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AmeriGeddon (2016)

AmeriGeddon (2016)

Aliya AstaphanRich BentzGiovannie CruzJonny Cruz
Mike Norris


AmeriGeddon (2016) is a English movie. Mike Norris has directed this movie. Aliya Astaphan,Rich Bentz,Giovannie Cruz,Jonny Cruz are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. AmeriGeddon (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,Thriller,War,Western movie in India and around the world.

A fictional depiction of a future wherein a globalist terrorist organization aligned with the United Nations to disable the United States' power grid and institutes Martial Law. It will take a dedicated family of patriots armed with strong survival skills and the remains of the Second Amendment to save America and reclaim its freedom.


AmeriGeddon (2016) Reviews

  • They did try, but.......


    "Well, they did try but...." was the first thing that came to mind having watched AmeriGeddon. Its not that this politicized film doesn't have some valid points. Its concerns over globalized corporate government and the growth of an oppressive surveillance state, are not without validity. Nor is its criticism of GMO food, something that can simply be written off. The problem is, the whole affair is so over the top and confused, that the real message gets lost in translation. From an entertainment point of view, this rather short flick, is best described as a cross between Red Dawn and the A-Team. Its clearly a budget affair.That said, the acting is not too bad even if the script is more than a little corny. In summary even though this flick falls short of the mark, its still good to see people refusing to blindly accept the mainstream dialogue. Lets hope for more polished, focused efforts in future. Five out of ten from me.

  • Hurtful try at being entertainingly informative


    Amerigeddon the movie has quite possibly done more damage to furthering the discussion of a runaway government and the impacts of it than anything else in its cinematic attempt. This is an example of good intentions gone sideways and at worst just another rich guy making a "B" movie to get his face on the big screen. Using the "EMP" doomsday approach to make a movie narrative is understandable. Making an over dramatic, choppy, and under developed story line film that my friends wanted to walk out of is bull headed irresponsibility. The movie itself started out with plausible and believable scenes in the first few minutes that quickly get over shadowed by bad music, 1980's sound effects at "key" moments, and acting that would make a high school drama teacher throw their glasses in disgust at. While it didn't have to be cutting edge graphics or sounds track quality, it does have to be fully watchable. It isn't. It is painful to sit all the way through. The end battle was worse than an old scene from the 80's A-Team TV show. For those people that have been in the military, or follow world events from an anti-globalist perspective, this movie lets you walk out of the theater having to apologize for the horrible creation the people that went with them just saw. There is no plausible transition to a realistic conversation about politics, individual preparedness, or faith at the end of this film. I am terribly disappointed and embarrassed by this attempt at informing or at least sparking the interest in people who don't take these kinds of things seriously. From someone who wanted an A plus movie it is clearly an F minus effort.

  • Seriously ?


    This movie is an tragedy and insult to all people with common logic and knowledge . Once again the US and their " freedom " is under attack and the bunch of "patriots " are saving America. I don't have problems with B movies but this one ., this story is so , so stupid that I had to comment on it . Even the birds on the tree knows who is the biggest imperialist country in the world but somehow in the movies they are always the victim and the enemy this time are the United Nations ( biggest sponsor of the UN is US , basically UN is in the pocket of US ) This movie could only be good for somebody from the US ., probably only from Texas and other rednecks parts of the US . Just unbelievable ., just trash of the story :)

  • Modern day propaganda film, action-coated for idiots.


    Hide your guns! They're a-comin' for em! Obviously the rest of the civilized world is involved in a conspiracy to take away all of our guns and destroy the American way of life, so we don't need to address plot. In all honesty, this is just a bad Right-Wing propaganda film dressed up as an action movie and devoid of intelligent, rational thought for the intended audience. Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff made specifically to control people through fear. Plain and simple, this is a tool to get all of the gun-loving rednecks from my region of the country riled up before this year's election. If this review makes you angry, don't worry, just go outside and fire that assault rifle that you "need" for home defense into the air a few times. Soon you'll forget about me and this review and remember what it means to be a real American. In a couple of months, the elections will be over, the Republicans will likely have suffered a humiliating defeat, and you can move on to whatever conspiracy theory they decide to feed you for the next few years. For reasonable people, you can go ahead and skip this one unless you just want to laugh at the sheer stupidity.

  • Terrifying


    No, it's not terrifying because it will scare you with it's plot, it's terrifying because you know that certain elements of our society actually believe the plot of this movie is a realistic situation that we are headed for any day now. If that doesn't scare you I don't know what will. I won't go through the plot because it's your standard "global cabal of shadowy figures manipulate the populace and use the UN to take over the USA". OK maybe that's not so standard. You've got almost all of your alt-right buzzwords in here though! The only real surprises are that they somehow forgot to include Muslims as the bad guys. Oh and that they completely randomly and out of nowhere threw in about 3 lines of anti GMO dialog. Should you watch this? Hell yeah! It's terrible and will leave you shaking your head and laughing the whole time. Bad acting, ridiculous plot lines, what more could you want? On the plus side the cinematography is surprisingly decent (for a movie like this). And there's a special guest appearance by Mr. Alex Jones himself!


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