Alien Psychosis (2018)

Alien Psychosis (2018)

Steve BaranLee TomaschefskiJackson BerlinDarren Andrichuk
Jason Mills


Alien Psychosis (2018) is a English movie. Jason Mills has directed this movie. Steve Baran,Lee Tomaschefski,Jackson Berlin,Darren Andrichuk are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Alien Psychosis (2018) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Ryan O'Neil, a War Veteran suffering from PTSD after being wounded in combat, returns home to his pregnant wife, Stephanie. Her brother Tony, a corrupt cop, has been helping her out while her husband has been serving the country. Ryan and Tony have never been fond of each other, and things get heated as Tony attempts to meddle with their marriage. But when Ryan starts to have flashes and visions of killers, extraterrestrials, and other strange beings in his house at night, he's not sure whether it is real or if it is just in his mind. Stephanie, already on edge with Ryan, is deeply concerned about her husband's behavior. As the days go by, Ryan will soon find out what sinister presence has been haunting him in his nightmares.


Alien Psychosis (2018) Reviews

  • An "alien" movie with no alien


    My friend and I decided to watch this movie and have decided it's the worst movie we have watched. A vet who got shot comes home to his pregnant wife and her roid rage cop brother. The entire movie is just about her being pregnant, them hearing noises and seeing the doors unlocked. You see an alien once 20 mins in and a second time (if you even want to count this) at the end where you only see it's hand. It was basically strangers and them being like "oh we want alien movie... eh show it once in terrible cg, copy the sounds from signs for it and we will call it an alien movie". All the noises you heard through the movie and the doors ended up being related to 3 masked murderers that seemingly have no relation to the alien. The audio was garbage from all the added in audio being louder than the people talking, student film level cg, and someone with tortures holding the camera. Even the end of this movie was painfully bad. It starts to go to credits but then cuts back to a scene for the movie, it repeats this 5 times.... Just show the credits or show the end scene, who thought any of this was a good idea. Final thoughts; watch this movie high, drunk, or with a friend because otherwise you'll hate yourself at the end.

  • omg - stfu


    Sorry, only 3:30 in to it - had to stop. Lights don't flicker like that, and for the love of pete - Duct Tape Guy - shut up. SHUT UP. Was hoping for another Jacob's Ladder kind of thing. Will try to watch again when I'm ½ drunk or something. update: Well, I finished it. ( sigh ) Has nothing to do with flying saucers. And if 3 goofballs wearing masks are to pass as aliens, then there's aliens. There is also some unnecessary cuddling of dead baby ripped from womb. Was there even a point ?

  • I wasted 1 1/2 hours of my life!


    This was honestly the worst movie I've been seen. The characters, the story, the ending were all garbage. I usually don't fall asleep but this one was just bad. This movie is what we like to call a huge dumpster fire. It's not scary, the plot sucks, and the acting is terrible. It's not even one of those movies that's "so bad it's good". It's just bad. All bad. Another of Mill's disasters.

  • Waste of film , just bad


    Who thought this terrible film I'll never watch another movie I've never heard of. It was bad!

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