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Alien Implant (2017)

Alien Implant (2017)

Lisa MuellerGil StansellSadie Rose
Daniel Falicki


Alien Implant (2017) is a English movie. Daniel Falicki has directed this movie. Lisa Mueller,Gil Stansell,Sadie Rose are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Alien Implant (2017) is considered one of the best Horror,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

A brilliant female recluse sends a distress signal into outer space from a remote location. When the Aliens arrive, they realize it's not a distress signal, it's an ingenious trap designed to exact revenge on the extraterrestrials who abducted her as a child.

Alien Implant (2017) Reviews

  • This is as bad as it gets!


    As a big horror fan, and alien movie enthusiast, I was looking forward to seeing this movie when I found it. However, this really is as bad a movie as you will ever see. A lack of dialogue from the start until around 30 minutes in, and even then, it's awfully written. All-in-all, this is 1 hour and 15 minutes that I'm never going to get back. I can't urge people enough to swerve this movie!

  • What is this?


    I don't know, what the "Maker" of this "movie" thought, but this is like an insult for any SiFi/Horror-lover. SPOILER! This is the COMPLETE plot of this movie: A woman, hiding in a shelter has a camera and a transponder, emitting some frequencies, to which some ETs (??!! This are HORRIBLE dressed people, wearing a silly mask and a white overall) are drawn to. When the ETs are in range, she shoots them. The "last" one says, there come more of them. Film ends THIS IS IT!!!!! Spoiler END! Simply horrible, catastrophic, waste of time.

  • Awful


    Complete trash. Awful. Waste of time. Rather stare at a wall. Terrible. Some girl tries to kill aliens in some forest with guns trying to kill aliens. No need for subtitles seeing as there is barley any talking whatsoever.this movie's maker made a bad film because it is garbage with a capital G. Do NOT waste your time.

  • Interesting to watch? Yes!


    I make low budget movies and watched this as I got involved with making an alien abduction related movie... quite different to this. I quite liked it. I think the story idea itself is a great idea. The problem for me - story-wise - is that is was an idea ill developed. No backstory. One is left understand a few simple premises. The lighting and use of a single location are excellent, as too are the use of retro almost (but not quite) steam punk equipment. I think the actors and the crew did an excellent job, but the story itself is not expansive enough to go 75 minutes, which is a shame as I like the novel take on this idea and the way they built the illusion. I think the budget of 1 million whatever is rubbish as this film cost nothing like that. Maybe 50,000 real money and the rest free labour, possibly. But saying all this, I found it interesting to watch and enjoyed most of it. If only the creators could have maybe put a bit more action or transitional plots into the script, keeping the same location and the rest of the way they created it intact, it could have been more engaging. I would still recommend a viewing as the idea is original and much of the film is well executed.

  • What was the concept about??


    Ouch... What went wrong with this movie? Where did the 1M$ budget go to? Certainly not to acting as there must be a maximum of 3 protagonists. The scenery? Outdoors, a forest, the same place all over again. The scenario? No. The picture? No. In short, I don't know where it went. I'm usually careful in my reviews, not trying to hurt the piece or its producer, as it's art, and as the saying goes "art is difficult, criticism is easy". With thousands of movies under my belt, I think I've seen many a different take on science-fiction, but I really didn't get this movie. What the heck did it try to tell? Was there something missing from post-production? It certainly looks like it, that's only one explanation out of the two I can think of. The other one, of course, is that I'm too dumb to understand it. Could be, not sure. In all seriousness, this movie is incomplete and misses its point entirely.


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