1920 (2008)

1920 (2008)

Rajniesh DuggallAdah SharmaAnjori AlaghRaj Zutshi
Vikram Bhatt


1920 (2008) is a Hindi movie. Vikram Bhatt has directed this movie. Rajniesh Duggall,Adah Sharma,Anjori Alagh,Raj Zutshi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. 1920 (2008) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery,Romance,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A devotee of Bhagwan Shri Hanuman, Arjun Singh Rathod is in love with Lisa, a Christian, who was sired by an Indian mother and Caucasian father, runs into problems with his father, who wants him to marry a Hindu. He decides to break all ties with his family, both turn atheist, get married, and re-locate to live in 1920s Bombay. The duo then re-locate to renovate a mansion in Palanpur. Shortly after their arrival Lisa suspects that there is something odd about a particular room in the mansion but Arjun dismisses this. He will soon regret this, as well of forsaking their respective religions, after he finds Lisa possessed by what appears to be a demonic and seemingly invincible male entity.


1920 (2008) Reviews

  • A horror treat for a weekend..


    You won't be embarrassed if i tell u the thing that 1920 is one of the greatest horror movie made in bollywood.. If u're looking for a horror stuff for ur weekend.. no doubt, go for 1920.. The movie unfolds the story of a couple who were deeply in love with one another and how the "special" thing happened in another "one's" life possessed there living.. Uff.. i can't explain the rest and i highly recommend u to watch this in a calm environment.. Of course, before u go 4 it i must appreciate the possessed girl Adah Sharma for her stunning performance.. Nothing more.. watch it and try to get yourself back from the 1920 hangover ..!!

  • one of the best horror movies in India


    if you think raaz and bhoot and bhool bhulaiya were good.. you must watch 1920 to see what is fantastic! the direction is excellent. 1920 is a cinematic treat! its definitely the best horror movie made in India. the lead actress Adah Sharma is brilliant beyond words. watch the movie for a lesson on acting.the first half of the movie you wont be able to predict what she is capable of doing in the second half!her sheer strength and change of expression(the scene where she laughs and cries and laughs again is eerie) i didn't sleep for nights. also the makeup is phenomenal(the black possessed lenses and the cuts and bruises on her face) the piano piece is haunting. i don't want to give the story away at all.but the entire film rests on the very strong shoulders of the lead actress who is the hero of the film. she is vulnerable, shes wicked, shes adorable and terrifying.and her beauty dates back to the 1920's. the events that take place after intermission keep you glued to your seat. 1920 is a television favourite. plays on at least once a week.but try watching it on DVD as the scary scenes are deleted on TV.

  • I never knew Indian Horror could actually make sense


    I love this movie for its simplicity and realism; something which Indian cinema blatantly exaggerates. A friend had mentioned this movie was good when it had hit the theaters in 2008, and now in 2012 I'm sad that I missed it. Thank God I was able to get my hands on a DVD. While the movie is not so great on the chills and effects, whatever it does do - it does do brilliantly well. Even the songs in the movie were well handled. I rarely every review movies, but this time I was compelled to. The same way I was compelled to write my first review after watching 'The Stoneman Murders'. I can't think of any movies that this one has been ripped off from; something which has plagued Bollywood since its inception. I will treasure this movie, which has once again resurrected my hope that not everything that comes out of India is copied and over-the-top. Just found out that there is a sequel too... well hey, everyone wants to make an easy buck and I know best to stay away from that one.

  • One of the best Bollywood horror movies


    To be honest I wasn't having much expectations from 1920, as the cast was new and the songs were bad. But I was wrong. 1920 is a well-directed and well-written horror movie that has a terrific story line and dialogues. The first scene sets the tone and there are hardly any dull moments in the film except for the songs. Vikram Bhatt (director) did a fantastic job and the performances from the lead and supporting actors are fabulous. It is really one of the best horror flicks produced by Bollywood. You must watch it if you like no-nonsense horror movies with a great story and performances. Adah Sharma's performance was superb, Rajneesh Duggal was good, Raj Zutshi and other supporting actors did their job well. 8/10 from me.

  • A typical horror flick


    A typical horror movie composed of all the elements--eerie winds and big empty bungalows, darkness and candles, mirrors cracking and moaning sounds, possession and exorcism, love and lust, betrayal and revenge-- you name it and you get it. Set in 1920, it has tremendous similarities to The Exorcist. Though it failed to scare me, it was an okay watch despite the rather funny ending, where both Christianity and Hinduism were used to exorcise the evil spirit. Adah Sharma acted well, though the completely non-glamorous white maxi gown she wore all the time actually became an eyesore.


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