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A Puzzle to Die For (2019)

A Puzzle to Die For (2019)

Lacey ChabertBrennan ElliottJohn KapelosBarbara Niven
Don McCutcheon


A Puzzle to Die For (2019) is a English movie. Don McCutcheon has directed this movie. Lacey Chabert,Brennan Elliott,John Kapelos,Barbara Niven are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. A Puzzle to Die For (2019) is considered one of the best Crime,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

A brilliant crossword puzzle editor (Chabert) finds her life turned upside-down when she is pulled into a police investigation after several of the clues in her recent puzzles are linked to unsolved crimes. Proving her innocence means leaving the comfort of her sheltered world and working with a tough police detective (Elliott), puzzling through clues together in order to crack the case, as the two are fish out of water in each other's worlds.


A Puzzle to Die For (2019) Reviews

  • Meh...


    This could have been a great movie but there were quite a couple little mistakes. Editing should be taken more seriously. 1. Harris a little to deliberately forgetting an implicating document in the photocopy machine. Not believable for someone whose just found a clue in a life or death situation. 2. The picasso gallery theft was supposed to happen a day after Tess meets O'Connor's dad. What happened to that? Continuity anyone? 3. When Tess discovers Harris's body, she calls 911. Except she doesn't actually call...just drags her phone out of her bag and places it on her ear without clicking anything...and starts talking. To who? I'm still watching and I'm sure more flaws will pop out

  • Great HMM show


    Cast chemistry; low key however a good mystery. liked how crossword puzzle was woven into plot line. Is a romance starting? Yep hope there are more Crossword Puzzle Mysteries and soon. do not find info on this...

  • Interesting but writing needs work


    The concept of solving a murder with a crossword puzzle is interesting and could work but the first episode has weak points. The mystery of "who dunnit" pulls you in bc of the intellectual connection between Lacey and Logan. However a romantic chemistry is definitely lacking. Maybe it's a slow start? My main concern is the writing, it feels awkward. May lines don't feel authentic or even appropriate. I'd like to see a more fluid natural flow in the scenes especially the interaction between leading characters. The series has promise if the writing improves. Enjoyable for a mystery movie but needs work.

  • like eating a bucket of ice cream


    My aunt, oh she's my niece, this is my aunt, I've come to see my niece.... my niece, my niece, oh thank you, your great, oh how nice, lovely, oh thank you.....after consuming a bucket of ice cream is exactly as this movie - an upchucking event.

  • Decent mystery, familiar leads


    A good mystery gives clues that help you solve it before the characters. Some are good and some lead you the wrong way. This movie has both. Many romance stories have the leads start out antagonistic and that's the case here. In this case Logan was justified for a while in looking down on the help offered by Tess which certainly appeared coincidental. I actually thought Logan warmed up to Tess pretty fast. These two actors have worked together several times, but I didn't think that was overly obvious. Still, the warmth starts to show. I thought that the early scenes were a little choppy. Some of the acting was surprisingly stiff throughout. At times there was too much melodrama. The dialogue was not nearly as witty as you would hope in a movie like this. These are little things, but contribute to the overall atmosphere. Overall, it's watchable with a decent mystery.


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