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A Joyous Christmas (2017)

A Joyous Christmas (2017)

Natalie KneppMichael RadyBonnie BedeliaSteve Bacic
Allan Harmon


A Joyous Christmas (2017) is a English movie. Allan Harmon has directed this movie. Natalie Knepp,Michael Rady,Bonnie Bedelia,Steve Bacic are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. A Joyous Christmas (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A young self-help author returns to her hometown during the Christmas holidays to promote her new book. She soon discovers the true meaning of Christmas and family.

A Joyous Christmas (2017) Reviews

  • This is a Joyous Christmas Movie


    I absolutely loved this movie. Natalie Knepp plays Rachel Kennedy a motivational speaker who returns to her home of Fall Oaks, Massachusetts for an event near Christmas. The bad guy manager was played very well by Steve Bacic. The good guy producer Jack is played by Michael Rady. He starred in Christmas in Homestead (2016) which I have not seen, but probably will after seeing him here. The scene where Rachel and Jack first meet is great as he is asking her whether he should get the Santa or Snowman tie. The last main character is Joy who is the reason the movie is named a Joyous Christmas (very well done). The movie to its success focuses on Rachel. Natalie Knepp seemed so familiar to me, but I haven't seen her in other roles. Seems like this is her biggest role and she was superb. I did see she was in Loving Leah 8 years ago as "the female guard" (very small part). I will go out of my way to see her again. This movie came close to getting a perfect 10 from me. The story has a little surprise between Jack and Joy, which was good. My criticism is the revealing could have been done better maybe involving Rachel a little more. I am happy to watch it again. The scenes and dynamic between Rachel and Jack are good. We have some singing by Jack and piano playing by Joy.

  • Watchablale


    Review Date 7/1/2018 Kicking off my 2018 Holiday movie watch begins with this film I Have Reviewed OVER 500 Christmas MOVIES. On all Christmas movies BEWARE OF FAKE REVIEWS & REVIEWERS. Many reviewers have only have ONE REVIEW. When it's a POSITIVE REVIEW chances are that the reviewer was involved with the production. If its a negative review then they may have a huge grudge against the film for whatever reason. I am fare about these films. In this film A successful motivational speaker learns the true meaning of Christmas when a stranger rescues her from a near-fatal accident. Upon her rescue she stumbles upon this woman fight to save a community center. As the movie moves along these women lives become entangled with one another and they become each others support. Thie film is not great but it has it some great moments.

  • Convoluted


    Rachel is a self-help book writer who is promoting her new book "Me First" (or close to that). This movie is about her journey to realizing that Christmas is about giving to others. My first problem with this movie is that these two principles are absolutely contradictory and a self-help writer can't suddenly promote one theme when her book is about the other. Another problem is Rachel herself. This woman is unsure of herself. For a self-help guru with at least two published books, she shows that she has almost no understanding of people. She can't see obvious things going on around her. Finally the character Joy is nothing more than a prop. Joy herself seems confused at times. If you can just accept all of the above without questioning, which is what you are supposed to do with Hallmark movies, you may enjoy this movie. The story has some interesting things in it including a little secret that needs to be revealed. There is a nice romance. And there are some heartwarming moments. I don't think I can be objective about the acting because some of the main characters were so self-contradictory which I think is more due to the story.

  • An OK Christmas movie ruined by Bonnie Bedelia


    The storyline was OK, and for the most part it played up the Christmas spirit is a good thing. But for a role (Joy) that was to embody everything joyous about Christmas, it failed miserably because of Bonnie Bedelia's sad, whining, crying portrayal of Joy. Did she even smile once in the movie? Can Bonnie smile? Is that in her acting skills? Anyway, about half way thru the movie I stopped caring about how this movie was going to turn out.

  • Possibly one of the worst Hallmarkies


    Zero chemistry, a super wooden lead actress and a plot that made very little sense. Ugh, 90 min I'll never get back.

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