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2012: Time for Change (2010)

2012: Time for Change (2010)

Daniel PinchbeckMaude BarlowAriane BurgessGerald Celente
Joao G. Amorim


2012: Time for Change (2010) is a English movie. Joao G. Amorim has directed this movie. Daniel Pinchbeck,Maude Barlow,Ariane Burgess,Gerald Celente are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. 2012: Time for Change (2010) is considered one of the best Documentary,Animation,News movie in India and around the world.

2012: Time For Change is a documentary feature that presents ways to transform our unsustainable society into a regenerative planetary culture. This can be achieved through a personal and global change of consciousness and the systemic implementation of ecological design.

2012: Time for Change (2010) Reviews

  • A New Age Movement available to the World!


    This is hands down the best documentary compiled of new age concepts that is out there, but please do not take my word on it. Watch it yourself and formulate your own opinion. Also remember to research all the concepts in detail if they don't make since at first before making an uneducated unfavorable post. Its about time that science, religion, philosophy et cetera are all on the same page. After all, they were never separate to begin with. Each one is about life in unison and man has decided to break them up into individual boxes. Ignorance is no longer an excuse with the social networking that has truly united the masses. The monopoly of keeping truth and information away from the public is officially over. The new age movement ball is rolling with increasing momentum compounding at an unfathomable rate.


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