A Bundle of Trouble: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2017)

Candace Cameron BureYannick BissonMarilu HennerLexa Doig
Kevin Fair


A Bundle of Trouble: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2017) is a English movie. Kevin Fair has directed this movie. Candace Cameron Bure,Yannick Bisson,Marilu Henner,Lexa Doig are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. A Bundle of Trouble: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2017) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

Aurora "Ro" Teagarden, a Lawrenceton, Washington librarian, belongs to a real murder discussion club, its members including her best friend reporter Sally Allison, Ro's mother Aida Teagarden's boyfriend John Queensland, the town's mayor Terry Sternholz, and ex-juvvie Perry Dell. Ro and her boyfriend, ex-CIA agent Martin Bartell, receive a surprise visit from his long lost niece Regina Walker and her newborn Hayden. Martin didn't know she was married let alone a mother. Regina further mentions that she and her husband Craig Walker have been living in nearby Corinth, Washington for four months. Needing to head out to John's birthday party at Aida's house leaving Regina and Hayden alone at Ro's, Ro and Martin arrive home to find Regina and her car gone, Regina's bag still there, and a dead man on Ro's front porch, he who eventually is identified as Craig Walker. This murder case is the first as lead for Detective Arthur Smith, and the first for him working under his wife, Captain Lynn ...

A Bundle of Trouble: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2017) Reviews

  • AR-Bundle of Trouble 2017


    In the scene where Rory & Martin get shot Aurora runs outside and instead of getting her phone from the car to call the police for help and an ambulance she runs across the road in a very dangerous situation...Who does that or is the audience just supposed to be a bunch of idiots?

  • The worst of the series


    ***SPOILERS*** Aurora Teagarden isn't my favorite TV detective, but her movies are usually watchable. This one is by far the worst. The story did start as an intriguing mystery, however, it totally unwraps as it moves a long. Aurora and Martin seriously obstruct justice when they hide a witness who was on the premises where a murder and a supposed kidnapping were committed and when he appears to be the most probable suspect. Then they let him escape, and then they capture him again. Law enforcement doesn't seem to mind, although Arthur does slap his forehead and Lynn frowns at one point early on. Aurora and Sally continue to interfere when they interview a midwife, who is also possibly complicit in the murder, tipping her off to the investigation. Totally annoying. Nearing the end, a shooter is shooting at Martin, Aurora and the witness in the house and wounds both Martin and the witness. We, nor Aurora, have any idea how badly they are hurt, although the witness is unconscious and Martin, who was clearly shot in the chest, says he's going into shock. Seems kinda serious. Conveniently, Martin has previously said his phone is dead--and all at once Aurora remembers she left hers in the car. Unknown whether the witness has a phone... So no one can call 911. The shooter comes into the house, acting innocent, although Aurora and Martin both recognize him. For some unknown reason, he doesn't shoot anyone again but wanders across the street to "get his first aid kit" and conveniently disappears for a good while. Why did he shoot at them in the first place if he had no interest in killing them? Unarmed Aurora then leaves the house over Martin's objection to follow the shooter and, instead of getting her phone or asking another neighbor to call an ambulance and the police, crosses the street and finds Martin's niece who has been kidnapped in the neighbor/shooter's basement. She could get into the basement, but she and the niece had a time getting out.... During all this mess, the neighbor's wife kidnaps the baby from the house (how did she get in anyway?), and Aurora hears her on the baby monitor, which must have a HUGE range, since Aurora was across the street at the time. How convenient to have a baby monitor in her pocket but no cell phone... Apparently, the niece, who was the baby's mother, was kidnapped until she would reveal where she had hidden the baby. Early on, the kidnapper's wife found out that Aurora and Martin had the baby, so why were they keeping the mother alive? They were planning to take the baby way on a car trip, but surely they knew she would tell the police before they could get very far. They had no problem killing the baby's father but, of course, not Martin's niece. Made no sense. Other reviewers have mentioned Aurora's treatment of the newborn baby. She cavalierly passed him around from person to person, and at the end of the show told Martin she has decided she wants to have his babies although they aren't engaged and she has indicated only relief that he hasn't proposed to her. Also, it turns out, the niece made a wonderful mother even though she had said she and her husband weren't ready for children and they had tried to sell their baby?? Isn't that a crime? Yannick Bisson and Lexa Doig are wonderful actors. I just wish they had a better vehicle.

