. I am one of these, and my heart swells with love for these people. I only hope that if I was asked today, what they were asked then, that I would answer the call with a heart full of that same faith that they possessed. Their documented stories prove that the Lord watches over all his children, and will, and DOES intervene in our lives. For this I am truly grateful, and forever faithful.


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