Alienate (2016)

Alienate (2016)

Blake WebbTatum LangtonJaclyn HalesNatalie Day
Michael Shumway


Alienate (2016) is a English movie. Michael Shumway has directed this movie. Blake Webb,Tatum Langton,Jaclyn Hales,Natalie Day are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Alienate (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

At the end of his marriage, David leaves on a business trip to give his wife much-needed space. When airplanes start mysteriously falling out of the sky and cell towers fail across the nation, he finds himself trapped. The Earth falling to an alien invasion, David fights to return to whatever is left of home.

Alienate (2016) Reviews

  • David is an idiot with a stupid face


    A decent trailer made me think that for once a low-budget alien invasion movie might do alright this time around. Boy was I wrong. This movie starts promising and has all the ingredients for a half-way decent science fiction movie but falls flat on it's face in the general area of everything. This film has way to many scenes of back story and jumps around like it doesn't even know what direction to head in. The main character named David is a married man who spends all his time at work and neglects his wife who ends up having an affair. The aliens then land while he's off doing some neglecting and all hell breaks loose. Well not 100% hell as the majority of the film is spent in the present showing David with an expression that is similar to one a person would get when they had unexpected diarrhea and back tracking scenes where he has the exact same expression. Seriously, he only has one facial expression. The characters are some of the most idiotic characters you could find in a movie and will make you angry watching all their ridiculous decisions throughout the movie. We are introduced to another supporting character named Samantha whom David meets in between wandering around with a stupid look on his face. They both join up and awkward conversation runs in between yes, more back story scenes. They hilariously fail at helping others along the way and for some reason they end up not dying as most of the people around them do. We don't see much of the aliens killing the humans because the writer spent all their time filling out David's character with more daydreaming and furrowed brow scenes. David also is terrible at surviving anything more than an in-grown toenail and is only alive till then end through the magic of plot device. David feels badly for neglecting his wife and is oblivious to the affair she had even when his wife spends a lot of time with this other guy. Let's be honest though, David is just a moron so we can't really expect much out of him. Eventually David and Samantha flag down a news chopper that lands and offers to take them both to safety. Of course you know by now that David isn't exactly Einstein so he says 'no thanks' to safety and leaves Samantha to find his wife. He eventually does as we finally see some aliens vs. humans battle it out in the city streets. David has finally overcome his own lack of intelligence and by sheer luck sees his wife in the middle of a group of people running for their lives. The reunion is cut short by the fact that aliens blast her right in front of David and his stupid expressioned-face. He cradles her as more back stories annoy the viewer and an alien walks up to David to finally put him out of the movie's misery. It's not really a good thing when you see David's wife get shot by the aliens and you laugh out loud. Yet that's what I did. Stupid David.

  • Worst Film Ever- an Hour and Half i will never get back...


    Firstly, the trailer looked great!I was expecting an Alien invasion film, something which would probably not be great but have at least a decent plot. But the film was nothing like I was expecting. The constant time jumps throughout the film are confusing, and there is just too many characters to try and keep up with, even though the end of the film only focuses on the outcome of two of the characters. It seems almost pointless even introducing half of them to begin with. The acting is terrible, and half the time the characters look as bored as i was when watching the film ! Utter garbage. Don't waste your time.

  • Should file a class-action lawsuit for wasting viewers' time


    If you love being confused, this movie is for you. If you enjoy timelines that jump back and forth, you are in for a treat. If you like characters that are clueless and don't pick up weapons along the way, woo hoo! And what's with the SUPER BRIGHT LIGHTS? Unfortunately I had to give it a 1 out of 10, as there is no negative ratings. I would have been happy to give it a 0, but even that isn't an option so it gets a 1, and that's more than it deserves. I hope it wasn't made with taxpayer credits.

  • Can I Give This a Zero?


