Ate (2008)

Ate (2008)

Ara MinaCristine ReyesPaolo ParaisoRochelle Barrameda
Lore Reyes


Ate (2008) is a Tagalog,Filipino movie. Lore Reyes has directed this movie. Ara Mina,Cristine Reyes,Paolo Paraiso,Rochelle Barrameda are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. Ate (2008) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Helen (Ara Mina) and Dave (Paolo Paraiso) are a happy couple, but their relationship is tested when Helen's younger sister Cleo (Cristine Reyes) comes into the picture.

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  • Basically boring


    I saw this film because I had never seen a Philippine picture before. I'm curious about films from around the world. The director seems to be trying to produce a Hollywood-like film. Personally, I don't appreciate that. And, what's even worst, the result of this imitation is awful. Most dialogues are build with different takes and speech continuity is broken. You can easily tell where the film was edited at any moment. The timing between phrases is odd. Sound and picture quality seem to be right. But most of the time you are inside a house, a motel, or a pharmacy. You can see very little of Philippines. It is comparable to any low-budget romantic TV show. Actors won't get a prize for their performance. Sometimes you think you can believe them, but they muff sooner or later. Cristine Reyes and Ara Mina's bodies decorate the film but they never got fully naked so don't even think about it. The story tries to be controversial, I guess. I'm not sure if this is considered a transgression in Philippines. But when I'm seeing a picture like this, when it's clear that is a bad film, all I can wish for is a story where something different happen. Well, it's not the case.

  • Typical story about two sisters fighting over a guy


    I only watched this because Cristine Reyes was in it and she's so freakin' hot. Her older sister, Ara Mina, on the other hand, is...well...just another former "bold star" trying hard to be a serious actress. Honestly, there were some really boring parts so I just fast forwarded the movie. The plot's basically about two sisters, one whos' "practical" and the other one's rebellious. The older sister, Helen (Ara Mina), is trying to have a baby with her husband and her younger sister, Cleo (Cristine Reyes) lives with them. The couple's relationship is tested when Helen's husband, Dave (Paolo Paraiso) looks Cleo's way. I would give a better review but I didn't bother watching the whole movie. There was one thing I had a problem with and it was the music. Almost throughout the entire movie, there was some piano playing. It was annoying and unnecessary.


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