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All About E (2015)

All About E (2015)

Mandahla RoseBrett RogersJulia BillingtonSimon Bolton
Louise Wadley


All About E (2015) is a English,Arabic movie. Louise Wadley has directed this movie. Mandahla Rose,Brett Rogers,Julia Billington,Simon Bolton are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. All About E (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A beautiful sexy DJ is forced to run when she stumbles on a bag of cash. Can she keep the money, conquer her demons, AND get the girl? All About E is a road trip, a comedy, and a love story. E, a beautiful, young Arabic Australian DJ seems to have it all. She is headlining at a top Sydney nightclub, has a home with her gay best-friend Matt and a world of women at her feet, but looks can be deceiving. Something is missing. When she and Matt, her husband of convenience, stumble on a bag of cash they are forced to hit the road. Suddenly E finds she has burnt too many bridges, and there is nowhere to run to but outback Australia and into the arms of ex-girlfriend Trish who broke her heart. E has to learn to face up to her past. She has to give her family the chance to accept who she really is and find the courage to live her dreams.


All About E (2015) Reviews

  • Boutique film-making at its best ...


    Our local small and historic theater plays a huge variety of movies and I was lucky enough to see this one come through with a director and lead actor's Q&A following the evening's screening. What a joy. It joins a select number of VERY Australian genre films which reflect a particularly Aussie sense of place, humour, subject and pace. The script pulls no punches and addresses its subject matter full on. There are ample lashings of pathos, comedy, subtle 'only an Australian audience would get this moment', brilliant suspense, and a rollicking good tour of rural Australia - all within a setting of a Lesbian movie that is so much more than that 'label'. Whilst mentioning the Aussie setting here - it is very much at the same time an international movie too ... there are just some unfamiliar places for those not from here. The music and staging throughout the film is of the highest quality. In fact that is the reflective recall after leaving the movie house. So often a good movie is spoiled by inadequate production or a soundtrack which annoys the heck out of you ... not this one. If it comes your way go see it. This is boutique film making at its best. How the heck they produced such a full item on the budget quoted is beyond me.

  • Best lesbian movie of the year


    All about E does many things that other movies don't... It makes you laugh. It has sumptuously gorgeous cinematography making the most of the beautifully rich and authentic Australian country setting. The characters have some depth to them and represent multi-racial Australia. The script is great keeping the movie rolling along at a thunderous pace. The performances make you connect with the characters and draw you into the story. There is one of the best sex scenes ever. This movie really shows a glimpse of our lesbian lives. Don't miss it. I saw this movie twice and the audience loved it on both occasions with rounds of heartfelt applause. Both times I saw it was in very mixed cinema audiences - it appeals equally to gay and straight viewers.

  • A lesbian movie with heaps of twists that sets a cracking pace


    I really enjoyed All About E. This is the first lesbian feature film / lesbian thriller that I have seen that has included so many unique elements. We never get to see lesbians in roles like this, the plot is tight and fast, the story is set in rural Australia, themes such as homophobia and racism are set side by side. The film is full of surprises. I loved Mandala Rose as E - she was simply magnetic. I also thought that the sex scene was one of the best that I have even seen. The story line and thematic progression in the film was really well developed. The main character not only gets the girl in the end but learns some great life lessons. I have seen All About E twice and each time the audience has been thrilled with the film. It clearly appeals to gay and straight audiences and to a mix of ages and backgrounds. Well done - a new Australian director and producer and a brilliant product. Its a "must see"!

  • A brilliant Lesbian road movie


    This Lesbian road movie is a fabulous, must see, film. The acting, cinematography, landscapes and of course the gorgeous looking actors all are what makes this such an enjoyable movie. A story about belonging - not belonging - identity search - and the adventures along the way. Just don't miss it - All the ingredients for a fun time with kids, dogs and tractors. Shot in the Australian out back you can feel the atmosphere and heat of the surroundings. It includes probably the best Lesbian sex scene you will ever see on screen and all that set to the wonderful music by Basil Hogios. All about e has been received at film festivals in the United States and Australia with brilliant reviews and audiences wanting more. Full houses all the way - Repeat performances requested and arranged.

  • A ripping good yarn


    I happened to catch this film at San Francisco's Frameline Film Festival last summer. I realize it is a lesbian written and produced work, but it does not need any sexually parochial designation to make it a worthwhile film. Rather, it is a fast-paced, compelling, engrossing, thrill ride of a movie, a ripping good yarn, which includes gay main characters in its fine tuned ensemble cast. The cinematography was languorous and luscious, somehow conveying an almost palpable sense of dust and heat and grit of rural Australia. I know I am a Yank, and this is an Aussie film; but why haven't encountered these brilliant actors before? I was particularly impressed by Brett Rogers' performance as E's fubsy best friend. It was subtle, complex, nuanced, and poignant, and was well matched by Mandahla Rose and Julia Billington as the lesbian protagonists. Even the dog was brilliant. For me, it was a "must see" film, so much so that I had to go see it again when it turned up in the Palm Springs Cinema Diverse. If you get a chance to catch this film, don't miss it.


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