    Normally I would provide a spoiler alert, but this movie was spoiled long before I saw it. Fortunately, there's a check box for this, so I guess I'm safe. This movie was the biggest waste of time I have recently encountered. Firstly, the movie goes through numerous flashbacks without any indication whatsoever that they are happening. In this movie, David and Amy have a horrible marriage yet David is still trying to get back to her. He appears to be oblivious to the alien invasion and wonders why he sees helicopters crashing next to him and people lying dead everywhere. You can see in the beginning that he has an injured leg which he ties a piece of cloth around before driving. We don't know yet how he was injured. He comes across a lot of bodies in the street and stops. He doesn't really seem all that surprised still. A live man comes up and tells him there are others who need help and asks him to follow. This is where he meets Samantha, who also was in a failed marriage. They finally leave together without any others who are being attacked by aliens with laser weapons dressed like Coneheads from a Saturday Night Live skit. While they are driving and talking, you will suddenly notice that Samantha isn't in the car and it is only David. Very bad flashback technique. Finally realizing it is a flashback, you see David nearly hit a man in the street at night. He stops and exits the car and asks the man if he's okay. The guy is just standing there like a zombie, not saying a word with a dazed look. So what does David do? Ask the strange stranger if he wants a ride, of course. Later, he encounters a weird woman in the middle of the road and she walks up and throws a large bucket of water all over his windshield. What does he do? Of course, he gets out and asks her if she is okay. Then an old geezer with a shotgun fires at him, so what does David do? Jump into his car and haul ass? No, he starts walking toward the dude's house like a moron and all the while this guy is yelling at him and telling him to get off his property. But he doesn't stop. The old man hears something and starts shooting, then tells David to get in or out (meaning his house). So naturally, David enters the old Shotgun- toting dude's house who just threatened his life. Aliens attack the house and the old guy suddenly remembers he forgot to lock the back door. How convenient. When they get in, he starts shooting and accidentally hits David in the leg. Oh! It makes sense now how he got injured. So you'd think. David then goes down into the basement with a sledge hammer and hides while the old guy shoots it out with aliens. Then one walks into the basement and David kills him with the sledge hammer. Now you'd think, after coming face-to-face with a pointed-headed alien that he would have a clue what is going on, but in the scenes later, he still doesn't seem to. Finally David and Samantha are getting along pretty well and you can just see a new relationship beginning to blossom. David's wife was cheating on him anyway and he had admitted to Samantha that he had cheated on her in the past. So you just know these two survivors are gonna' hook up. Um... nope. A military helicopter lands to pick them up and Samantha begs David to get in but he stays. He insists he must find Amy. So Samantha flies off in the chopper, never to be seen again while David pushes on into town. People in town are running and getting toasted by aliens and alien drones. David finally sees Amy running in a crowd of people and she sees him and they start the classic long run towards one another in slow motion. Yes, we all know this will end well. When they are ten feet from each other, she is hit in the back with a laser and dies. David sits down by her and holds her while an alien walks up to him and we all know he is killed. Movie ends, as does 90 minutes of my life I can never get back. Save yourself the torture. Don't consider watching this trash.

  • Don't forget to lock the back door.


    Man goes to Denver to give his wife some space and world begins to fall apart. Planes crash and people stand around in the street with vacant looks on their faces. News reports wonder what is happening and so will the viewer. One of the worst aspects of this really terrible alien invasion movie is that it jumps back and forth from the life before and the life after the invasion with scenes of the main characters at work and doing stuff. So much so that it gives you a headache trying to remember who is who so I gave up caring after 30 minutes and prayed for it to end. The acting is something not seen in movies before. A level of 'bad' that will probably be a beloved genre of film in 100 years. Nobody seems a bit bothered that some really bad stuff is happening around them. Between the ones with the blank look on their faces and the ones supposedly OK there is no discernible difference. Our hero just blundered along with hardly a care as people lay dead around him and these really bad looking aliens killed people. He hooked up with a completely emotionless group of survivors who try as they might were completely unable to look anything but people being paid very little to read the script and emote some kind of response to what was going on. They barely looked disturbed that an alien invasion was in progress. Which brings up the point that the invasion was really badly put together. Something about the water and some weird looking monkey thing with a plastic ray gun and a weird hat. And why did they bother invading a house in the middle of nowhere guarded by a bloke with a shotgun and a limp. Surely that is taking thoroughness too far. There must have been far more important areas to invade? Of course our blundering hero was there so that probably covered it. In the finale the hero blunders back to Salt Lake City and a rendezvous with his missus who was cheating on him anyway. Also her dog was poorly and her next door neighbours were dead. Last few frames for a bit of emoting and that was it. It did serve one useful purpose though in that if we ever do get invaded by aliens ####don't forget to lock the back door.####


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