  • A Bundle of Trouble remake


    I enjoy the Aurora Teagarden series, but this last movie was not my favorite. It was a remake, plot line and all, of the 2003 series 'Mystery Woman "Oh, Baby"' with Kelli Martin. In this version, Aurora comes off a little self-absorbed over the caring of an object, the baby. She transfers 'it' to everyone else to look after. The comparison was stark. Then, at the end, she tells Martin she would want to have his babies...they aren't even engaged! This one was not as developed as "Head over Heels" in plot and character. I gave it a 6 because I won't repeat watch it. I love that Lynn is now Chief of Police and working out the dynamics between her and her husband, Arthur, at work was good. This is my least favorite Aurora Teagarden, followed by "Real Murders'... once you see them there is nothing to want to see them again. The other Aurora movies have lots of plots, intrigue and characters that are worth watching over.

  • A baby to kill for


    Two things about this Aurora Teagarden story. First she spends minimal time at the library and none at all with her mystery book club. Secondly she makes several false starts in trying to figure this business out before she gets it right in the final half hour. Candace Cameron Bure is back as our mystery solving librarian and her relationship with Yannick Bisson is going good and strong. But the two of them really play fast and loose with an obstruction of justice charge. In fact they conceal the presence of a person of interest in the case and get him shot later on because of it. It all starts when an old friend of Bure's Sarah McKillip arrives with a husband and a baby and Bure agrees to put them up. Later on McKillip disappears, the husband is killed and she's left with the baby. And a mystery to solve. It all has to do with black market babies and the intricate lengths people will go to avoid the lengthy adoption process. But in the end Bisson and Bure decide that their babies will be done naturally.

  • Mystery baby.


    The sixth in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery film series made for television. The final film for now, until the next one comes out. Based on the book named 'A Fool and His Honey'. Fourth director to helm a film in the franchise. So far I've enjoyed all the films. They all were decent, as I say, for the small screen standards. Produced for Hallmark channel, surely the target audience is women. But the whole family can enjoy them, I meant including kids, since it has less violence. Surely a nice storyline for a literature. The film too was not bad, but it depends on the viewers. For instance, if you take me, I've seen many similar films. I'm not talking about crime solving themes, but this same platform with different characters, locations and a style of narration. That's why it is a television film, aimed for those viewers who are less familiar with the thematic. But I appreciate the effort. The production quality to the writing, music, performances, all were better. Especially the Hallmark's common cliché, the romance had got ridden. You will be happy for that if you are a male audience. Another case where Aurora did not choose, but it chose her. It was slightly different than all the previous ones. Because she did not know what she's looking for. A young woman with a newborn baby had come to her house saying she's her boyfriend's niece. But the twist was a few moments later, she went missing and a stranger dead on her front porch. The baby was left behind. It was closely linked case, due to her relationship with Martin. It's good that way, because intensifies the atmosphere and no room for mistakes. ❝Did you come with an instruction book? Because I am very good with books.❞ There was a basic flaw. It was where the whole platform constructed on. Only at the end you will realise that. That it all would have been solved easily by those involved in it, before dragging Aurora and others into it. Even if it is in a life threatening situation. Because of what we predict, those possibilities, the theories, particularly against those people, are not strong enough. It was those young people, who wrongly handled the situation. That's why the original source material rightly titled, calling a fool. Everything's about the baby. The baby gives the reason for this story, and also to solve the mystery. From the opening to the mid- section, it was a nice film. They did all they could improvise the narration, but the end was average. The film flourished only for its suspense. The answers were all the time in front of us, in front of Aurora. The writers just dragged it with the kind of character design, with somewhat a convincing reason. The romance parts, either it was Aurora and Martin or Aida and John, did not go anywhere. Joining hands, doing the investigation, that's one way to improve their relationship. This is not the best in the series. At least better than the previous one. A new director, though nothing much has changed. The regular cast steered it with their best. It was a better film series than I'd anticipated. I had a nice time with them in the last one and a half weeks. The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries giving a new dimensional entertainment for the home audience. I mean, can you name a few crime/murder mystery titles with rating General. I don't know when the next one is coming out, but looking forward to it. In the meantime, I would suggest it, but not for all. Just lower your expectation and enjoy it. 7/10

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