American Conjuring (2016)

American Conjuring (2016)

Chloe BearLynn CsontosNatasha DavidsonEliza Faria
Dan Walton,Dan Zachary


American Conjuring (2016) is a English movie. Dan Walton,Dan Zachary has directed this movie. Chloe Bear,Lynn Csontos,Natasha Davidson,Eliza Faria are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. American Conjuring (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A family moves into an abandoned orphanage and they soon learn that their charming orphanage has a disturbing history and are convinced they aren't alone.

American Conjuring (2016) Reviews

  • American Marketing Scam


    This film was originally called Bind but then they decided to do some marketing scam in conjunction with the Conjuring films. They figured it needed it and they were right. This is one awful movie so if they don't get you buying it by mistake, chances are you won't. A family moves into a house that used to be an orphanage at one time. Tragic events took place making even more tragic events take place and so on. The film has a few things moving on its own but the crux of the hauntings are more of the spirit taking over someone's body to make them kill. The acting was so bad in this and the ending was one of the worst I've seen in a long time. Avoid this one.

  • Shamefully bad.


    It's illuminating, I think, to consider the fact that "bad" movies have as much complexity and dimensionality, in their way, as "good" movies. After all, there are nearly as many facets to a bad movie is there are to a good movie. Just like a good movie, a bad movie must have music, sound effects, visual effects, a story, actors and acting, lighting, recording, editing, and so on. In the same way that you could take an entire university course on what made "Citizen Kane" a great movie, you COULD similarly take such a course on what made "American Conjuring" a bad movie. You wouldn't want to do it, of course, but the point is that there would be that much information to study and learn about what made it such an incredibly awful picture. That being the case, it would take far more than the space I have here to fully elaborate on the depth and breadth of the execrable- ness of this movie. But I will make one observation. For every human endeavor, and especially in art of any kind, sometimes an example is so incredibly appalling that it makes you feel bad for the people involved with it. You get the sense that they've "been punished enough" by simply being associated with such a steaming pile that you don't want to be responsible for adding to their misery. Let them mercifully scatter into the dark and concealing night. "American Conjuring" ALMOST achieves that forgivable state. Almost. The reason it DOESN'T is because the movie is CALLED "American Conjuring". Anyone with a suspicious mind might think that the creators of this movie were attempting to capitalize on the success of other relatively recent but unrelated movies that have the word "conjuring" in their titles, and that they were hoping to confuse people into paying good money to watch this fly-blown manure accidentally. This would suggest evil intent and malice aforethought rather than a sad and hapless set of talentless people tragically exposed for their artlessness. Personally, I'm not suspicious of such a thing at all. Nope. Not suspicious. The sound and video masters for this movie need to be taken out on a moonless night and buried deep beneath cursed ground, sprinkled with salt, and hosed down with holy water. I'm precluded from suggesting what should happen to the people responsible for it.

  • Tedious And Choppy (No Pun Intended)


    No great stuff to write here, just a (very) small chuckle for the title of a horror film set and filmed in Canada. If they'd left the original title 'Bind' it would at least have been a bit different. Regular (read boring and predictable) stuff happens here and the movie - especially the ending - has no cohesion or clear story line. When one can't produce a scary enough story, they always go for killing animals - people hate that. Kill 100 people, okay - but kill one dog, oh the horror! BUT if you want to fast forward to the end, you'll see a lot of famous names (and horror sites) listed under "Special Thanks". I wonder how many of them would pay to be removed from that list?

  • What the 'beep' did I just watch ((Spoilers))


    Where do I start, oh boy!!!! This movie had the potential to become a good horror piece, instead its a 'sh**' horror piece. Seriously what was the director thinking, or should I say why wasn't he thinking? So many bad scenes, bad camera angles, over the top acting, weak script, story started really well but what the F*** happened with the ending? Was he dreaming everything while out cold? Or was it the alternate ending? When the wife looks at the drawings, the same image is shown like 3 times. When the husband keeps saying, "I saw her" the wife doesn't even bother to ask "Who". She just keeps yelling and yelling. Why wasn't this movie made sensibly? Towards the end the movie suggested that Ben and Laura had an affair. Nothing was established. They should have at least shown us the flashback or given us some idea about the events that they both are talking about. But if the whole thing was a dream then that would have been senseless too. All in all this movie sucked. Please save your time and do not watch it. I am giving this 2 star only for the effort, and also because I never give any film 1 star.

  • Use the Google, Luke


    The entire movie is predicated on the idea that a family moves into a house where something bad happened - 3 girls were murdered by another girl (that was possessed) that subsequently committed suicide. The family moves in, the former owner of the house shows up and tries to convince the family to leave because "something bad happened" but is interrupted by the real estate guy. The family is like: "Huh. I wonder what happened here." and promptly moves in. Hello? 2016 anyone? The teenage daughter in the movie is on her smartphone texting like all the frigging time. She should be able to Google all the details about the house like 30 seconds after the creepy incident. But nooo... Things have to spiral out of control and then they meet with the former owner who gives them a scrap-book with the newspapers clips about the murders that happened in 2004 - you know, back in the day when EVERYBODY WAS ALREADY ONLINE AND NOT USING SCRAPBOOKS TO STORE NEWSPAPER CUT-OUTS. The person who made this movie is either 100 years old and their world stopped in 1993 or 16 years old and thinks 2004 was in the Middle Ages. Other than that: Boring. Incoherent story. Sex scene and a shower scene with zero nudity (if your budget is so low you cannot get the lady to even show her naked back to imply nudity, skip the sex scene and the shower scene please, it is just pathetic...).


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