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Asher (2018)

Asher (2018)

Ron PerlmanFamke JanssenJacqueline BissetMarta Milans
Michael Caton-Jones


Asher (2018) is a English,Chinese,French movie. Michael Caton-Jones has directed this movie. Ron Perlman,Famke Janssen,Jacqueline Bisset,Marta Milans are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Asher (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Asher (Ron Perlman) is a contract killer who's spent the better part of his life ending other lives, taking orders from Avi (Richard Dreyfuss). He lives a lonely existence, making friends out of fine wine and good food, resenting his apprentice, Uzi (Peter Facinelli), who's taking jobs from him due to youth. When Avi hands Asher three contracts for a revenge scheme, the hitman takes the job, only to lose consciousness due to health issues, making accidental contact with Sophie (Famke Janssen), a ballet teacher distraught over mother Dora (Jacqueline Bisset), who's losing her battle with dementia. Asher and Sophie make a connection, embarking on a tentative courtship where the murderer can't share anything about his life. As the pair work out their flirtations, Asher is forced to pair with Uzi on a group hit, and when that goes bad for a moment, the veteran soon becomes marked for death, threatening all the good that's come into his world.


Asher (2018) Reviews

  • If the writing was better, this film would've been a hit.


    It was good to see such great performances from Ron Perlman and Famke Janssen, but Richard Dreyfuss was about as convincing as his fake accent. The directing was right on point, as was the score. But the writing from amateur Jay Zaretsky is what killed this film. This was only his 2nd (first being a short) writing attempt, and although the story premise in itself was decent, the screenplay was terrible. This film needed a seasoned screenwriter to edit/cut out and speed up the overly slow paced and too long 117 min length down to 80-90 mins, as well as fix some of the poor dialogue. Had this film been played at 1.2x faster speed, it may have held my attention better. The entire last 15-20 mins only needed to be 5 min. Great to see Ron Perlman back on the big screen, need to see more of him in these type of roles, and hopefully we will. It's a 7/10 from me - would have been 8 or 9/10 had the screenplay been edited down and tighter.

  • Very Enjoyble


    Aging Hitman Asher (Ron Perlman) usually works alone, but agrees to a team hit that goes wrong and this marks him for elimination. We never find out who the new group is, but Asher's handler Avi (Richard Dreyfuss) makes a deal with them and to terminate Asher. Now Asher has to protect his love interest Sophie (Framke Jansssen) because that new group is also targeting her. Oh, oh! Well, he's not Jason Bourne, Agent 47,or John Wick, but he's good and new on the scene and I am sure we will see more Asher movies. This was more than pretty good. Very enjoyable and we see that Asher has his finger on every pulse and can be trusted to perform. He did have a blackout early on when he was about to off someone in an apartment, but Sophie opened her door as he lay on the floor. And yes, he did come back to finish that muffed job. So now you know how he met Sophie and it is here he ends up breaking one of his rules to not get involved with anyone. (You love it when a hitman breaks his rules, right?) So true. Notables: Jacqueline Bisset as Dora, Sophie's mother who has dementia; Peter Facinelli as Uzi, a hitman that Asher trained back in the day and is now taking jobs away from Asher; Marta Milans as Marina, who helps Asher with a hit from time to time; Blake Periman as Hannah, Uzi's wife; Ned Eisenberg as Abram, the dry cleaner who gives Asher the envelope for the next hit. The acting all around is first rate and I am sure we will see more Asher movies unless a noise in the last scene that Asher heard laying in bed next to Sophie was not a deer in the woods. Hmmmmmm..... HA! (7/10) Violence; Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Humor: No. Language: One F-bomb by Sophie. Rating: B

  • HMMM


    From the cover of the movie you would think there would be more action , but the story is very boring and not much action i would say this is a very slow movie and you lose interest half way through

  • Very mediocre... bad almost


    Story wise this movie has some potential with the hitman for the Jewish Maffia angle... but it's just poorly executed. I love Ron Perlman, but this was a very stiff performance, the rest of the cast was also 'mweh' at best... directing not strong, script not strong. Not saying it's a bad movie, it's okay for a boring sunday evening when you've got nothing else to see.

  • Interesting Piece of work....


    I just finished watching this piece. With an amazing cast like this. One will want to view this film. Ron Pearlman, brilliant as always, Richard Dreyfuss, Jacqueline Bisset. With this cast of actors on board. It'll make any film come out on point. Famke as beautiful as always. I always enjoy her performances. Overall not a bad piece of work to watch. This kind of film has been done before but you will enjoy this cast of extreme professionals as they make it look so real. I did enjoy watching...:)


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