3 Days in Havana (2013)

3 Days in Havana (2013)

Gil BellowsGreg WiseChristopher HeyerdahlJohn Cassini
Gil Bellows,Tony Pantages


3 Days in Havana (2013) is a English,Spanish,French movie. Gil Bellows,Tony Pantages has directed this movie. Gil Bellows,Greg Wise,Christopher Heyerdahl,John Cassini are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. 3 Days in Havana (2013) is considered one of the best Comedy,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Vancouver-based Jack Petty, an insurance executive, is in Havana for an insurance conference. Taking the advice of Rita, a woman he meets at an airport bar on his way to Havana, Jack decides to ditch the stuffy conference and enjoy his stay for all that Cuba has to offer a tourist. In the process, he is guided around the hot night spots by Harry Smith, a British travel writer for Esquire magazine he meets along the way. While Harry does show him a good time, Jack begins to wonder if there is a shadier side to Harry than just being a travel writer, those thoughts due to one specific action by Harry and some mysterious people with who Harry associates. As Harry and Jack part company with Harry scheduled to go back to Britain, Jack becomes embroiled in what looks like a murder, he taking the path of what he considers the greatest safety for himself which leads him into a conspiracy for what looks to be another planned murder. In trying to save himself from any implication of wrongdoing ...


3 Days in Havana (2013) Reviews

  • I was shocked, I tell you, shocked.


    I've been travelling to La Habana for about 20 years, was a travel writer about the place for a while, have probably done 20 radio interviews about Cuba and wrote a book that was pretty well received and paid for a few extra trips there. Americans don't and can't accurately represent Cuba in their reportage, docs and dramas; everything they write and film about the place has a political filter. And I expected this picture to be like every other one that has attempted to tell a story that unfolds in this place. And (redundantly) I was shocked! Bellows and Pantages get it and got it. Habana is, as it must be, a character in the story; the worn out buildings, the eclectic people (even the old doll with chicklet teeth and capri pants), the Coco Taxis, the Malecon, the rum/cigars/chicas. Cuba is a ruse: nothing is as it seems; better or worse. And this narrative fits Cuba perfectly. Nothing is as it seems. When I saw MacKellar and Bellows names attached; I frankly expected another cheesy Canadian Telefilm special. I was wrong. Perhaps the most incredible story in the history of Canadian movie making; that a thriller of this quality can be made for a million (less than the catering budget for most pictures). Congratulations, Fellas. And if any producers are reading this review and looking to make a picture, you'd be crazy not to give these guys a call.

  • A fun and exotic romp


    Quick ways to describe this film: funny, odd, exotic, sexy, edgy, sublime, obvious, witty, quirky and surprising. With one foot firmly planted in a melting pot of film noir references, and the other foot stomping about those "crime gone wrong" style flicks, thrown up on the screen with saucy and unique Canadian humour, "3 Days in Havana" is the kind of film you just can't help but love. Shot gorgeously all over Havana, it's part crime drama, buddy comedy, thriller and exotic travel expose, filled with the raw, decayed beauty and a myriad of historical pasts from revolutions to Mafiosos. Written, produced and directed by life-long pals Tony Pantages and Gil Bellows for under $1M (you'd be amazed at how great they made it look with such a tight budget), "3 Days in Havana" might not impress film buffs who take themselves too seriously, but if you enjoy your stories spicy, twisted, exotic and odd, this one is for you!

  • Hotter Than Havana At High Noon


    "3 Days In Havana" is as cool and handsome as it is playful and intelligent. The kind of film the Coen Brothers would write and direct if the Coen Brothers' sensibilities were rooted in the Canadian manner. This film has all kinds of beauty and heart and yet, it is equally relentless in its dark humour, political skullduggery, and sexy espionage. Think of it this way: What if you were travelling to Cuba, beholden only to an ostensibly sorry-assed, several day business Conference in Havana. And then along came a dose of seduction. Followed by a second dose of underground allure. "Hey!" You might think to yourself... "I'm where I don't need to be me, at least until the Conference begins. What's the worst that could happen?"

  • Homage to Hitchcock and Coens falters


    The producers credit as inspiration, among others, Hitchcock, the Coen Brothers, and Antonioni. There is certainly a strong influence of Hitch in this tale of what appears to be an ordinary Canadian man who, as in "The Thirty-Nine Steps," gets mixed up in violence and international intrigue. Add more than a few dollops of Coen Brothers black humor and perversity, as well as a considerable helping of Antonioni's trademark mystery and indeterminacy. Set it in a vivid and decadent Havana, lovingly and lushly photographed, populated by a variety of Cuban types, and you might expect that all the ingredients would bake up into a pleasantly steamy concoction. But at the two thirds point, around the time that Greg Wise's character is killed off. the atmosphere falters, and like an underdone cake, it falls flat. Wise, in particular, is missed because the lone female character is absent until the very end and Gil Bellows' screen presence is too bland and inexpressive to hold our interest. A big drawback is the lack of sexual tension. The homoerotic bond is not explored, merely glanced at; then, in a very Freudian way, put aside and ridiculed. Nor does it help that the movie keeps its cards close to its chest. Absent a clue about a "McGuffin," the audience is left in the dark far too long as to motives and relationships. In sum, of interest mainly for its supporting actors, its photography and its portrait of Havana.

  • adventures in Cuba


    "Jack" is played by Gil Bellows, who also wrote and directed this film, along with Tony Pantages. Jack finds himself in Havana, and is shown around town by Harry (Greg Wise), which leads to more and more trouble as we go along. Harry seems to have temper issues. It's all very noirish and mysterious. We're never sure what's going on, but it's all a grand adventure. About halfway through, we see what's going on. Jack has managed to get himself in the middle of a murder plot, and doesn't seem to have anyone to help him get out. One odd, interesting connection - The actress playing the "broker" is Phyllida Law; she is the actual mother in law of Greg Wise (Harry). The music throughout is AWESOME, as one would expect from Cuba. Also beautiful scenery. Great photography of the Cuba sunrise and sunsets. Really good. Hats off to the writers and the actors. Tight script and good performances by all. I enjoyed watching this one.


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