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All God's Creatures (2011)

All God's Creatures (2011)

Elena TovarJosh FolanMolly FaheyGinger Kroll
Ryan Charles,Frank Licata


All God's Creatures (2011) is a movie. Ryan Charles,Frank Licata has directed this movie. Elena Tovar,Josh Folan,Molly Fahey,Ginger Kroll are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. All God's Creatures (2011) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Creature of habit, Jon Smith, spends his days mindlessly working as a barista in New York City. When night falls, this seeming everyman savagely kills "filthy women" as his social outlet. A chance encounter with Delia, a young prostitute searching for an escape from her troubled past, forces Jon to confront the most terrifying thing he has ever faced in all his dark affairs - himself. All God's Creatures examines the true nature of what it means to be a monster and reveals that love is not only for a chosen few, but for all God's creatures.


All God's Creatures (2011) Reviews

  • Love inspires personal revolution, unless it's soiled and joins the darkness


    RELEASED IN 2011 and directed by Ryan Charles & Frank Licata, "All God's Creatures" stars Josh Folan as an amiable New Yorker who murders young women in his spare time. His hero is Ted Bundy, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Upon meeting a woman at the java joint where he works (Jessica Kaye) he finds himself inspired to change. Tiffany Lee plays the latter's younger sis and Adam Barnett her abusive beau. This is a serial killer movie that'll probably turn you off in the first ten minutes due to the murderer's misogyny and nasty hobby, but it perks up with the introduction of the woman and the killer's subsequent inspiration. While this is a micro-budgeted movie, costing only $30,000, it doesn't seem like it, except for the lousy sound in a few scenes. The movie shows professional style with a capable cast and a stellar modern rock soundtrack, not to mention the big city locations. Folan comes across as a more serious Jim Carrey and, amazingly, he & the script goad you to start caring for the psychotic slayer. Kaye shows charisma as the girl "forced" to make ends meet anyway she can while, incredibly, remaining pretty chipper about life. Unfortunately, for me, the movie chooses to wallow in the mud. The filmmakers coulda gone for something radically different; and the second act dares to point in this direction (for which the flick should be commended). Yet the final act opts for the silly 'slasher/horror movie ending' with a theme no deeper than 'birds of a feather.' Nonetheless, "All God's Creatures" is worth checking out if you can stomach serial killer pictures. In tone (and even plot, to a degree), it's akin to a low-budget "Eye of the Beholder" (1999). THE FILM RUNS 83 minutes and was shot in New York City & Oyster Bay. The screenplay was written by Josh Folan with additional material by Billy Fox. GRADE: B-

  • All God's Creatures - indie dark romance/thriller


    At the start, the gritty film quality (sound/lighting) was slightly distracting but I stuck it out. Also, the initial gore had me wondering if this was just an indie remake of American Psycho, (relying heavily on shock factor to entertain). To my surprise, the film took a stark contrast from that category and allowed the killer/protagonist (Jon) and story-line to be developed and layered in unexpected ways. The first interaction between Delia (female love interest) and Jon in the coffee shop, erased my concerns of a one-dimensional slasher, and turned the film towards a blend of indie, dark romance/thriller. This is where the strengths of the film (acting and cinematography) really shined. The acting performance of the attractive male lead was surprisingly subtle and adept, which carried much of the film. Josh (Jon) is able to communicate without a heavy reliance on dialogue, and demonstrates a nuanced emotional intelligence that is refreshing to watch. The narration of Jon's inner dialogue played over camera frames of his gaze, visual perspective, movements, and micro-expressions, weave together nicely to create an unobtrusive voyeuristic experience felt throughout the film. Many of the scenes between Jon and Delia are prime examples of the "fly on the wall" experience for the audience that feels secretly satisfying and keeps interest piqued. When Jon says to Delia "you really broke the social contract there", I felt inserted into their intersubjective volley, witnessing one of those interactions which feels authentically human. Later, the dialogue in the bar as Jon and Delia playfully get to know one another again feels like a candid moment where the viewer gets to witness something genuinely personal shared between two people. The film also departs from others of its kind by supplying an unapologetically real but ugly back story for Delia. Both characters are given a blue collar, less than picturesque backdrop that made them accessible to the audience. As far as the story, the film doesn't disappoint with a predictable ending but does veer on the side of cliché Bonnie & Clyde. Through no fault of the talented acting to portray the depth and complexity of the protagonist, the sudden turn to love from callous killer just seems abrupt and unlikely. The same goes for Delia's nonplussed reaction to finding Jon standing over a murdered girl. Overall, the film takes a risk attempting to combine romance with the serial killer story-line that I don't think was reconciled. Despite these weaknesses in story-line, All God's Creatures is entertaining start to finish.

  • Serial killer indie with a New York setting


    ALL GOD'S CREATURES offers something a little different from the typical indie thriller; it's a film made with awareness of its own genre, a film that strives to be more than just a routine slasher outing with lowest-common-denominator values. That doesn't make it any good, but at least it stands out. The film offers a peek into the life of a New York serial killer who communicates with the viewer via some video diary-style narration. The film has a promising start with much killing of prostitutes and the like before transforming into a romantic thriller about half an hour in. Unfortunately, the quirky romance is much less interesting than the material which has come before, although the ending offers a nice twist that you might not see coming.



    Jon (Josh Folan) is introduced as a prostitute serial killer from his upper floor NYC apartment. We don't know why he does this, other than being psychotic or how he disposes of the bodies other than the hands which he collects in jars. As a bistro worker he befriends Delia (Jessica Kaye) who happens to be a prostitute with issues which we understand slightly better than Jon. The film starts out with a bang and falls into a rut. It is slow getting out of the rut as we watch Jon and Delia go through their routines. About 15 minutes from the end is where I had hoped this film had been 20 minutes into the film, although that film has already been done. This is the type of film that is best as a dark comedy. This one wasn't. Not a horror film. It is billed as a drama/romance/thriller although this is far from expectations of a romance film. Jon gives us a look into his personality with some first person narration by telling us his favorite movies. I really didn't get much from it or this film. Clearly not for everyone. Parental Guide: F-bomb. C-word. Sex. Nudity (Molly Fahey)

  • 'God Awful' Would Be a Better Title...


    'God Awful' would be a better title... The lead actor, Folan, plays a sick individual who lures women into a place or drugs them so he can kill them in horrible ways. He meets the lead actress, who has all kinds of sexual hangups, including years of sex with her step father, is a prostitute of convenience herself, and wants to sleep with the Folan the first time that they go out. Folan wants to kill her but doesn't for strange reasons. She eventually realizes what he does/has done and falls in love with him anyway. Then they team up to murder her stepfather. Everyone is a sexual deviant that murders other people... GREAT movie!!! Leaves you with a really good feeling about humanity!


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