A Brush with Love

A Brush with Love

GENRES Romance TV Movie

A Brush with Love is a movie. has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. A Brush with Love is considered one of the best Romance,TV Movie movie in India and around the world.

Jamie Spellman struggles to balance her dream of painting with the reality of such a difficult career choice, while having to choose between two men who seem perfect, but for very different reasons.

A Brush with Love Reviews

  • Arielle Kebbel is a treasure.

    rightisright 2019-03-31

    This movie is your standard issue Hallmark movie. However, the spark that Arielle Kebbel supplies with her effervescent charm and breathtaking beauty takes this one a notch above most Hallmark efforts. The Canadian support cast, as usual, shines including Nick Bateman as the lead male, and Hilary Jardine as the best friend. Note that the director is Peter DeLuise. Yes, from the original 21 Jump Street TV show.

  • At least Arielle was good

    ronbokirk 2019-04-09

    Nick Bateman's acting is like a 13 year old playing the part of a 10 year old, and has no place on the same screen as Arielle Kebbel. She is way out of his league. The reason there is no chemistry between the leads is his inability to act. His little kindergarten shuffle just before kissing Arielle at the end of the movie almost made me puke. Arielle Kebbel is a very talented actress and the supporting cast was great, but once again what could have been was not because of a leading man who can't act.

  • An anti romance

    phd_travel 2019-04-01

    An artist meets a nice guy. Later she doesn't feel a spark. Her bestie's brother always had a torch for her. Arielle Kebbel looks nicer than in TVD. Nick Bateman plays her love interest but he is a little plastic. A lukewarm delclaration of love is followed by a mediocre crisis. Not enough substance for a romance movie.

  • Juvenile

    Jackbv123 2019-04-30

    I felt like Jamie and Nick were both acting like adolescents. Maybe it was all the reminiscing. Commitment is mentioned frequently. Both characters seemed to have major problems with it, not only in love, but in life too. As a result, the characters were too dysfunctional for me to enjoy Chemistry? Maybe, but it didn't impress me. I love Arielle Kebbel. She has an expressive face and her character is sweet even if a little scatterbrained. For me, she is the only thing redeeming about this movie.

  • Romantically Cute!!!

    agambre 2019-03-31

    Arielle and Nick have an amazing chemistry! The story was a bit repetitive from previous movies but still fun to watch.


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