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Alex Strangelove (2018)

Alex Strangelove (2018)

Michael AbelaBrendan ArcherJoshua BarraganKai Wes
Craig Johnson


Alex Strangelove (2018) is a English movie. Craig Johnson has directed this movie. Michael Abela,Brendan Archer,Joshua Barragan,Kai Wes are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Alex Strangelove (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny) is a well-rounded high school senior with a wonderful girlfriend Claire (Madeline Weinstein) and a bright future ahead of him - and with plans to achieve his last teenage milestone by losing his virginity. But things get complicated when he meets Elliot (Antonio Marziale), a handsome and charming gay kid from the other side of town, who unwittingly sends Alex on a rollercoaster journey of sexual exploration, kicking off a hilarious and moving adventure of love, sex and friendship in our liberated and confusing modern times. Written and directed by Craig Johnson (The Skeleton Twins, Wilson), produced by Ben Stiller, Nicky Weinstock, and Jared Ian Goldman.


Alex Strangelove (2018) Reviews

  • Great film that actually helped me realize I'm gay


    Yes this film is cheesy, yes it is very American and no it's probably not the best LGBT coming of age film. However this is a heartfelt, funny and (somewhat) realistic depiction of what it's like trying to figure out your sexuality what you have lurning disabilities. Oh and this is definitely better then love Simon so before you look at the other reviews just think this film has been made with a specific audience in mind. So if you have any lurning disabilities and are questioning your sexuality, please I urge you to watch this film it helped me, it might help you too

  • Authentic coming out rom-com with broad appeal


    This is an accurate depiction of coming out. Other reviewers seem offended by the focus on his relationship with a girl, but I don't understand that. It's very realistic and an aspect of the coming-out experience. I think this movie did a very good job of highlighting the roles of those people and other friends in the lives of lgbt. I also really appreciated the later-in-life realization of his sexuality. Yes, some people 'always know,' but some people don't, and others are in huge denial and that can really suck. These people need representation, too, and this is a great movie to do it with. Even the poor reviews give the acting good marks. I think I can speak from experience that the story is very authentic. No aspect of it rings untrue, and it manages to be genuinely hilarious at just the right times. 8/10

  • Good movie


    I really loved this movie - a good old fashioned homage to John Hughes 80's teen flicks with a nice story and really charismatic actors playing believable characters. Also its laugh-out-loud funny at times... I've seen a ton of coming out movies - and they are usually just preaching to the choir - just made for a gay audience - who already have their own coming out stories - but this film concentrates on more and winds up having a much broader appeal. It reminds us of the girls and guys in our spheres when we were young who were there for us and supported us even when were weren't quite ready to say who we were yet ourselves... and even though they weren't prefect allies - and even though they didn't always react in the most positive of ways... when the chips were down, they were there for us. Is this a perfect movie? No - not at all - but its a nice sweet, heartfelt, often dramatic, often comedic movie that is a very pleasant diversion for gay and straight audiences... It's not gonna win any awards (but neither did Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles) but it just might win your heart... Special kudos to Daniel Zolghardi who is laugh out loud funny as Dell - and Daniel Doheny as Alex who is so adorable and charming that we fall in love with him as easily as everybody else in the movie...

  • thought it was gonna suck, ended up crying


    I just wanted to watch another stupid movie to keep myself distracted. I had no idea that this movie would touch me so deeply. It was funny and sad. The name of the movie is stupid which lead to me thinking it would be another useless Netflix movie. But my assumption turned out to be wrong. I'm definitely gonna watch it again. In my opinion it was better than Love, Simon.

  • Naysayers are Wrong


    I cam into this move already thinking about Love, Simon and how it has to be an inferior film because it didn't get the theatrical release and the acclaim that the first film did. I was surprised and in the end I was left feeling this might be superior to Love, Simon. As a gay man, who am I to say how a film's protagonist needs to come to their understanding of their own sexuality? That's just wrong. Everyone has an individual journey that is wholly separate from what anyone else experienced. So the Alex comes to his identity after trying to love a woman. What's the big deal? I know that happened for me. It might not resonate with those who live in more liberal places, but for someone who grew up in the Midwest, this rang true. In many instances this film was more realistic than Love, Simon because it dealt with love (whether heterosexual or homosexual) in a frank fashion. I'm not one to chime in all the time, but I feel that the reviews this movie has gotten are unfair. It's a journey of self-discovery. It's a film that captures the essences of what it's like to know who you are, but desperately tries so hard to deny because what you are is different from society. No matter how things have changed, it's amazing how most things have stayed the same. Alex is all of us. He's just trying to find himself and conform to society and it's a journey how we reconcile who we are with what society wants us to be. I thought the friends were genuine, but much more so the relationship that Alex has with Claire is so completely believable because it happened to me. You are so afraid of losing the person who knows you most, even if they don't know the secret part of you, that you go along with it until you simply can't anymore. In short, this is a perfect film...almost...I don't get the homophobia...because...unless something has changed in the last few years...it's all true. Many of us start out homophobic and end up gay. We don't do it because we hate ourselves, but it's more of a natural progression from resistance to acceptance. Alex Strangelove is more of us than maybe we would like to admit. P.S. THANK GOD WE GET ANOTHER GAY FILM THAT GIVES US A HAPPY ENDING SO SCREW EVERYONE ELSE...WE DESERVE A HAPPY ENDING!!!


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